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Anyway, Part 100 is a great time to take a look back and recap some of the things I’ve talked about till now.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Today I present another End Times post. And today is a very special post, because it’s Part 100 of this series!! Wow!!

Achieving Milestones and Show 100 Celebration | Busy Ladies

I’m very happy to be hitting this milestone on my blog. But first I must say thank You to the LORD and His Holy Spirit for helping me come up with topics and write this series.

Second, I want to thank You, the Readers. I’m very happy to see people reading the blog, and I’m pleased for each post getting a couple likes. I’m glad You like what I’m writing, and hopefully you’ll like what I create in the future even better. But thank You for visiting and supporting my blog. I really appreciate it.

I’ve down other series on my blog, like Cast Down Jezebel and Victory in Virtue. But Do Not Fear the End Times is my longest series by far at 100 posts. And God Willing, I’m going to keep going. So be sure to Subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a post!!

Anyway, Part 100 is a great time to take a look back and recap some of the things I’ve talked about till now. Here are a few of the main topics I’ve written about in Parts 50-100.

What if this Isn’t the End??

For a blog dedicated to reporting on the End Times, this is a strange topic to write about. Here at we take it on Faith that these are the End Times, and Jesus is soon to return. And yet, of course we must acknowledge that no one knows the day nor the hour of Christ’s return.

Of course it’s always possible that what’s happening in our world today is not a sign of the end, but only history repeating itself. Maybe instead of the Second Coming, we’re headed into another period of world-shattering global wars and depression. Maybe that will even be followed by a time of prosperity around the world; who knows.

Yes, a reasonable Christian will always at least admit that this is a possibility. But whether this really is The End or not, it makes no difference to us. We have our orders from Christ—we have to Love God, Love others, and evangelize to the people. That’s our job, so let’s be like the good Servants in Luke 12 and do it every day. We want the Master to find us doing our job when He returns, not slacking off!!

Some posts on this topic:

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 75: Is this the End, or a Repeat?

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 96: Looking Beyond The End???

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 97: Hey!! We still Have a Job to Do

False Prophets, and How to Not Be One

Deuteronomy 18:21-22 gives us a very simple test for revealing who is a false prophet.

When a person claims to be speaking a prophecy they got straight from the LORD, if even one thing they say does not come to pass, then they are a false prophet. They did not receive that prophecy from the LORD, but from Ba’al or another spirit of deception. Check out Deuteronomy 18 if this isn’t clear enough.

In other words: One Missed Prophecy = One False Prophet!!

This simple test for prophets seems to have been forgotten in some Christian circles though. Because there are too many “prophets” in evangelical circles saying all kinds of stuff that doesn’t come to pass. But their followers don’t call them out on it. We need to stick to Scripture, and call out false prophet behavior when we see it!! The consequences of not doing so are too harmful.

Some posts on this topic:

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 79: Video Recap: “Touching God’s ‘Anointed’: False Prophecies and the 2020 Election” by Melissa Dougherty

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 80: How God Speaks to Me

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 92: How to Avoid Being a False Prophet

The Law of Distraction and other New Age Nonsense

I’ll take any chance I can to poke holes in the “logic” of the Law of Distraction *cough* *ahem*, I mean the Law of Attraction. The dangerous deception behind this fad is essentially the same lie from Genesis 3—the lie that we can be gods ourselves. But as you can learn about in Part 98, this deception isn’t limited to the New Age movement. This Spiritually fatal deception has made it into some Christian churches too. So be educated about it, and be alert!!

But the Law of Attraction is not the only New Age idea infiltrating Christianity today. Some Christians are also embracing Eastern Spirituality, which is actually incompatible with Christian beliefs. Some Christians these days (and age is not a factor in this, like you may think) embrace Buddhism and yoga and other Eastern religious practices. But this is Spiritual adultery, and can’t be part of a Christian life. Again—be educated, and be alert for it!!

Check out these posts for more.

Some posts on this topic:

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 60: “Christian Buddhists” Are NOT Christians

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 61: Stretch, Move, Bow to False Gods

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 81: New Scammers, Same Scam

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 98: Whose Will Be Done??

The Job Miniseries

Within Do Not Fear the End Times, I also wrote a six-part “miniseries within a series.” This miniseries within a series doesn’t have a name, but it’s all about the Book of Job, and suffering. And suffering is a topic that’s very relevant today, in these painful End Times.

These End Times are painful. They’re horrible. There’s so much going wrong in the world. No one can deny the pain of the End Times. But when it comes to great suffering, the Book of Job has a lot to teach. We have many more reasons to Hope than to despair.

At the end of writing this miniseries within a series, I too fell into a pit of despair. It turned out, though, to be a Spiritual attack by the Python spirit or something similar. After the LORD rescued me from that attack, I was able to look back and analyze how the demon had attacked me. My firsthand account of being attacked by the Python spirit (or something like it) may be helpful and informative for others who suffer the same thing.

Some posts on this topic:

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 83: When We Feel like Job

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 84: No God = No Hope

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 85: Just Let it Be Over Already

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 86: Hold on Just a Little Longer ….

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 87: When Satan Gave Me a Beating in the Spirit

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 88: My Own “Job Moment”


The Q-Anon conspiracy movement is bad news. Spiritually, it’s all messed up. Christians (and everyone else for that matter) had best stay far away from it.

On the one hand I agree with Q-Anon that this world is ruled by a satanic power elite. The Bible tells us that this world is in the power of the devil. But it also tells us, in Revelation, that God will take out those evil people at the Final Hour. God—not us.

If only we could leave it at that, but we really can’t. We can’t because this conspiracy movement is ruining lives, tearing families apart, and in extreme cases even getting people killed. None of these things honor the LORD. God does not want all these families splitting up and turning against each other!! Strife is one of the things the LORD hates.

To add to that, Q-Anon has made a lot of predictions with very specific dates that did not come to pass. That makes them false prophets. It’s a shameful tragedy for families to be divided against themselves based on the lies of false prophets on the internet. This conspiracy movement is not Christian, does not honor the LORD, and must be opposed for the real harm they cause.

Check out these posts to learn some more.

Some posts on this topic:

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 69: January 6, 2021: The Siege on the New Testament

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 70: DemonicAnon

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 78: Trust the Plan, not the Internet

Do Not Fear the End Times Part 99: Conspiracies Taking Lives

Thank You for Reading My Blog!!

To close out I’d like to say: Thank You, Readers, for reading my blog!

I have to thank God first for getting me to the impressive milestone of 100 Do Not Fear the End Times posts. But I wholeheartedly and sincerely thank all You Readers as a close second!! I’m very happy to have you reading my blog. Your support makes all the difference to me and keeps me writing.

If you enjoy what you read here make sure to Subscribe to my FREE weekly newsletter using the link below, so that you’ll never miss a post!

I’m thrilled to reach 100 posts in Do Not Fear the End Times. Here’s looking forward to 100 more. I thank You for Your continued Readership and hope you’ll enjoy what’s coming up!!

Well that’s all for today. If you enjoyed today’s post, be sure to Subscribe using the link below. And please consider Supporting My Blog using the Tip Jar. Any amount is much appreciated!

Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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