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When we don’t feel His Love, we need to just know and remember His Love. We need to have Faith that it’s there, in the same way we know the sun is still there even when we can’t see it through the rain clouds.

Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another post.

Around when I wrote today’s post (which is about a month before the posts go live), I was having a hard time. As usual, I’ve been fighting a bitter and painful battle against my demons and sins. Shortly before I wrote this, things weren’t going so well. But by the day I finished the editing and scheduled this to go live, things were already much better. And hey, that’s life, isn’t it??

We all go through our ups and downs. And when it comes to demons and temptations, sometimes they hit us with a full-force assault, while sometimes they stay quiet and lurk in the shadows. But no one is guaranteed a life of all pain or all comfort. We’re all guaranteed a life with its ups and downs. Nothing lasts forever—good times or bad times, they all come to an end at some point.

I was reminded of that fact when it rained right when I wanted to go outside and do something. I was irritated by that at the time, but I was about to learn once again that nothing lasts forever. Not the rain, nor anything else in this temporary world. It’s something we can all too easily forget.

So that’s what today’s post is about. I pray my thoughts on the topic may be meaningful to some. Let’s get right into it.

It only Rains when I Have Plans ….

There’s a small pond, not far from me, where I like to swim. It’s not a secret place, but it is definitely ‘out of the way.’ It’s a local spot; you won’t find it on any maps.

Little off-the-map spots like this are one benefit to living in the rural countryside. They make for a great escape from the stress of life and a way to enjoy God’s beautiful creation, nature. And since it’s a local ‘backwoods’ spot that isn’t on the map, no government official can ever shut this place down for COVID—they don’t know it’s here!!

As I said, a few days before writing this I was feeling down and depressed. I have reason to believe this was a symptom of an attack by the Python spirit, but that’s not the subject of today’s post. I was feeling down, so I wanted to swim in the pond. So I went.

Right when I started out, it began to rain.

Yep, though the skies were clear and sunny only minutes before, now they were grey and cloudy. Rain was falling.

Without missing a beat I said, “It always rains whenever I want to do something.”

Yes, I felt the frustration of how it only seems to rain when it’s inconvenient to me. It doesn’t rain when I’m at home working, or running errands. It only rains right when I want to go somewhere or do something outside ….


Of course I knew right away that this statement didn’t match up with reality. I remembered past days, other experiences I’ve had going to the pond, and I knew that it doesn’t only rain when I want to do something. I have enjoyed many bright, sunny days swimming at this pond and going to many other places as well. God has blessed my rest days with beautiful weather many a time. Just not on this day, that’s all.

I knew it wasn’t true that it only rains when I want to do something. But it’s not a matter of knowing, is it?? On this day, that was how I felt. It’s an emotional matter, a Spiritual one.

And it’s also a function of our limited human perspective. It can be hard for us, with the narrow perception that comes from our human senses, not to focus on what’s right in front of us. It’s hard for us to think about something else besides whatever it is we’re going through at the moment. We, the human race, are a very “in the moment” and “in front of our eyes” species. What I mean by that is, we often look at what’s right in front of us and lose the bigger picture. I know I do.

God knows this weakness of ours, and He understands. But at times like this, when the present is painful, sometimes God tells us to look beyond that, and try to see the bigger picture (as much as a human can).

It Can’t Rain Forever

When we’re in pain, oftentimes all we can focus on is the pain. It takes up all our mental and emotional energy, and we can’t think of anything else. Our only goal becomes enduring, soothing, or ending the pain; nothing else matters, not even the good things we know we have in our life. This is one of the weaknesses of our corrupted human nature. Few things cloud our vision and perspective worse than pain—which of course includes emotional pain such as depression and so on.

Nothing distorts our view of the past, present and future like the PAIN of the present. Pain is the storm clouds that block and distort our view of the clear, sunny blue skies of God’s Love.

This isn’t my metaphor!! It comes from Sam Storms in his excellent book about feeling God’s Love, The Singing God.

Read what Sam Storms has to say:

God hasn’t stopped loving you. You may not see Him. But He hasn’t forgotten you.

When lingering storm clouds obscure the sun’s rays, we begin to wonder: “Will I ever feel its warmth again?” Then we remind ourselves of the laws of nature and wait expectantly for the skies to break. God’s love for you always shines bright. But if clouds of pain, rejection, and shame have for the moment blackened the sky, rest assured that gracious winds will again blow strong and the warmth of His passionate love will renew your once cold soul.

Sam Storms, The Singing God, Page 104

The cloud metaphor is an excellent one for showing how pain can block out our view of God’s Love. We don’t feel Loved by God when we’re in pain—we feel like we’re being punished for making God angry. So we don’t see or feel God’s Love, nor do we remember it.

But pain, like everything else in this world, is temporary. Unlike God, it won’t last forever. Emotions come and go, and so does pain. Like Sam Storms says, we’ll see and feel God’s Love clear as day when the storm clouds of pain blow away.

I was reminded of this fact the very same day, when I went swimming. I didn’t give up on going to the pond. I was already going to be swimming in water, so … what did some rain matter to me?? It’s not like adding rain makes it “too wet” to go swimming or anything like that. As long as the river feeding the pond didn’t get dangerously stronger, and as long as there wasn’t a thunderstorm, there would be no problem. So I stuck to my original plan and went swimming, in the rain.

As I expected, the rain didn’t bother me at all while I swam back and forth. I didn’t notice it. But I did notice when the rain stopped. It didn’t take too long. And not long after the rain stopped, the sky cleared up, and the sun shone down on me again in this beautiful swimming pond. I was so happy that I stuck to my original plan and didn’t give up on swimming out of discouragement. I was able to enjoy a nice, refreshing swim because the rain didn’t last long at all. But that’s how it goes, isn’t it??

Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain … sun. And on and on and on. That’s how it goes in this life, until the day we reunite with God in Eternity. Like rain, nothing lasts forever, including pain. It can’t rain all the time, and it’s the same in our lives too. If we’re in pain now, so much pain that we can’t feel or remember God’s Love for us, we need to endure through it and remember that it won’t last forever. The sun will come out again, soon enough. We know that to be true, because that’s how the world works.

When pain clouds our vision, we get trapped in the present pain and forget the past and future. We get tricked and think the pain won’t ever end. We forget about the good things in the past, or even the other good things in our life right now. We don’t see any hope for the future. This is a natural human tendency, one that comes from our limited perspective and human weakness. Don’t be ashamed of falling for these false thoughts when life is hard.

But don’t forget the truth either. The rain can’t last forever, and it won’t. Nothing lasts forever in this temporary world. God loves us all the time, even in the rain, though it’s hard to feel that when we’re in pain (we feel punished instead). When we don’t feel God’s Love through our pain, we need to draw strength from our Faith and keep on Hoping in the LORD. When we don’t feel His Love, we need to just know and remember His Love. We need to have Faith that it’s there, in the same way we know the sun is still there even when we can’t see it through the rain clouds.

We need to endure, keep going, keep swimming in the rain. And if we can do that, we may be pleasantly surprised when the rain doesn’t last nearly as long as we thought it would.

We can’t let the rain stop us from living our life, or feeling God’s Love for us. Though the rain clouds may block out the sun, we can’t let them cloud our vision.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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