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If we get free from danger, free from addiction (etc.), we have to fly away. If we keep going back to it, even for a moment or a glimpse or a taste, we will fall back into the water, fall back into the danger.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. If you missed the latest post on my blog (the update post), I am now doing posts once a week instead of three times per week. I hope that with this new schedule, more Readers will digest a higher percentage of my posts. If I’m able to return to the three posts-per-week pace I had before, I will.

It’s time for another post in my new series, Natural Wisdom. This is a series where I write about some of the lessons God has taught me, through nature. God teaches us so much through nature if we’re willing to watch and listen to see and hear the Wisdom.

Today’s post is inspired by an amusing incident I encountered while spending time in nature. It’s a humorous story of two bees, one of which I was able to rescue from a dangerous situation, and another which … well, you’ll see. But this brief incident which I’ll tell you about today taught me something about turning to God and turning away from our sins.

There will be times in life when, even if we aren’t following God, He will reach down and pull us out of danger. He will save us, even if we don’t care anything about Him. At that point, if we then choose to go right back to whatever danger we were in before—whether that be an addiction or some other situation—the consequences will be on us.

This is one of those times when the story I will tell you today will show my point much clearer than any words of mine. So without anything further from me, read on and let me tell you about a crazy bee I found outside.

Save the Bees!!

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of swimming in a pond near my house. I’ve written about that pond a few times before. It’s a quiet, secluded, “off-the-map” kind of hidden place. It’s a real blessing in my life, an example and reminder for me of the beauty of God’s Creation, nature.

When I swim, I often see bees floating on the surface of the water, stuck and unable to fly away. Bees are incredibly precious and play a critical role in the ecosystem. Bees pollinate most of the plants in our world, playing an essential role in plant propagation. Without bees, we would have far less food and plants (which make oxygen). If an ecosystem were to lose its bees, that ecosystem would likely collapse.

To sum it up, it’s like I said at first: Bees are precious. They have indescribable value to us and our natural environment. So we must value, respect, and care for bees same as we do for any other Blessing God has given us here on earth.

Knowing that, when I see bees in danger in the water, I move to the rescue. I find a leaf with the largest surface area that I can find, and I place it under the floating bee so I can lift it out of the water without getting stung. Holding the leaf above the water, I swim to dry land and set the bee down. It may sound like quite a feat, but at this point I’m very experienced in this, so it’s nothing for me now.

Sometimes my rescue comes too late, and the bee is dead when I set it on dry land. Oh well—can’t save ’em all.

But most of the time, the bee gets up and walks around, getting the water off its wings. In the absolute best case scenario, the bee gets right up and flies away. It always makes me happy to see that.

Whatever the outcome, I know my efforts are worthwhile. Bees are precious, so they’re worth trying to save. So I will continue to come to their rescue every time I see them in the water like that. Every bee I rescue helps my local ecosystem.

Well I found two bees floating in the water the other day, and rescued both. But the two rescues had different outcomes … and that gave the inspiration for today’s post.

A Tale of Two Bees

Two bees in danger, two rescues, two different responses (by the bees).

It was the usual scenario: I found a bee floating in the water, so I said “Save the bees!!” and lifted it out of the water with a leaf, and set it on dry land. After taking the first bee out of the water, I noticed the second one, so I said “Save the bees!!” rescued the second one.

When I put the second one on dry land, it stood up, and before long it flew away, up into the air. That’s when I noticed the first bee I had rescued … it hadn’t flown away, it was running straight for the water again!! I watched as it skittered right into the water, once again putting itself in lethal danger.

I said “Save the bees!!” and scooped that bee out of the water again, and put it on the dry land. This time I placed it a little further back from the water’s edge. I decided to keep an eye on it, somewhat amused by this.

To my disbelief, it ran full speed at the water again!! And it ran right in, again!! So it was in danger … again!! Still holding the leaf in my hand, I said “Save the bees,” with less enthusiasm this time, and I rescued the bee … again.

I watched as the bee ran headlong into the water, again. I rescued it two more times, each time trying to place it on dry ground further from the water. And each time the bee ran right back into the water and jumped in. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“Clearly this bee has chosen death,” I said. “It just wants to die. And I don’t know why, but what can I do?? If it keeps insisting on running back into the water, there’s nothing I can do for it.”

So I gave up on trying to save the bee. I had to keep going with my swim, after all. If only this bee had been like the other one, and flown away to safety after being rescued.

Get Away and Don’t Look Back!!

This amusing event made me thing about how God must feel trying to help me get out of the danger of addiction and sin. Like bees are precious to us, we are all indescribably precious to God. He has no problem pulling us up out of the danger, when He chooses to. We’re worth it, like the bees are worth it to us. Only indescribably more so.

But, like in this story with the bee, if we keep running back into the water danger (sin), God will leave us there. God never takes away our free will, so, God will leave us to our choices … and the consequences of those choices.

Moral of the story, when God pulls us out of the danger, or we get out of that death water some other way, we can’t go back to the sins and choices that put us in danger in the first place. If we break free from an addiction, we have to fly away from that substance, just like the first bee I rescued that day flew away from the water ASAP. We have to make a clean break, never going back to check on the old people, places, and things associated with that addiction. That’s the same as heading back into the danger, like the foolish bee (or suicidal bee) did in today’s story.

If we get free from danger, free from addiction (etc.), we have to fly away. If we keep going back to it, even for a moment or a glimpse or a taste, we will fall back into the water, fall back into the danger.

If we keep running in the danger water, God will give us a few rescues, but soon enough God will not lift us out (until we return to Him, which is another topic). Once God chooses not to lift us out of the danger, then it’s death for us. Same as it was death for this odd little bee I encountered during one of my swims.

We need to copy the other bee—take the rescue, the hand-up, the help and fly away, free.

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