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When we’re working on fixing a problem in our life, we’ll get the best results by attacking the problem from both angles. There’s always a Spiritual cause to everything, since everything begins in the Spiritual realm. But if there’s also a scientific aspect that can be studied and understood, we need to use that to our advantage too. Attack the problem from every angle.

Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another post.

The LORD created this world and everything in it. He also created the human brain, and our ability to interact with and use the things of this world. And this includes science, of course. The LORD created that too, as well as our ability to study, learn, and use it.

Some Christians are wary of science. They may see it as opposed to God, or incompatible with Him because it’s human instead of Divine. But this is NOT the case—God created science, after all. In fact, in most problems we’ll often find there’s both a Spiritual and scientific way to understand it. So for the best results, we should make use of both the Spiritual and the scientific options. In most cases, that’s what God intends!!

So that’s today’s topic. Let’s get right into it.

The Scientific Side of a Spiritual Matter

In a recent post, I mentioned the book Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving by Pete Walker. And I wrote about how there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that it was the LORD who guided me to read this book now. I feel the protective guidance of God guiding all my reading decisions—what books I read, and when.

How do I know the LORD guided me to read Complex PTSD?? That’s an easy answer. This book has already been a great help with problem thoughts and behaviors I’ve been dealing with. By this I mean habitual sin, compulsive behaviors (addictions), and self-harming behaviors. (As in, all self-indulgent behaviors that don’t do anything positive for me and only hold me back.)

I had thought the whole root of these sins and problems was a Spiritual matter. Well, the Spiritual is still heavily involved in what’s going on with me. But turns out the issues I struggle with have a psychological (scientific) root that can treated. The psychological (scientific) roots go all the way back to childhood. I wouldn’t have figured out what was causing my compulsive self-defeating behaviors without learning about these roots. And that’s why this book, Complex PTSD, has already been a life-changing, priceless experience. And I’m not even done with it quite yet.

And I can also say this. Since I know it was the LORD who guided me to read this book, it’s also the LORD who’s pushing me to the science side of things for now. Up till now I’ve attacked my sins, compulsive behaviors, and self-defeating mindset as a Spiritual matter. I was praying against demons and rebuking the devil when these issues would rear their ugly head. I still believe demons and the devil are involved. But understanding the science of childhood trauma, how it affects the psyche, and how this damage affects us in adulthood has greatly helped me with these issues. My progress hasn’t been perfect by any means. But using the science to attack the problem has gotten me further than I’ve gotten in a long time.

So does that mean the science is more important than the Spirituality?? No, I can never say that, not after the things I’ve seen in this world. I know this is a Spiritual world we live in, and demons are real. And I know the LORD is the True Power in this Spiritual world; the only Power that can defeat those demons. And yet, science has great value in the physical, visible world we’re temporarily stuck in.

Attack from every Angle

Science isn’t opposed to God by default; the two are NOT incompatible. We can think of it like there’s a scientific (physical, visible) and a Spiritual (soul, invisible) aspect to everything.

When we’re working on a problem in our life, we’ll get the best results by attacking the problem from both angles. There’s always a Spiritual cause to everything. But if there’s also a scientific aspect that can be studied and understood, we need to use that to our advantage too. Attack the problem from every angle.

Science isn’t opposed to God by default. The Spiritual and the scientific are NOT incompatible. But most of all, remember that if we follow the LORD, He will guide us and lead us to what we need. Wielding the power of science to help ourselves is very likely exactly what God wants us to do, when He guides us to do it. This is especially true when science can give us a new advantage in the battles we’re fighting.

When we follow the LORD, He guides us to what we NEED. And when He does, He wants us to make use of it. I know God guided me to read Complex PTSD by Pete Walker, because the book is already helping me understand and slowly defeat the compulsive, self-defeating sins and behaviors I’ve been battling for years. God led me to the science side of this equation because I needed it. Praise the LORD!!

And just because the science is so helpful does not negate the Spiritual side of things. There are two sides to most things—a Spiritual and a scientific side. And if we follow the LORD He will show us the best way to handle this dynamic for our greatest good.

God Created Science—So Let’s Use it

The LORD created everything, this entire reality. So the LORD created science too—that’s a scientific fact.

The LORD created the natural laws and systems we can observe, such as gravity, physics, and much more. Not only that, but God created the human brain and our ability to study and learn these things. He also gifted every scientist with their talents and knowledge for using science to do research and solve problems.

The LORD created science, and designed humans to be able to use it. Since the LORD created it, it is good. We should use everything good that God created, to bring Him Glory first and for our benefit second. Science and God are NOT incompatible, and there is always a way to use God’s creation of science to bring Him Glory.

So when faced with a tough problem in life, keep praying hard, but also don’t ignore the possibility of scientific solutions that can help. Some Christians are wary of modern psychology and medicine. I respect their opinion and they are 100% right to be suspicious when it comes to psychotropic drugs (psychiatric medications). But aside from drugs, which is another topic, modern psychology and science may have answers for us that can help with our struggles. That’s how it’s been for me, this last month.

So don’t throw away a helpful resource that God created: Science. Use every resource available to solve a problem—that could be exactly what God intends and is guiding us toward, for His Glory. Praise and follow the LORD!! And He will lead us to what we need, scientific or Spiritual.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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