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She shows how these theories harm the mentally unstable and socially isolated. In an ideal world they would be brought to a stop. But in this corrupted fallen world, it’s up to the people involved in these movements to understand the real harm they’re causing.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Today I present another End Times post.

Today I have another post about the Qanon conspiracy movement. Or at the very least, today’s topic seems connected to them. It has their “fingerprints” all over it, we could say.

I’ve written about Qanon before in Part 70 and Part 78. Give those a look if you want to learn some more about this disturbing Qanon movement.

Today I’ll be writing about a crime story that, like I said, has Q “written all over it.” The story is upsetting and some Readers will be disturbed by it. I urge you to use your discretion. Do not read today’s post if you are disturbed by stories of crime against children and murder.

If you’re still here, then let’s take a look at this sordid story and see what’s here. What happened, and is it connected to Qanon or not?? And if it is, what does it tell us about Qanon??

Spiraling Deeper into Paranoid Obsession

For my facts, I will be referring to this story in the Los Angeles Times entitled “Mother unraveled in depression, QAnon-style conspiracies in months before she killed 3 kids.” It was published April 17, 2021*** by Matt Hamilton and Richard Winton.

***(I’m writing this post around that date, so by the time this post goes live in May, new details in this case may have emerged).

This story is about a mother named Liliana Carrillo, who lives in a suburb of Los Angeles in the United States. By her own admission in a jailhouse interview, she claims to have drowned her three children (in April). She did this to “protect” them from child trafficking and pedophilia, which is a constant obsession of people in the Qanon conspiracy movement.

Let’s see what the Los Angeles Times reporting has to say.

Liliana Carrillo’s unraveling over the last year alarmed people in her life.

On Facebook, she spoke of “random invasive feelings of despair and pain.” She said she was “hating being a parent” to her brood of young children and wished she could go back in time.

More recently, she began to echo the delusion of QAnon believers. She was consumed by the idea that Porterville, Calif., was the site of a child sex-trafficking ring, according to court records, and contended that the blame for the pandemic rested on her shoulders.

I added the emphasis to this quote. It’s crucial to think about what the word “consumed” describes. That describes a person who is obsessively focused on something with all their being. This describes someone for whom their obsession becomes their entire reality. Let’s stop here, and think about what’s wrong with this.

Being obsessed about evil is never Jesus’ Will for us. The New Testament tells us to be aware of evil and be on the lookout for it, but it never tells us to be obsessed with evil. Jesus never told us to search for demons around every corner, or in every single person we meet. Jesus simply taught us by example to deal with demons when they show up. To expel them from their victims through Spiritual Warfare.

This is Spiritual, not physical, warfare. It leaves the victims of the demons physically unharmed. Other passages in the New Testament, like Ephesians 6:12 and 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 lay out the fundamentals of this warfare.

In Christ Jesus we have the Spiritual weapons we need to expel demons when we encounter them. And so, that’s what we do. But Jesus never taught us, by word or example, to be obsessed with finding demons and consumed with the battle against evil. We shouldn’t expect or search for them everywhere, in everyone. If we did, that would be unbalanced. And Jesus was not unbalanced, that’s not what we see in the story of His life.

In Liliana Carrillo’s story, we can see what can happen when our life and mind gets unbalanced to such an extent. She lived in a paranoid nightmare reality where she saw evil all around her, and nothing else. That’s like living in hell on earth. Which is ironic, because people wrapped up in the Qanon conspiracy believe they’re fighting the devil and his agenda. But in the end, they only become more of his victims.

Moving on, we see the tragic consequences of Carrillo’s obsession with evil, pedophilia, and sex trafficking rings.

She saw this evil everywhere she looked as her mental state unraveled. Imagine how it must have felt in her head. She couldn’t think of anything else. And when she looked at her kids, she jumped to the demonically-inspired conclusion they were better off dead than alive. She reached this faulty conclusion because of her obsession, which was preyed upon by the demonic spirits intertwined with Qanon (and other such conspiracies).

The article describes how Carrillo’s mental health steadily unraveled. The father and others tried to protect the children. But we already know what happened next. They were too late—she drowned her children to “protect” them from sex trafficking.

Last month, the situation got gravely worse. She started making wild allegations of child abuse, according to court records. Social workers and police in two counties got involved. The children’s father, Erik Denton, convinced a judge to award him physical custody of their three children, saying Carrillo was experiencing a psychotic episode and he feared for the kids’ well-being.

Last weekend, a day before Denton said Carrillo was to turn the children over to him, her mother discovered the three grandchildren dead in the Reseda apartment they shared. In an extraordinary television interview from a Bakersfield jail on Thursday, Carrillo confessed to killing the kids, saying she was trying to protect them from sex trafficking.

“I drowned them,” she said, claiming she did so “softly.” She added, “I hugged them and I kissed them and I was apologizing the whole time.”

“Do I wish that I didn’t have to do that? Yes,” Carrillo said. “But I prefer them not being tortured and abused on a regular basis for the rest of their lives.

Carrillo was stuck in a living hell of paranoia and conspiracy theories. The world she was in did not match up with reality. The further she got sucked into this alternate world, the more desperate she got. And it was this self-perpetuating alternate reality that finally drove this disturbed woman to commit the atrocity of triple murder.

Trapped in an Alternate Reality

One thing that makes this story sadder than it already is, is that people were trying to get Carrillo help the whole time. She went to therapy, but quit that and instead turned to marijuana. Marijuana can agitate conditions like schizophrenia in people who struggle with such issues. So turning to marijuana for healing was not the answer.

During this time, he said in court papers, Carrillo’s depression worsened. Although she started therapy, she abruptly quit and refused psychiatric medications, instead turning to marijuana. In 2020, while pregnant with their third child, Carrillo indicated in a text message to Denton that she was “on the verge of so many emotions at once” and thus was going to smoke some pot.

The father went to court, desperate to get custody of his children. He declared in court that Carrillo and her mental health continued to decline. She was going deeper and deeper into her alternate reality. Her obsession with a pedophilia and sex trafficking ring was ruling and ruining her life.

This obsession even led her to claim sexual abuse for an injury their daughter received, even though Carrillo herself saw that injury happen on the playground, and knew it wasn’t sexual abuse. This extreme disconnect from the world and the facts of her own life shows how sick she had become. She was now completely detached from reality, unable to accept something she saw with her own eyes.

“Her condition has worsened; she is not taking care of herself and has lost touch with reality,” he said in a declaration filed in court, listing her impulsive behavior, such as a fixation on the idea that those around her in Porterville were engaging in pedophilia and sex abuse.

An incident at a Porterville park appeared to catalyze Carrillo in an intense way. In mid-February, their eldest daughter, Joanna, fell and hit her groin at a playground. Although Carrillo witnessed it, and afterward Denton said their daughter “was acting normally without complaint,” Carrillo accused Denton of “being a part of a pedophile ring” and allowing someone to molest their daughter.

A visit to Valley Presbyterian Hospital three days later resulted in a physician not identifying “any concerning signs or symptoms” in Joanna, according to medical records provided to The Times.

Finally, Carrillo murdered her three children on April 10, 2021. Part of her final message confirms more about her paranoia and obsession. She felt she was being targeted, and that her town was the root of all evil. She destroyed the precious lives of her three children over her paranoid obsession.

In the very early morning hours of April 10, Carrillo tapped out a message to an unnamed judge along with several media outlets.

“I don’t know when I became a target, but I know that Porterville is the root of all evil right now. Both of my children have now vocalized to me more than once that their private parts hurt,” she said. She positioned herself as protecting the kids.

I am removing myself and my children from this world because nothing will ever be the same. There is no going back from here,” she wrote.

Hours later, Carrillo’s mother discovered the three slain children in the apartment in Reseda.

Now, once again, nothing in this story explicitly says “Qanon.” But Qanon’s “fingerprints” are all over this tragedy. With more lives being lost, it’s time for everyone to be clear and honest about the evil of this mass delusion.

The Harm Is Real

Carrillo had a paranoid obsession with child sex trafficking and pedophilia. This obsession is exactly what the Qanon conspiracy movement is also obsessed with. That’s why I say Carrillo’s story has Qanon’s “fingerprints” all over it.

Pay attention to the details we hear about Carrillo in this news story. It seems that she was unstable and mentally ill even before Qanon came around. It appears she had mental health problems long before this.

The fact she got so hooked on conspiracy theories that they dragged her into an alternate reality shows how these conspiracies are so deadly for the mentally ill. Mentally unstable, stressed, and socially isolated people are the ones who latch on to these theories with the most energy.

Conspiracy theories, like Qanon, prey on vulnerable people like this. It’s offensive to me then that Qanon makes such a big deal of its ‘Christian’ overtones. There’s nothing Christian about preying on the vulnerable!!

Listen to the story of Carrillo’s life and her worsening mental state. Imagine what she must have been feeling, convinced that everyone around her was a satanic pedophile targeting her and her family. She must have experienced a living hell of paranoia, fear, and obsession. I’m not excusing her actions at all. But I do recognize that going through life like that would be living hell.

What’s most evil here is that this living hell was created for her by the conspiracy theories (Q or otherwise). Again, not excusing her actions, but in some real sense she was a victim of conspiracy theories. And someone vulnerable like her never stood a fair chance against it.

It’s God’s Will that we live in reality, not an alternate reality. Carrillo was obsessed with an evil alternate reality that isn’t how things are. She saw evil everywhere, including where it wasn’t.

This shows the evil of any obsession. Jesus and the Bible teach us to be on the lookout for evil, to be aware of it. They teach us to oppose evil when we find it. But they never teach us to be obsessed with it and hunt for it everywhere, in every person. This fallen world is corrupted and full of sin everywhere. And yet, it’s still not Jesus’ Will for our lives that we live in a living hell of paranoia and obsession. That’s unbalanced, and He wants more for us.

We must oppose evil, but we must never obsess over it. That’s not what Jesus taught us. Obsession is unbalanced.

Qanon and/or other conspiracy movements (it’s unclear which was involved in this case) are sinning and causing incredible harm by preying on unstable people like Liliana Carrillo. We’ll never know if she would have done this horrible thing under other circumstances. But let’s be honest—it’s clear that the conspiracy theories made her even more obsessed and unstable than she already was.

She shows how these theories harm the mentally unstable and socially isolated. In an ideal world they would be brought to a stop. But in this corrupted fallen world, it’s up to the people involved in these movements to understand the real harm they’re causing.

The shocking case of Liliana Carrillo is a crystal clear example of how terrible that harm can be. Three precious lives were taken, while even more lives have been changed forever. Things will never be the same for the people involved here, and for those who love them. How does any of this honor God?? Qanon claims to want to “protect the children,” but in this case it got them killed.

How many more lives will be lost before those stuck in the Qanon delusion wake up, and realize what they’ve really been involved in??

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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