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For now, I’m thinking this dream foreshadows a time of scarcity (winter) combined with chaos. Think of something like an economic depression combined with other chaos; as for what kind of chaos, I don’t know. It’s only my opinion though.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another End Times post.

I know I haven’t posted an End Times post in a while. That’s deliberate though—I can’t just make End Times posts out of nothing. I’m not going to pick topics to make up and twist and contort into End Times topics. When I have a topic about The End, I’ll write one of these posts. And when I don’t, I won’t.

Anyway, today’s post is about another dream I had. Possibly it was a vision for the future, but who knows. Only time will tell.

I know I wrote about dream visions not long ago, but this dream I had was interesting enough to write about. As of this writing (December), I’ve been having quite a few interesting dreams. Actually I usually have many interesting dreams in December, because I fast for Advent. I also sow heavy into the Spirit through extra Bible study and so on. All this Spiritual exercise combined with fasting (mortifying the flesh) makes my Spiritual side more active, and so I often get many vivid, sometimes supernatural dreams during December. It’s a Spiritual season for me.

I felt one of these dreams I recently had was worth sharing, so that’s what I’m going to do today. And you can consider, then take it or leave it.

Wintertime Chaos

This was actually a very long dream, and I wrote down a lot of notes on it. But I’ll only share one scene from the dream, because only that scene is relevant to the reading public. Everything else in the dream applied to my life or people I know. So here is what I saw in that one scene that piqued my interest:

I’m in the living room of my old family house looking outside the main window. There’s an insane blizzard with snow everywhere and ice all over the ground. There’s low visibility from all the snow in the air. But I’m watching the road outside as much as I can. I also see people taking out huge animals into this storm, for fun I guess. Huge horses and huge reindeer; people are taking these animals into the storm to ride them for fun.

I keep watching the road and now I see cars and also these animals sliding down the icy hill, out of control. Some of these things are kind of “looping,” as in they slide out of view once, then after some time they come back again. The horses and reindeer and such are sliding down the icy hill, out of control, and they can’t stop. And I realize they can’t stop because they’re so heavy. They’re just going to keep sliding down this icy hill in this crazy blizzard.

And then there’s some big horses that are somehow riding on the back of another large animal or maybe even motorcycles, I’m not even sure. And these can’t stop either because the ice on this hilly road is so extreme. And again I realize that because of their weight they have no way to stop sliding down this hill. I just feel bad for these horses and animals at this point. Finally a car comes and it also starts sliding down the hill, out of control.

With all these massive, heavy objects sliding down this hilly road, they are gradually breaking up the ice with their weight and turning it to water. They finally start splashing water everywhere with their hooves as they slide down the road.

As I continue watching this from my family house, all I can think of is how out of control the world outside is. How this winter blizzard is so harsh and extreme, and the world outside is so completely out of control.

Wow, that’s weird isn’t it?!?! Well what can I say; dreams are so weird and goofy sometimes. Even the ones that come from God can be like that too (if this did indeed come from Him).

But let’s analyze a little, think of what this could mean.

A Time of Scarcity

Before we get into the analysis, let’s be clear that when God sends us a dream message, He uses the exact symbols, language, events, and people from our life that He knows will make a big impact on us. This is how God communicates an impactful and memorable message to us in our dreams. The devil tries to do the same thing though, so we need to be Discerning about where our dreams come from.

Winter is a harsh time of few resources and difficult living. It’s the opposite of the good times of summer. In some parts of the world, winter is a time when basic survival is at stake. Not my part of the world though, for which I’m Grateful!! Our “winter” temperatures here are like summer temperatures in other countries!! I was born and raised in a very cold place though, so I know what winter is like.

Winter, to me, also refers to an economic winter. Economic hard times; stock market crashes, few job opportunities. A time of scarcity and few resources. Desperation. Another great depression.

God knows that when I think of “winter” and what it represents, an economic ‘winter’ is one of the things I associate with the word. And God speaks to us in dreams using the exact language and symbols we know, so that He can make the most impact with His message. The devil tries to do the same thing though, so we need to be Discerning about where our dreams come from.

Water (like sea water, ocean) represents chaos in Genesis. And God knows that I know this. So it’s my belief He often uses images of rising water, floodwater, and sea water in my dreams to communicate the concept of chaos. In this dream I described today, though the roads were icy the animals and so on sliding down the roads were turning the ice to water, and it was splashing up. Besides which, the entire scene with them sliding down the road out of control was extremely chaotic anyway.

What Could Be next??

So what’s my opinion on this dream?? Well, sometimes my opinions on vivid dreams like this change over the years. Sometimes when a dream really did come from the Holy Spirit, we aren’t meant to understand it right away. Sometimes we’ll only learn the meaning of the dream later. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a preliminary opinion, like I have for this dream.

For now, I’m thinking this dream foreshadows a time of scarcity (winter) combined with chaos. Think of something like an economic depression combined with other chaos; as for what kind of chaos, I don’t know. It’s only my opinion though.

I say “foreshadows” because God never gives me visions of possible future events while also telling me how to dodge or avoid them. God never gives me the info I need to stop something from happening. He only hints at what will happen, using ambiguous symbols and vague language.

As an example of that, God warned me through dreams about the COVID pandemic, but He did not do it in a way I could avoid what was coming or even warn anybody. For a few months before COVID hit, I kept having dreams of a zombie apocalypse. Zombies everywhere, entire cities overrun by zombies. And I kept having dream after dream after dream dealing with zombies. And the weird thing about that is, I don’t even care about zombies!! I don’t enjoy zombie movies or shows or games or anything, it’s a dumb genre to me. I used to enjoy it when I was a kid, but now it’s dumb to me.

I even asked God, “why all these dreams of zombies, LORD?? Are there really zombies coming in the future??” But there was no answer.

I got my answer a few months later though, when the whole world was in the grip of the COVID pandemic. A new and unknown virus. And it was spreading everywhere, all countries of the world. By that time, I was no longer having dreams about zombies, and I haven’t had any since then either. I had my answer. God was foreshadowing the global pestilence to me, but not giving me any information I could use to dodge it, hide from it, or even warn others. I would have to deal with it same as everyone else in the world.

When God speaks to me of future events, He only hints at them, foreshadows them. He doesn’t give me any info I can use to avoid what’s coming. And I most often don’t understand the foreshadowing until later, when I can look back in retrospect.

So what can we do then, if we can’t get out of the way?? We can get close to God and stay prayed up. We can change our hearts and lives and get ready for The End. That’s the best thing we can do.

What’s going to happen will happen. And if it’s God’s Will, it’s going to happen and that’s it. We can try to mentally prepare for it, I guess. We could try to prepare for the shock of our world turning to total chaos against the backdrop of a time of scarcity, whatever it is.

As for practical preparation, ehh, that’s more limited. First off, what exactly are we preparing for?? The dream is a little too vague to hint at any one scenario over another one. For people who can stockpile non-perishable resources, well, it’s always a good idea to do that. Nothing changes the fact that that kind of stockpiling is always a good idea. If you can do that, sure, go ahead and do it because it won’t hurt. But for those who can’t, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Because at the end of the day our Spiritual preparation is the only prep work that matters. How is our relationship with God?? What’s our prayer life like?? Have we changed our hearts and ways?? These are the only things that matter, and the only prep work that will actually mean anything. Because only God can get us through whatever “winter” is coming for us. If we have God in our life we’ll make it, and if we don’t, we won’t.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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