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I definitely recommend this short, easy-to-read book about the Word of God. The Word Becoming Flesh can help us look at the Word a new way, and get even more out of it. So what’s not to love about that??

Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another Christian book review for The Christian Book Corner.

Today’s book selection is unique because it’s actually a Reader-submitted book. This is the first time a Reader on my blog has sent me a Christian book to review. For now I’m happy to review Reader-submitted books, and post a review in The Christian Book Corner. Maybe one day when I become a rich and famous blogger, I won’t have the luxury of time to review every book people send me. But for now I have all the time in the world with my small audience and only one person sent me a book.

If you have a book you’d like me to review in The Christian Book Corner, leave a comment and I’ll respond. That’s how today’s book review got started.

Anyway, today’s book is The Word Becoming Flesh by Harry Thodi, a minister from Malawi. And he’s written a great e-book about the Word of God and how to get the most out of it in our lives. So let’s get straight into it and find out What’s in the Book.

What’s in the Book

Before The Word Becoming Flesh starts, Harry Thodi advises us to read it all in one sitting. This should take most readers an hour and a half to two hours. That’s about how long it took me. Since this is how the author recommends we read the book, it’s a good idea to follow that advice if we can.

The subject of the whole book is the Word of God. This book talks about the significance of the Word in our lives, what it means to us, what the Word really is, and what impact it has on the Christian Spiritual journey. Harry starts out in Chapter One explaining how critical the Word of God is for us. “Without the Word taking root in a man he amounts to nothing.”

Everything that a man becomes in God is hidden in a seed. That seed is the Word of God without the Word taking root in a man he amounts to nothing.

It is man’s responsibility to make sure the Word, the seed he receives, bears fruit. The fight is making sure that the seed is preserved from external influences that can corrupt it. […]

Receiving a seed only is not enough, our cry should be, FATHER may I produce fruit from the seed you have planted in me!

Harry Thodi, The Word Becoming Flesh, Page 11

With the critical importance of the Word of God established, the book goes on from here to talk about how to get the most out of the Word. How should we view the Word?? How should we interact with it?? These are some of the topics covered over the course of the seven-chapter book.

One thing Harry Thodi says is something I learned for myself within the past few years. The Bible is the most common way God speaks with His people each day. If we aren’t reading the Bible every day, we aren’t listening to God. None of us should be surprised then if we hear nothing from God, since we aren’t listening to Him!!

If we don’t pray and read our Bible, why would we expect to hear anything from God??

If we don’t pray and read our Bible, we’re not interacting with God, so we can’t expect to hear from Him. But if we do engage with Him Spiritually through prayer and Bible, He will begin drawing closer to us as we turn to Him. This active participation on our part is a vital part of the process of our Spiritual growth. Think of it this way: If we want to get into physical shape, we have to exercise and use our muscles. If we want to get into Spiritual shape, we have to exercise our Spiritual muscles. How do we do that?? Through the means of Spiritual exercise God has provided us and teaches in the Bible.

The more we get into the Word and experience it, the more we grow. It’s a core part of our Spiritual growth. And the more of ourselves we put into interacting with the Word, the more it gives back.

Harry Thodi tells how a minister friend reminded him of this once. Harry felt like his preaching was not reaching its full potential, and there was “more to be released.” His minister friend advised him to “yield yourself to the Word.” Let’s take a look at what that means:

I felt like there was more to be released. People could not connect and weren’t responding to the Word like they should.
What he told me was “give yourself more to the Word your reading, yield yourself to it like to a person”. Interact with it, ask it
questions like you’d do to a person.
So, is there more to the Word than the unseen? Yes! There are more experiences with the word of God than hearing.

Hearing the Word is just one of the experiences. The more you give yourself to and relate to the Word as to a person, the more you grow in these experiences.

Harry Thodi, The Word Becoming Flesh, Page 26

I also want to shout out a part about recognizing the Bible as a Spiritual manual. This is a very important concept to understand: Since the Bible is a Spiritual book, a Spiritual manual, we must go beyond the perception of our human senses (sensual/physical understanding) and try to comprehend the Book in a Spiritual way. Harry Thodi writes about this in Chapter Four, and it’s of crucial importance like I said.

Have you ever met people who say the Bible is hard to understand? Yeah, I have. The only reason the Bible is hard to understand is studying it like a newspaper. Trying to understand it with the human mind and not recognizing it as a spiritual manual.

If it is a spiritual manual, it can only be taught by the Spirit because it only takes the spirit to understand things of the spirit. I strongly believe that this is the part a lot of people miss. They’ve never had the Holy Ghost as the teacher when they open the Bible all they see are letters making up Bible stories. When the Holy Ghost is involved the letters on the pages come alive and deep mysteries are revealed.

Harry Thodi, The Word Becoming Flesh, Pages 36-37

Well, I hope by now everyone understands What’s in the Book. It’s a book all about the Word of God, covering a variety of topics about the Word. It’s a good read, with a lot of good points about how to properly approach the Word. I’m sure this book will get you thinking, like it got me thinking.

Occasionally Unclear

Well, nothing is perfect in this fallen world we live in. And no work of art or writing can be perfect either, not on this side of Eternity anyway. The Word Becoming Flesh is a great book, but I’ll tell you the few things I believe could be improved.

Sometimes (rarely) the point of the chapter gets lost or is a bit hard to follow. Chapter Four is one of those, or at least it has its moments. What I’m saying is, although they were few and far between, there were times when I thought the chapter was getting away from the point. Well, it could just be me. At any rate, it doesn’t happen often like I said.

Next, not all chapters are of equal length in this short book. And this means not all chapters are equally explained. Harry Thodi does an excellent job making his points, but there were a few things that could have had more explanation.

But all in all The Word Becoming Flesh is an excellent read. I don’t think any of these criticisms detract too much from the reading experience or the message of the book.

The Final Word

The Word Becoming Flesh by Harry Thodi is an excellent book about the significance and importance of God’s Word. In its seven chapters it covers a variety of topics related to the Word. If someone reads this book and consider the points it makes, I expect they’ll get more out of the Word of God than they did before. I also agree with the author that everyone should read this book in one uninterrupted session. It shouldn’t take too long, not more than two hours.

I definitely recommend this short, easy-to-read book about the Word of God. The Word Becoming Flesh can help us look at the Word a new way, and get even more out of it. So what’s not to love about that??

As for where to get it, it appears The Word Becoming Flesh is e-book only. You can find it for sure at the link below. I think if you have Amazon Kindle unlimited you can read this book for free. But I don’t know anything about that or how it works. Well, I’m sure you can all figure it out. Check out the link below!!

The Word Becoming Flesh

by Harry Thodi. Self-published, 2021.

Buy The Word Becoming Flesh on Amazon. (This is an affiliate link. I receive a small commission if you buy with this link.)

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  1. Harry Thodi says:

    You have done a great Job Sir. Thank you very much!


    1. 99:9 says:

      Glad you liked it. Hope you keep writing books!!


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