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Remember that God does not bury us. We are seeds, and God is watering and growing us. One day, we will be ready to produce good fruit for the Kingdom. All seasons come to an end, including the growing season. One day it will be time for us to reap a harvest for the effort we put in. Let God decide when that time is.

Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another post.

Today is another post about waiting, waiting on the LORD.

I was watering plants in my garden the other day and noticed how it looks like they’re not growing at all. I started wondering if I’ll ever get to eat their fruit. It’s frustrating to work on them every day (watering them), only to see no progress and no reward. And sometimes life feels that way too. Sometimes we wait on the LORD for some dream for so long, it feels like we’ll never reach that blessing.

But just because we can’t see progress doesn’t mean there isn’t any. And just because there’s no fruit to harvest now doesn’t mean there will never be any. We need to wait on the LORD, wait for Him to do His work on the seeds we plant. This goes for literal plants in our garden, and for our dreams, hopes, and ambitions too.

Seeds take time to grow. And so do we. It’s not easy to wait, and it’s very tempting to try to have our own timing and reap the harvest early. But only bad things can happen if we do that. God’s timing is perfect, and if we wait for Him to His work, we’ll have the best harvest ever.

That’s today’s topic. So let’s get right into it.

He Didn’t Bury Us, He Planted Us

I was watering my tomato plants the other day. I planted a few of them a couple months ago. I water them every day and watch them grow. It’s slow going; they often don’t look like they’re making progress at all.

In other words, I have to keep waiting if I want to eat the tomatoes from these plants. So a few days ago when I was watering them, I thought back to a post I wrote about waiting on God. You can read it HERE.

It’s not always easy to wait on God, of course, and not see any immediate results from it. I’m talking about when we’re waiting on the LORD for Him to deliver a dream of ours, like our own ministry or a mission or a spouse, things like that. It’s not always easy to do the work every day (watering) but not reap a harvest. But this doesn’t mean that there will never be a harvest. And every day we do the work of watering the plants and seeds, we get one day closer to reaping that harvest.

So how do we apply this to our actual lives?? I found a great sermon on YouTube that I’d like to share with you now. It’s entitled “When God Hides You” by Derick Faison.

Did God bury you, did He plant you?? Because if something is buried, no one expects to see it again. But if we plant something, we expect to see it again one day, and we expect to see it come back better. New and improved, and bearing good fruit. God doesn’t bury us; we are seeds, and He plants us.

We are seeds, planted by God. We’re all works in progress. God works on us little by little, day by day. He waters us every day, He sustains us and gives us life. One day, we will be ready and bear good fruit for the LORD. But it takes time to reach that day. If we stay loyal to the LORD and follow Him, allowing Him to water us every day, we will reap a blessed harvest of good things when it’s time. Until then, we need to not interfere with the work God is doing in us, or try to cut it off early. That would be a mistake.

“When it’s time” is the key phrase.

Rushing Equals Ruin

God’s timing is always perfect. It’s Divine. God can see the big picture that we could never see or understand. God knows what’s in our future, and when is the best time for certain things to happen for us. God knows when we’re truly ready for something, despite what we may think.

If we try to change from God’s timing, only bad things will happen. Like a seed needs time to stay in the earth and grow so God can do His work, it’s the same with us.

Those tomato plants I told you about. They aren’t bearing any fruit yet, they’re still in the early growth stage. If I give up on the work and harvest the tomato plants right now, I’ll have nothing to show for it.

If the plants start bearing fruit, but I harvest them too early, I won’t get good tomatoes. I’ll get small, unripe, unready tomatoes. I could do better than that. But if I get too hasty when I see the plant starting to produce fruit, I won’t get God’s best. I won’t get what God intended.

But if I wait until they’re ready, if I wait on God to do His work on these tomato plants, then I’ll harvest the good fruit. If I wait on the LORD until the job is done, then I can enjoy God’s best. I can enjoy what God intended with the tomato plant.

We can’t rush God’s timing!! Whatever the dream or goal or ambition may be, if we try to reap the harvest before God’s work is done, we really screw up. If we get impatient and try to reap too early, we may finish with nothing to show for our effort because there was more work to be done. Or, we might get a little something. But it won’t be as good and enjoyable as what we could have had if we had waited for God to work. We won’t be enjoying God’s best, what He intended for us. So whatever we reap early won’t make us happy for long. Wait on the LORD, and get the really good stuff!!

I know waiting on the LORD is hard. I know it’s not easy to water the seed of some prayer—like a Godly mission or spouse or any number of other things—day after day without seeing obvious results. I know it’s not easy to watch plants grow at a snail’s pace, so slow it looks like there’s no progress at all.

But just because we can’t see things happening doesn’t mean there isn’t anything happening. Remember, our lives are like seeds that God planted. He plans for us to bloom, when it’s the right time. He won’t keep us hidden forever, He won’t keep us in a season of growth forever. All seasons end. And when the LORD says it’s time, we will reap the fruits of our labor.

Let the LORD Water His Seeds

Good things take time. The day we plant the seed is not the day we enjoy the fruit. We need to be patient and do the work of growing the seed, day after day after day, and wait until everything is ready before we can enjoy our reward. Just because we don’t see the progress doesn’t mean there isn’t any. If we give up, or if we harvest too early, we’ll either end up with nothing for our effort or we’ll get much less than what we could have had if we waited.

It’s the same with us, our lives, and our dreams and prayers. God knows the desires of our heart, and He knows what’s best for us in our lives. He also knows when it’s the right time for us to receive the blessings we pray for, if it’s His will to give them. God can see the big picture that we could never see or understand. God knows what’s in the future, while we don’t.

God’s timing is perfect. If we rush things or enforce our own timing, only bad things can happen. Wait for God to do His thing. It’s not easy to wait, but if we do wait, we’ll be glad we did when we enjoy God’s best reward.

Remember that God does not bury us. We are seeds, and God is watering and growing us. One day, we will be ready to produce good fruit for the Kingdom. All seasons come to an end, including the growing season. One day it will be time for us to reap a harvest for the effort we put in. Let God decide when that time is.

So as a seed, stick with the LORD. He will water us, care for us, and help us grow during the important growing season. He will make it easier to wait for what we want. And when it’s time, the LORD will make us bloom and prosper. All the time spent waiting will be worth it, and we’ll be glad we let God do what He does best.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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