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The voice said: “Inhabitants of the earth, I am coming. I am on my way. Pain and suffering are coming and it has not been perceived. I am coming, I am coming soon.”

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another End Times post.

I know I’ve been writing a lot about End Times dreams lately; check out Part 129 and Part 130. Today I have another post about End Times dreams, but today’s post is especially good if I do say so myself. Don’t miss it—keep reading.

I’m not talking about one of my dreams today. No, today we’ll hear about someone else’s dream. I heard this dream at church, although it wasn’t my usual church. I was at a different church the day I heard this because my church was closed for COVID precautions. I’m definitely glad I was at this other church on that day, because I got to hear about this End Times dream.

The pastor told us that morning about a dream he heard from a woman who came to visit him and his wife at their home the day before. That’s the person—this woman I don’t know—who had the dream I share today. The dream she had, as narrated by the pastor, was clearly an End Times dream. I say it speaks for itself, and I’ll simply repeat what I heard without commentary of my own. But first, a little side note about Spiritual Discernment and testing every Spirit.

Put it to the Test

As I’ve said many times on my blog, we need to pray to the Holy Spirit for Spiritual Discernment and hold every message or prophecy up to the scrutiny of Scripture. And that includes the dreams we have, since we know that dreams can also come from the enemy as well as from God. Dreams that come from the enemy may look Biblical on the surface, because they’re meant to deceive us. But the scrutiny of Scripture will reveal the subtle distortions and deceptions of demonic dreams.

As Scripture says, we need to test every spirit (1 John 4:1) against the Scripture. This is a topic that often comes up on my blog, but you can check out Part 79 and Part 92 in particular.

In the case of the dream this woman had, the pastor told us he had already tested the dream against Scripture. And so he shared it with the church.

Well, I only wanted to point out we need to test every spirit and hold every message, dream, or prophecy up to the scrutiny of Scripture. But the subject of Spiritual Discernment is not the topic for today. Check out my links if you like, or ask your pastor, but for now let’s move on.

I Am Coming, I Am Coming soon

Here is the dream the lady had, as narrated by the pastor:

She was on a tall mountain, looking out at the sea. She saw the sea retreat [as in, go back out to sea], and then great waves swelled up so high they were about to overtake and crush our island, Puerto Rico. The waves were surrounding Puerto Rico to the east, west, north, and south. But they did not overtake the island yet. For now, they were only standing where they were.

As these giant waves were about to overtake the island [so I don’t know if this next part happened when the waves started moving or if it happened while they were still frozen], she looked up. She saw the clouds turn into a lion and the waves went back to their normal state. Once this happened the people rejoiced and were happy. Everyone had been in a panic when the giant waves were at their peak. But when the waves went down, everyone went back to their normal life as if nothing ever happened.

Sorry to interrupt the dream, but here the pastor reminded us of Matthew 24:38-39. Same as in the days of Noah, people will be going about their lives as normal as God’s Judgment draws ever closer. And same as in the days of Noah, no one will believe the modern-day Noah(s) about what’s coming. Well, moving on ….

So the waves had gone back to normal. But then this lady heard the lion speak, and she didn’t have the words to describe his voice. She said it sounded like “many thunders” and “brought fear into her life.” She started trembling, and anytime she thinks about it now, after the dream, she still trembles.

On this note the pastor pointed us to some Scripture verses that speak about God’s voice being like thunder. He listed off Psalms 29:2-4, Revelation 6:1; 14:2; 19:6, and Job 37:4-5. If we use software to search the Bible for “thunder,” maybe we could find even more.

And yet, the pastor reminded us that he can’t say (no one can say) this lady heard the real voice of God in her dream. We don’t know. Even if it does line up with Scripture, we just don’t know.

Anyway, here’s what the voice said ….

The voice said: “Inhabitants of the earth, I am coming. I am on my way. Pain and suffering are coming and it has not been perceived. I am coming, I am coming soon.”

This woman also saw in her dream that everyone in the world will see what she saw (the lion speaking, etc.).

And that’s that. That’s an intense dream, right?? Apparently there was a second part to this, but the second part was personal and only relevant to her. So we didn’t hear it.

No Worries

Well, I said I would let the dream speak for itself in today’s post. There’s a lot I could say about it, but I’ll hold back from commenting. Because it’s not about what I have to say.

You can read it and decide for yourself what to think about it. I don’t want to interpret this dream for anybody; we can all pray about that ourselves.

But if anything you read today disturbs you, let me tell you that if you have Jesus in your life you’ve got nothing to worry about (in the long-term). That’s exactly why this series, the longest-running series on my blog now at 132 posts, is called Do Not Fear the End Times.

Turn to Jesus now, today, while you still can. REPENT!! of your sins and change your ways. Jesus will turn to you, and once you have Jesus in your life you no longer have anything to fear from death or the End of the World. This offer is 100% free, and available 24/7, 365 days a year.

For more on not fearing the End Times, check out other posts like Part 21 and Part 41.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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