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All the positive benefits of nofap and semen retention lie in the Self-Control these habits build. Self-Control is a Biblical Virtue and it’s a good thing to cultivate any way we can. But that must be our only goal—cultivating the Virtue to honor the LORD. If we do nofap or semen retention in a quest for magical superpowers, we’ve gone way off track. So don’t let Satan ruin a good thing. Both of these habits are good things for Christian men to do. But always be on the lookout for the Gnosticism and magical thinking that surrounds these online communities.

Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another post. And today’s post will be something a little different.

Today’s post is about a men’s health topic. It’s also about the Spiritual significance of this men’s health topic. Women may not get as much out of today’s post as men. Just letting you all know.

Anyway, have you heard about nofap and semen retention?? These are two self-improvement habits with a constantly growing online presence and community. Millions of people are doing these self-improvement challenges and enjoying them, myself included. Nofap and semen retention are healthy, positive habits for a man to practice. And since masturbation is a sin that goes against God’s Law, abstaining is good.

And yet, not all is well. There are negatives to the culture and community surrounding nofap and semen retention. Some of the ideas in these communities are infected with dangerous Spiritual deceptions like Gnosticism. So while we should highlight the positives of nofap and semen retention, we also need to call out the negatives. And there are negatives in the communities surrounding these good habits.

So read on if you’re not discomforted by this subject, and find out more.

Keep it Real Guys

Let’s talk about semen retention. You may have heard of it before, because it seems to be something popular right now. Do you know what it is?? I’ll summarize it like this. It’s the belief that semen has mystical creative powers granting productivity, focus, and success. People who believe in semen retention tend to think preserving their semen by not ejaculating grants them these “superpowers.” As long as they hang on to their semen, they’ll be more productive, focused, successful, attractive … and on and on it goes.

There’s a ton of sites out there singing the praises of semen retention. I found one that calls it the common habit of champions at the top of their game, like Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali, and more. Here’s an example of what this blogger has to say about the habit of semen retention:

What do these titans share in common besides the extreme wealth and celebrity they acquired during their lifetime? A peculiar habit known as semen retention. For those unfamiliar with the term, retention refers to the conscious decision of a man not to climax. It is based on the belief that climax releases powerful energy that can otherwise be rechanneled in other areas of life. Steve Jobs’ ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan had this to say about his peculiar habit.

“Our birth control method up to that point was Steve’s coitus interruptus, also called the pull-out method, which for him was about his conserving his energy for work.” She added he didn’t want to climax to build “power and wealth by conserving [his] vital energies.

The One Powerful Habit of Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali and Nikola Tesla, by Ben Peters

So could this possibly be true?? Does retaining our semen by not ejaculating give us superpowers?? Will semen retention make us as rich and successful as Steve Jobs, or as powerful as Muhammad Ali??

Answer: 🙄

C’mon guys. Let’s keep it real here.

I 100% believe semen retention increases focus and confidence in the short-term. I can say that from my own experience. When I have a good “streak” of semen retention going, I do feel more confident and powerful, and blah blah blah. But this is a placebo effect. It’s good for us to feel this way as men, and as Christians we should be avoiding ejaculation outside of marriage. But let’s all be clear about what is and isn’t real.

Semen retention has great benefits for men; I’ll never deny that, because I know it’s true. But semen retention doesn’t give us “superpowers.” Honestly, what it does is get us back to a natural state of being that God designed us to operate from. It doesn’t “power us up,” it doesn’t turn us into the next Steve Jobs. But it does take our focus off the endless pursuit of sex and place it back where it belongs on God and ourselves.

Now, it seems like I could refrain from commenting and let all men figure this out for themselves. But I want to comment because I see some people attaching mystical properties to this body fluid that don’t exist. This is where semen retention, and the community around it, become toxic. Ejaculation is a distressing and shameful failure if a man believes it makes him lose magic superpowers.

This kind of toxicity is a symptom of an underlying issue with the semen retention community. The community is unBiblical. You may have been wondering this whole time, “where in the Bible does it say anything the powers of semen??” Well, it doesn’t say that in the Bible. If we could power up that way, God would have told us all to do it. When God powered up the Prophets in the Old Testament, He did it because He had a specific job for them to do. He didn’t power them up because they didn’t ejaculate.

And although the Bible does tell us to respect our seed and not masturbate, the Bible never says the semen fluid itself is endowed with “energy” that gives us power. That kind of idea is steeped in New Age and Gnosticism. And here we have another serious, Spiritually dangerous issue with the semen retention community.

Neo-Gnosticism: Ancient Lies Repackaged for Today

As soon as people start talking about “energy,” Christians know to be suspicious. The Bible says nothing about “energy,” or about “transmuting” (converting) said energy. Ideas about “life energy” that can be harnessed and manipulated usually come from Eastern religions and spirituality. Not Christianity. But other Spiritual traditions that focus on “energy” are New Age and Gnosticism.

I’ve spoken about New Age before on this blog, but not Gnosticism. Gnosticism was a short-lived religious movement in the early post-Christ world. It was made up of many different and independent sects, and each Gnostic sect had their own beliefs. This means we can’t pick out certain beliefs and say “all Gnostics believed this,” because each sect was different. Augustine of Hippo wrote of the Manicheans. Besides them, there were also the Valentinians, the Sethians, and many more.

The only thing Gnostic sects had in common was they distorted the True teachings of the Gospels. They changed the Christian teachings of the New Testament as they saw fit. They added to the Gospels, they added their own content to the story of Jesus. They changed the message of who Jesus was and what He taught. This alone reveals their movement as having its origins in Satanic deception. And that’s even before we get into the belief some sects had that the way to Salvation was through gnosis (knowledge, self-knowledge) rather than Jesus. That mistaken belief is the exact same lie as the one the devil told Eve in Genesis 3.

Due to their geographical location, some Gnostic sects—like the Manicheans—mixed Christian theology with Eastern ideas. This makes sense because sects like the Manicheans were located between these two worlds in a place where the two belief systems could meet and mix. It could be through Gnostic sects like this that we get ideas such as “transmutation” of energy.

Transmutation is like converting energy. And in the semen retention community, the idea of transmuting our sexual energy is huge. When we conserve our semen long enough, we have a whole lot of it in our testes. That’s a whole lot of sexual “energy.” The semen retention community believes in transmuting this sexual energy into other kinds of energy by using it for other purposes. Instead of having sex we can be productive instead, and work on something creative.

That’s nice; there’s nothing wrong with using sexual energy to do something creative. But let’s be clear: Transmutation is a Gnostic idea, not a Biblical one. Though the LORD is pleased when we don’t disrespect our seed by spilling it, He also never said we can turn sexual “energy” into other kinds of “energy.”

Here again we see a problem. Semen retention is a healthy thing, with many advantages for men. And yet the info on semen retention and the community surrounding it is full of Gnosticism. People in this community openly cite Gnostic teachings. Don’t get it twisted: Gnosticism is satanic.

This reveals the danger of some of the beliefs floating around the semen retention community. Anyone who pokes around this community or studies the topic must exercise discernment. That’s unfortunate, because otherwise this would be a healthy community I could recommend to all men.

Here’s what it comes down to. Semen retention: Good. Gnosticism: Demonic.

And the result of the demonic deception these Neo-Gnostics are under is toxicity. It’s a toxicity rooted in this magical** belief in the supernatural power of semen, something never stated anywhere in the Bible. And this toxicity can produce negative impacts in the real world.

**Also don’t forget that magic, such as energy transmutation, is an abomination to the LORD. Many Gnostic texts are magical texts; many Gnostics were witches and magic-users. This again testifies to the demonic influence behind Gnosticism.

Self-Control Is the Superpower

Right now you may be wondering, “what could have motivated 99:9 to write this post today??” Well, not long ago I was poking around the semen retention community. And I came across something that highlighted the toxicity I’m talking about.

A young man wrote a post and he was beyond depressed. He was freaking out. He had slipped up and masturbated after over 250 days of semen retention; he lost a 250+ day streak. He said he wanted to kill himself!!

Now, it’s understandable to feel this kind of guilt and shame after losing a long streak. It’s understandable (but not helpful) to feel shame after breaking God’s Law. Yes, masturbation is a sin and the Bible does address it. It’s natural to feel bad about sinning. But with this young man I’m talking about, he was more upset because he was thinking he lost these magic powers. The improved focus, the energy, and blah blah blah.

He was so absorbed in this idea of semen retention giving him supernatural powers, he didn’t see the positive real-life changes he created for himself with his new habit. He didn’t see that he had cultivated so much self-control, he didn’t masturbate for more than 8 months. That’s a great feat he should have been proud of!! But instead he was freaking out over losing his imagined superpowers.

Listen up guys: The real superpower is the Self-Control, the Self-Discipline. Gnosticism has no answers, only lies. Stick with the Bible.

In 2 Timothy 1:7, the Word says that God has given us a Spirit of (among other things) Self-Control. That is our superpower—Holy Spirit Power.

(7) God didn’t give us a spirit that is timid but one that is powerful, loving, and self-controlled.

2 Timothy 1:7 (CEB)

Self-Control leads to a healthier life with less sin and more positive self-improvement. Self-Control empowers us to resist temptations that only offer short-term pleasure so we can pursue the LORD, who gives Eternal peace and contentment. Self-Control, part of the Holy Spirit Power, is what enables us to change our lives for the better, as God intended.

Don’t go looking for supernatural magic powers; Self-Control is our real-life superpower.

And in this hyper sexualized world where sexual imagery is everywhere, anyone who tries to control their sexual nature is a superhero. Anyone who rejects the constant sexual messaging in advertising, social media, entertainment, and everything else. Anyone who goes against the grain to reject today’s hyper sexualized world and pursue Spiritual Purity instead. Anyone who does this in today’s sex-crazed world is a superhero.

Even the best of these superheros will slip up sometimes; that’s human nature. No one can get it right all the time. But they’re superheros for trying, and they’re superheros for getting back up after failure and trying again. I hope the young man who was so distraught over losing his 250+ day streak will wake up to this fact.

All the positive benefits of nofap and semen retention lie in the Self-Control these habits build. Self-Control is a Biblical Virtue and it’s a good thing to cultivate any way we can. But that must be our only goal—cultivating the Virtue to honor the LORD. If we do nofap or semen retention in a quest for magical superpowers, we’ve gone way off track.

So don’t let Satan ruin a good thing. Both of these habits are good things for Christian men to do. But always be on the lookout for the Gnosticism and magical thinking that surrounds these online communities.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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2 comments on “Toxic Self-Improvement

  1. When one speaks of “energies” in relation to the human body, this does not necessarily have to be synonymous with reprehensible magical practices. Just think of acupuncture, homeopathy or TCM, all three of which also work primarily with body energies or with the body’s energy channels. The fact that energy (including the body’s own) can be redirected and/or converted has nothing to do with magic, but is a completely natural physical process. Water, for example, turns into ice or into steam, and it definitely gets other properties as a result, just as – basically very simple and un-magical – this is also possible with sexual energy.

    The fact that sexual energy is by far the strongest driving force in humans is undisputed. That men suddenly lose this sexual drive the moment they ejaculate as well. On the other hand, any psychologist should be able to confirm that an unused and stagnant energy potential can develop very unhealthy characteristics. Therefore, it is not only very possible, but even strongly advised for every man to use the energy of his own sexual drive to increase his own creative performance and/or physical activities instead of wasting it pointlessly through ejaculation.

    The fact that thousands of young men these days have succumbed to the downright absurd delusion that they would inevitably become the next Steve Jobs if they could only manage not to ejaculate for a week is solely due to the issue that with semen retention lots of money is made. Wherever money comes into play, lies come into play, too, and so these young men are told precisely the fairy tales of money, fame and sex that they want to hear, so they can continue to plunder them financially without mercy. However, one should not blame these young men for their naivety, because the evil and sophisticated machinations of the semen retention industry are indeed very difficult to resist.

    In addition, the fact that all semen retention communities are probably heavily infested with Gnosticism and Taoism can only be described as more than regrettable, because this leads this extremely healthy lifestyle, which is advisable for every man, into demonic paths. When visiting these semen retention communities, one must always be very vigilant about what one reads or sees there, because at least 70% of that is actually highly dangerous heresies. False teachings that can be roughly summed up as New Age and that have been on the rise worldwide for decades. However, it is particularly striking that the topic of semen retention seems to be particularly affected.

    Nevertheless, every man (and of course especially us Christian men) can only be advised again and again to practice a long-term semen retention way of life – very much to his own advantage – and at the same time to refrain from sinful masturbation and/or from the demon of pornography altogether. This not only with regard to one’s own male sexual behavior in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, but also in particular in order to promote and permanently stabilize one’s own physical and mental health through a really long-term renunciation of ejaculation of one’s own physical strength.

    I can really only recommend every brother in spirit to simply ignore all the tiresome New Age nonsense that is rampant around the issue of semen retention – which is actually an extremely important topic for us men – and quite consciously, to experience for yourself how extremely powerful it actually feels not to have ejaculated for a whole of three months. The many positive changes that are initiated in the body as a result are really very significant, and they can all be fully explained by natural biological processes and connections.

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    1. 99:9 says:

      Amen friend. Very well said. Thank you for your comment.


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