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(4) This is what you should say to him: “The LORD proclaims: I’m breaking down everything I have built up. I’m digging up that which I have planted—the entire land. (5) You seek great things for yourself, but don’t bother. I’m bringing disaster on all humanity, declares the LORD, but wherever you go I will let you escape with your life.

Jeremiah 45:4-5 (CEB)

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another End Times post.

Today’s post may be a bit of a downer. In my daily Bible reading I recently came across a passage in Jeremiah that made me depressed. It’s not a depressing passage in and of itself, but when applied to my life, it was depressing. For me, it raised a question I know many Christians think about in the End Times.

If Jesus is coming back and the world is ending so soon, what’s the point of trying to achieve anything in this soon-to-be-ended fallen world?? What’s the point of trying, anymore??

Let’s think about it.

Things Left Undone

The passage comes from Jeremiah 45:3-5. Jeremiah 45 is a very short chapter, actually it’s only five verses long. In chapter 45 we hear the LORD’s message to Baruch, who wrote down on a scroll everything Jeremiah dictated. Jeremiah was a loyal prophet of the LORD, and Baruch was a loyal assistant to Jeremiah. But this was not enough to fully spare Baruch from the effects of God’s Rage. God even told Baruch in verse 5, the verse that depressed me so much, that Baruch would only keep his life and that was about it.

(3) You have said, “I can’t take it anymore! The LORD has added sorrow to my pain. I’m worn out from groaning and can find no rest.” (4) This is what you should say to him: “The LORD proclaims: I’m breaking down everything I have built up. I’m digging up that which I have planted—the entire land. (5) You seek great things for yourself, but don’t bother. I’m bringing disaster on all humanity, declares the LORD, but wherever you go I will let you escape with your life.

Jeremiah 45:3-5 (CEB)

We all know God’s Word is alive. Well, this passage really spoke to me. First because, like Baruch, I also often say ‘I can’t take it anymore’ and ‘I’m worn out.’ It’s good to know I’m not the only one to feel this way; far from it.

But more importantly the passage spoke to me because I also seek great things for myself. Even though I know it’s the End Times, I still have dreams and ambitions in my mind. There are still plenty of things I wish I could do before the world is destroyed. Some of these ambitions will remain dreams, unaccomplished, but others I do actually work toward. It would be nice if I’m able to get some of these things done before The End of the world, which is coming soon.

But I know I most likely won’t get to finish many of these goals. There just isn’t enough time. Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not throwing up my hands in pessimistic defeat and giving up. I’m not sitting around do nothing and saying, “what’s the point if the world is ending??” Like I said, I do actually work toward long-term goals as if the world were not ending. I make a little bit of progress every day, every week, you get it. Because hey, no one knows the day nor the hour of Jesus’ Return, so who knows?? I just might get some of my goals done before He comes back.

We all might as well try our best today, while we still have life in our body, right?? We might reach the finish line in time, but we’ll never know if we don’t try.

And yet, I can’t deny that Jeremiah 45:5 is depressing and makes me not want to try at all.

Jeremiah 45:5 says God is going to bring disaster on all humanity. We all knew that already from the New Testament; Matthew 24, Revelation, and so on. And Christians today know the End Times are here—we’re living through them now. With that in mind, Jeremiah 45:5 upset me a great deal. It was like God was telling me, “Don’t bother trying to achieve any of those goals of yours. There’s no more time.”

I want to be optimistic for the future, but I guess God is right here. What’s the point of having big life goals and ambitions anymore?? The world is ending, and even before then it’s foolish to believe we can thrive during the chaos of the Great Suffering or even live a life that’s close to ‘normal.’ That’s not going to happen.

Look on the Bright Side

But at least we can escape with our life, as verse 5 says. Wherever we go, God will allow us to escape with our life. We can at least be Grateful for that, right??

In the case of the Second Coming, “escape with your life” would mean getting Raptured. Then we can escape with our life in the sense of leaving behind these physical bodies and reuniting with God to begin our True, Eternal life. Being Raptured or even dying and going to Heaven is the best and greatest way to “escape with our life.”

Whether it happens by Rapture or by physical death, once we reunite with God all our problems are over. At that point, nothing will matter anymore and nothing will bother us, we’ll have complete fulfillment forever. It goes without saying our unfulfilled dreams, the things we left undone, the goals we didn’t finish, those things won’t matter anymore. Our existence will be complete, and we will no longer wish for anything once we have God. Our unfulfilled dreams we left back here on earth won’t cause us any sadness, and neither will anything else.

BUT, seeing as how I’m still here on earth, in my physical body, the idea of these unfulfilled dreams causes me sadness now. How about you?? If anyone feels sadness over this, that is 100% natural and understandable. It makes sense to be sad about things left undone that we’ll never have the chance to do now. It makes sense to be sad about goals we’ll never reach. Everyone knows we all need to leave this world one day, but as long as we’re here it’s only natural to want to reach goals and do great things.

I guess as much as we’re able, we should only focus on the bright side of big events like The End of the world. Let’s remember that the end of this fallen world is the beginning of God’s new world. Let’s try to look beyond the sadness and keep our eyes on God’s Promise in Scripture.

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