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In today’s connected world many people—including Christians—collect objects from non-Christian religions and spiritual traditions. This includes items from the occult!! People foolishly take these and keep them in their homes. And that’s bad news … for them.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Today I present another End Times post.

We all like to decorate our homes. And often times we collect little items and knick-knacks to put on display. There’s nothing wrong with this, right??

Most of the time, no. But we can go wrong if we fill our house with items that hurt our relationship with the LORD, or lead us away from Him. Most Christians would never do this knowingly. But it’s very possible to do this by accident if we have items in our homes we think are innocent and safe, but aren’t.

This is a big issue in the End Times, since New Age and other occult deceptions are everywhere. People, Christians included, are accepting objects into their homes without understanding the Spiritual danger involved. To help avoid that danger, today I introduce a great video by a Christian YouTuber that gives an overview of what kinds of things Christians should NOT have at home.

Do You Know what You’ve Got there??

Whether these are the End Times or not**, in the modern era we have a level of exposure to other religions like never before. Through technology, the world is connected like it never has been at any other time in history. So now even a person who doesn’t travel can come into contact with other cultures, traditions, religions, and so on. As with most things, there are good and bad aspects to this.

**On this blog we take it on Faith that these are the End Times.

In this new connected world, everyone can learn a lot about whatever spiritual tradition entices their interest. And they can do it quick. YouTube videos and social media posts allow people to share their lives with the whole world. Of course this includes their Spiritual life. So it’s easy to learn about (just as a random example) Buddhism from a practicing Buddhist. We can learn all about other religions and spiritualities, all the way down to the fine details like objects used for rituals and so on.

As a result many people today—including Christians—engage with other religions and spiritual traditions on some level. Now, it’s one thing to learn about other religions—the learning is not a sin. There is definitely value in knowing the deceptions that followers of other religions are under. If we understand the deceptions they suffer under, we can Evangelize to them better. We have a better chance of guiding them to the Truth if we know where they’re mistakenly coming from. I hope you see what I mean.

It’s one thing to learn about other religions. But to engage with them or follow any of their practices is a different story. That’s taking things to another level. Once we engage with those other things, we commit Spiritual adultery by seeking after other gods (little ‘g’). And one of the most common ways to become guilty of this is to have objects from other religions (etc.) in our home.

In today’s connected world many people—including Christians—collect objects from non-Christian religions and spiritual traditions. This includes items from the occult!! People foolishly take these and keep them in their homes. And that’s bad news … for them.

Having occult objects in the home attracts demonic and paranormal activity. And having objects that are meaningful in other religions can do the same. These objects give demonic spirits “legal rights” to enter the home.

But that’s another story, for another time. For today, I’m going to keep this post practical. Today we’re going to learn about what kinds of objects we should not have in our homes, as Christians. It’s a simple lesson, but important. But I won’t be the one giving the lesson. Today I’m presenting a video by Christian YouTuber Jessica Joy.

10 Items Christians Should NOT Own by Jessica Joy

So what are these objects?? In general they’re anything significant to other religions or spiritual traditions, including New Age and the occult. Definitely the occult!! That’s the worst!! And New Age has many roots in the occult, of course.

So things like books, ritual objects, decorations, and more from other religions, New Age, and the occult are all things we must not have in our home. If we have these things in our house, we must get rid of them—quick!! Because as long as we have them with us, we’re being Spiritually adulterous. That goes double if we actually interact with these objects and try to use them for good luck (etc.). That makes things even worse, because now our actions imply these objects have power that the LORD does not, or that we want to go to these objects instead of the LORD for luck (etc.).

Well, enough generalities. Let’s talk specifics now. Check out the video below, and follow along!! By the way, this YouTuber Jessica Joy is also a former New Ager, like Melissa Dougherty and many others. So she knows her stuff when it comes to these objects we must remove from our home.

10 Items Christians Should NOT Own by Jessica Joy

Healing Crystals/Stones

Oh my LORD … crystals … ugh!! This is a sore topic for me. I’m so damn tired of these things!! I hate seeing people everywhere wearing them!! They’re wildly popular right now, and promoted by celebrities too like Jessica Joy mentions.

The problem with crystals, she says, is that they’re associated with healing powers. Scripture makes it clear that it’s not right for us to go to any sources besides the LORD for anything. If we put our faith (little ‘f’) in crystals for healing and other miracles, we’ve got a big problem!! That would be Spiritual adultery, and seeking after other gods for their power.

She asks, “Would Jesus use these stones to work a miracle??” No, of course He wouldn’t!! We must only seek the LORD for whatever we need.

Decorations (Tapestries, etc.)

This category includes all decorations like tapestries or paintings. Refer to the video for details. But the blatant problem with what she’s describing is that it has symbols and depictions of spiritual concepts from other religions. Things like chakras are illustrated. These are not Christian teachings, and to study and practice them is a violation of the First Commandment because that’s seeking after other gods (seeking after other spiritual power). We shouldn’t be messing with these, and so we shouldn’t have decorations of these in our home.

Dream Catchers

I would file this one under “decorations,” but these have great spiritual significance in some Native American cultures. Since they’re so spiritually meaningful in a non-Christian context, we should not have them in our Christian homes. As she says in the video, and as I also say, take any questions about dreams to the LORD.


OH LORD … SAGE … YUCK!! Don’t get me started on the topic of sage. This is another item on her list I completely despise. This is an herb New Agers burn to “cleanse” their homes and more of “negative spiritual energy” and other vague threats like that. But in the end all they achieve by burning sage is bowing to false gods and stinking up their house and car. The New Age woman I was involved with before, the woman I’ve written about every now and then on my blog … she burned a lot of sage. That’s partially why this is a sore topic for me.

Stay away from burning sage and other herbs, Christians. You’ll keep yourselves Spiritually clean because you won’t be bowing to false gods to “remove bad spiritual energy.” As a bonus, your house and car will smell much better too.

Tarot Cards (and other Fortunetelling stuff)

This one I should hope goes without saying. It’s crystal clear in the Old Testament that the LORD forbids us to do any kind of fortune-telling activity. If we do those things we’re bowing to other gods (which are demonic powers) for guidance and wisdom instead of following the LORD. Refresh yourself on the Old Testament if you’re not aware of this—refer to Deuteronomy.

She does mention “angel decks” in the video though. It’s important to point that out as a New Age infiltration of the Christian church. Those are tarot cards repackaged in a Christian form. They do the same thing and are used in the same way, but since they’re associated with angels and have Christian imagery all over them, some Christians think these are OK. These are not OK. We need to test every Spirit (1 John 4:1) and use discernment based on God’s Word to recognize things that are Spiritually dangerous. And then we need to reject those.

Jewelry and Accessories

I would call this one related to “Decorations,” above. She details how symbols from other religions are often depicted with jewelry and accessories. Just as we shouldn’t have decorations with these things on them, we shouldn’t wear them either. I hope that’s simple enough, but watch the video for the full details.

Statues and other Images

We know we’re not supposed to have any statues or images; no idols. In the video Jessica Joy mentions statues of Buddha. But I extend this to statues of all divine beings. Anything that’s a visual representation of something in Heaven, whether it’s a saint, angels, Mary, or anything else, those are idols. This is especially true when people actually pray to them. People don’t pray to something if they don’t believe it can help them. So if a person prays to a statue (of saints, Buddha, or whatever), they’re putting their belief in this other power.

There is only one God, and one mediator between God and man, and that’s Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5). We should never be praying to anything or anyone else. So why have these statues around?? They don’t honor the LORD, and they depict things that cannot mediate for us with God. Don’t waste your time with these meaningless things. Catholic homes have a lot of these statues and icons.

(5) There is one God and one mediator between God and humanity, the human Christ Jesus,

1 Timothy 2:5 (CEB)

Saint Candles

This is one I was often guilty of myself, being a former Catholic. These candles have a prayer to a saint written on the side; you say the prayer and light the candle. In other words, these candles are for honoring and praying to these saints (and Mary; she has candles too). This is wrong, wrong, wrong. See 1 Timothy 2:5, above. There is only one God, and one mediator between God and man, and that’s Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5). We should never be praying to anything or anyone else. And this includes burning prayer candles to honor those other things. Don’t waste time with these things. Pray directly to Jesus, our one and only intercessor.

It’s a Heart Posture

Well that’s quite the list. It may not be everything, but this list will get you off to a solid start. If you get rid of things like the ones on this list, it will improve your relationship with the LORD, who is a jealous God.

Like Jessica Joy says in her video, this is a heart posture. This is about the attitude we have in our heart, our soul. We should want to serve and worship the LORD and only the LORD. And in that case, we should only want things that honor the LORD in our Christian house.

Whether it comes from another religion or not, why would we want anything in our house that doesn’t honor the LORD?? It doesn’t matter what it is—if it doesn’t honor the LORD, why would we want it?? We should want to follow the LORD and only seek out His things. And I’ll tell you what … our God is not so big on physical decorations and things like that.

The real prize we want to show everyone is our relationship with Jesus, and the good fruit of our Spiritual life. But on that note, we can hurt our relationship with Jesus by having the kinds of objects discussed today in our lives. So pray to the LORD for discernment on this, and throw out these items if you find them. It may hurt to throw out things received as gifts, but separation from God hurts so much more.

So do the right thing, and clean house.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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