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It’s not effects or volume that makes music satanic. What makes music satanic is the Spirit behind the music; the intention of the musician(s). Look at the content (the lyrics). Who or what do the lyrics glorify??

Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another #shorts post.

In the previous post I wrote about guns. One thing I said was that guns can’t be evil in and of themselves. Guns are tools, inanimate objects. They can be used for atrocious evil, but they can’t be inherently evil, because they can do nothing on their own.

On another level, if left on their own with no human input, guns do not glorify satan. A person can use a gun to glorify satan by taking human lives, but if left alone, the gun itself cannot glorify satan or do anything at all.

So this got me thinking about what other things with bad reputations are not satanic. And the first thing I thought of was music. Heavy metal music and so on.

Did you know that there are not few, but many Christian metal bands?? Yes that’s right: Heavy metal. Once a vilified and hated genre of music. There are Christians creating Christian heavy metal music meant to Glorify God. How does that work?? It’s simple: What matters is the Spirit behind the music, and who or what the music glorifies.

The intent behind the music is what’s important, along with its content (lyrics). Because in the same way a gun is an inanimate object, and can’t be evil on its own, its the same with guitars and distortion effects.

Allow me to explain.

Why Would God not Like Loud Music??

Is heavy music itself inherently satanic?? Why??

What’s satanic about turning up the guitar distortion, or playing heavy and loud?? Let’s start with the second item there. Many of the Psalms tell us to shout to the LORD, to be loud in our praise. Shouting is loud, not quiet. In that case what’s the problem with Christians playing heavy and loud when they want to Glorify God through music?? Doesn’t your church get loud when it’s time to Praise and Worship?? If you answered “no,” that’s not a good thing actually.

As for the first item, guitar distortion effects, it’s the same answer as the question about guns. Guitar distortion effects, like guns, are inanimate objects and tools. They can be used for good or evil both; it’s all about who is using the tool and why. Or are you telling me that a guitar distortion effect is itself evil, and a doorway to satan’s kingdom?? Why?? It’s a box of electronic circuits assembled for making music. Although a person could use the box to glorify satan, the box does not glorify satan in and of itself, same as a gun. That’s not what it’s for.

It’s not effects or volume that makes music satanic. What makes music satanic is the Spirit behind the music; the intention of the musician(s). Look at the content (the lyrics). Who or what do the lyrics glorify??

The content (the lyrics) tell us what we need to know. Consider the lyrics—what is this band saying?? Are they Glorifying the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?? And if not, are they at least promoting healthy and innocent values??

Because there’s nothing inherently evil about innocent secular music. If someone writes a song about their dog, their best friend, what in God’s name could possibly be evil about that?? Nothing!! Yes it’s true the song about the guy’s dog does not Glorify the name of Jesus; OK, I’ll give you that. But it’s also true the song a guy writes about his dog doesn’t glorify drugs, murder, promiscuity and so on. It’s an innocent song. You have to give me that point.

I hope I’m making my point clear. No tool or inanimate object can be evil on its own; neither can any genre of music. It’s not the volume or style of the music that makes it evil. What makes music satanic is the Spirit behind the music, the intention of the musicians. Who or what does the content glorify??

No tool, object, or entertainment medium can be evil on their own until human beings get their hands on them and use them for evil.

Are Games Evil??

Let’s switch gears a little bit, but still remain on the same topic. How about video games?? This form of entertainment was vilified by Christians in the past, but not so much anymore.

At the end of the day, video games are nothing more than computer programs. There is nothing Spiritual about the creation of video games; they are not Spiritual entities. They are not any kind of entity, computer programs are a series of ones and zeros. Well, these days it’s not ones and zeros but actually more sophisticated programming languages. But that’s beside the point.

Are computer programs satanic on their own?? Of course not!! The program itself is only computer code; computer code doesn’t even have a concept of satan. If it’s not in programming language, the computer code simply doesn’t understand. Computer code is a tool and and object, same as a gun, same as a guitar. It can’t be evil in and of itself.

Once again, the Spirit behind the product is what matters. What is the content of the game?? What does the player do in the game?? What values and beliefs does the game glorify?? And how does it depict topics like magic/witchcraft, hell, demons, and so on??

It is true that many video games feature demonic content. Even if it’s not meant to glorify satan’s kingdom, such dark and evil content is not something we should engage with as Christians. This kind of entertainment can open a demonic doorway in our life, allowing satan’s demonic minions access to our lives. If this subject interests you, you may be interested in a post I wrote last year. Please check out: Hell Is no Game.

Anyway, it comes down to the same answer as above. What matters is the Spirit behind the product, and the content. There are plenty of innocent video games out there. You might think of “innocent video games” only as kid’s games, but there are other innocent games too. For example, what is satanic about building games like Sim City?? Where is the demonic content in that game?? That game is fine for Christians to play; it doesn’t glorify satan or satanic values. If you don’t name your Sim City something like “Satan Town” and design it in the shape of evil symbols the game is fine.

One more example how it’s the content and substance that matter, not the outside form or specific medium.

Look for the Spirit Behind it

Entertainment in any medium, or the tools used to create it, aren’t evil on their own. Once humans start using these things and creating with them, then things can get evil. But that depends on the intentions of the creators. The Spirit behind the product (the song, game, whatever).

In the same way we will know people by their fruit, we need to gauge the content of music, video games, and all other forms of entertainment. Who or what does the project glorify?? What values does it promote??

If the content or lyrics glorify evil, if the Spirit behind it is evil, then we can avoid that music (or whatever else). But there’s nothing inherently evil about distortion effects for guitars, or playing instruments heavy and loud. There’s nothing inherently evil about video games, which are long pieces of computer code.

Tools, objects, entertainment mediums aren’t evil on their own; they can’t be. It’s only when humans start using them that the problems start. “Who” and “why” are the issue, not “what.”

That’s it for #shorts Part 34.

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