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That’s why I don’t worry about world-ending calamities during my day-to-day routine. What’s going to happen will happen and I trust in God to work things out for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). I also trust in His promise of Eternal Life, so what does a minor inconvenience like physical death mean to me??

In 2022 we’ll find out how these visions of mine turn out. But for right now, since no bombs are dropping or asteroids are falling today, let’s enjoy our New Year’s Eve tonight and think about dying tomorrow. Happy New Year!!

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another End Times post.

Happy New Year!! ✨🎉🎇🧨

I wish you well in 2022.

This post will be published on New Year’s Eve, actually. December 31, 2021. And before the year starts I want to say I believe that this year, 2022, will be the year of major events in world history.

I base this off a dream I had back in 2019, which gave me three visions or prophecies for the future. They aren’t very specific, and so I can’t pinpoint any one date for when these things could happen. Also, it’s possible I misunderstand the meaning of the visions, and things could turn out in reality different than I thought.

But it was a very vivid and supernatural dream, one I still remember well even now. Since the dream in 2019 gave a timeline of three years, that means 2022 is the year of fulfillment for at least one of the visions I saw. There’s no guarantee that 2022 is the year for fulfillment of the other two, though it would seem to make sense. All I can do is wait and see.

Well, let me tell you about this dream I had back in 2019. Because these visions are in the back of my head as predictions for the year 2022.

What I Saw

Wayyyy back in Part 5, I wrote about a dream I had. I had this dream in 2019. That dream appeared to have a prophecy for war, hate group (nazi) attacks, and possibly more.

In that dream, I saw a timeline for at least one of the events in the dream: Three years. And 2019 plus 3 years = 2022. I say at least one because there was no timeline or time words attached to the other events.

I know this sounds really confusing, so let me quote the relevant part from Part 5. Skipping over some of it, at the end of this dream I was holding a big book. I opened it, looked inside, and what I saw on the pages of the book was like real-life video footage or newsreels. Here’s what I wrote about my dream:

I open the book, and on the page of the book I see video imagery, like news footage or something. I see row upon row of green army tanks. They’re assembled in formation and on the move—they’re headed to war. A white fighter jet is resting on the front of each tank and traveling that way: One jet per tank. It’s a massive array of military firepower, countless green tanks and white fighter jets on the move.

I turn the page in the book and don’t see any imagery this time, but I see a headline instead: YQN Nazis Go Unpunished.

I turn the page one more time and I zoom in only on this one written phrase: “They will return in three years.” And that was where the dream ended.

I hope now you can see what I mean when I said “three years” is only attached to one of these things: “They will return.” It would seem to make sense that the war and the hate group events would come before they will return because these were on earlier pages. But there’s no guarantee that’s the case. And as for who “they” are, I’m pretty sure but not 100% sure. But I know I’ll find out this year, 2022.

Anyway, let’s look at each of the wicked things I saw in this dream.

A Massive War

What I saw in the dream was preparations for a war, a major one. It looked like an army going off to World War 3 or something. In Part 5 I wrote: “But the dream very obviously hinted at a war to come, a major one. What I saw in the footage was a mobilization, even if it was a surreal dream-world one, since the fighter jets were being transported on the tanks.”

There are possible scenarios for this kind of war breaking out today. I won’t rundown the details of each potential flash point because I don’t have that kind of current events blog. But global war is a real concern now. Some people call these scenarios “unrealistic” because they believe cooler heads and diplomacy will prevail. They refuse to believe humans could push themselves so close to the brink of annihilation in a World War 3. But I call the scenarios “realistic” because world wars have happened before, so history teaches that yes, it is possible for this to happen. It’s always possible.

And that’s bad news for the people of earth. I don’t need to remind you the nations that could go to war now in 2022 have nuclear weapons. What’s different between previous wars and the next war is that now it’s war between nations capable of annihilating each other. It’s a sobering thought.

Hate Group Terrorism??

The next thing I saw was “YQN Nazis go unpunished.”

What could that mean?? Who are the YQN Nazis?? And what did they do?? Because “Go unpunished” implies they’ll do something evil which calls for punishment, and get away with it.

We know this world is more and more divided every day, and we also know division is of satan. Unity is Christ-like, division is of satan. But the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse is connected with making people hate each other. This Second Horseman is sometimes thought to be linked with civil wars.

Nazis, and other hate movements like them, hate people in violation of the LORD’s Commandment that we must love each other. We must love our neighbor, our enemy, everybody as we love ourselves. Hate has no place in a Christian’s life. Hatred is of the devil. Anything the Nazis or other hate groups do in 2022, they’re doing the devil’s work. I don’t know what evil thing they’re going to do. But I know it will please the devil and move his agenda forward. The “YQN Nazis” may escape human justice here on earth. But as long as they remain in the satanic sin of hatred, they will suffer from worsening demonic oppression until finally suffering damnation.

I didn’t know what “YQN” meant. I looked it up, and it is the airport code for the Nakina Airport in Nakina, Ontario. I looked on a map to see where that is. It’s a tiny little village, way up north in rural Canada. Is that where the Nazis will emerge from or something? I have no idea. Oddly enough, I had a separate dream later in which I saw a Neo-Nazi training camp and radicalization center in some remote woods and went inside, but I’ll stick with discussing this dream.

War, terrorism, hate. These things are connected to the First and Second Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The First Horseman, appearing in Revelation 6:2 on the white horse, is usually interpreted as representing War, though he is sometimes interpreted as Pestilence. He goes “from victory to victory,” killing.

The Second Horseman is interesting. He appears in Revelation 6:4, and makes people hate each other. Some scholars interpret the Second Horseman as representing civil war. At any rate he is definitely connected with strife and division in every case. Did the headline about Nazis that I saw in my dream have any bearing on this? Maybe there will be a Nazi terror attack in the future.

Asteroids and Assorted other Disasters

As for some of the other stuff that could happen I hinted at, there’s the “They will return in three years” message. When I had this dream in 2019, I thought that part referred to aliens returning to earth. Now my opinion has changed, and I believe it’s a personal prophecy not a global prophecy. In other words “They will return in three years” is a message for me and my life, not for you.

But if you want to think about the return of aliens, you can check what I wrote in Part 5.

Also referenced in Part 5 is the news of an asteroid headed our way in 2022. That was on my mind also back in 2019, and I thought it was connected with the aliens return. That asteroid is 2009 JF1. It has a 1-in-3,800 chance of hitting earth on May 6, 2022.

Here is the original article about it from 2019 from Metro UK: “Nasa tracking devastating 230-kilotonne asteroid that could hit Earth in May 2022.” That article says:

Nasa believes there is a one in 3,800 odds the asteroid will hit Earth on the expected date of May 6, 2022. That translates into a 0.026% chance of an and a greater than 99% chance it will miss Earth.

Here’s a Wikipedia page for 2009 JF1. This page says it’s a small asteroid … as if that will comfort the people it hits (if it does hit)!!

Now, 1-in-3,800 or 0.026% is an incredibly low chance of hitting us. Still, 0.026% is not zero. It is above zero.

At the end of the day it’s all up to God whether this asteroid hits us or not. God is the one who decides, and no one else. If it’s God’s Will the comet hits us, then it will hit us. And that’s that.

But I do acknowledge the human science which estimates that no, this asteroid won’t hit us. So I don’t worry about this asteroid, to be honest. I only have it in the back of my head that it’s coming our way in May, 2022.

Anybody have a prophecy from God about comets?? Leave it in the comments below.

Happy New Year!!

I don’t mean to rain on the parade before 2022 even starts. Sorry about that. I only want my Readers to know about this dream I had and prepare for 2022 possibly bringing great disaster.

Anything is always possible. History teaches us that.

And how do we prepare?? We stay prayed up and turn to Jesus while there’s still time. We REPENT!! of our sins and turn to God. Going along with that, we help others to do the same. We teach others about Jesus through our Preaching and by living a good example of Christian living.

We get right with God. This is the one and only way to prepare for world-destroying calamity. Getting right with God is the most important thing we can do. The Good News is, it’s also all we need to do at the end of the day.

That’s why I don’t worry about world-ending calamities during my day-to-day routine. What’s going to happen will happen and I trust in God to work things out for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). I also trust in His promise of Eternal Life, so what does a minor inconvenience like physical death mean to me??

In 2022 we’ll find out how these visions of mine turn out. But for right now, since no bombs are dropping or asteroids are falling today, let’s enjoy our New Year’s Eve tonight and think about dying tomorrow. Happy New Year!!

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Until next time, be strong and do good!!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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