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So they don’t pray: “LORD, Thy Will be done.” They only pray: “Be healed in Jesus’ name!! It’s already done!!” They’re praying for their will only with no thought whatsoever for what God’s Will could be in the situation

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Today I present another End Times post.

“Do as thou wilt.” That despicable self-centered phrase is the essence of modern satanism. Sometimes it comes disguised in other phrasing, like “freedom in action” and so on. But the meaning is always the same: “Do what you want. Whatever you want, whenever you want. Do whatever makes you feel good. You are the judge, you decide what to do. Not God.”

This attitude is of course the same Prideful thinking that got Lucifer kicked out of Heaven. Doing whatever we want without ever thinking of God, His Word, or His Authority means we’re exalting our will above God’s Will. It means we reject what God wants and never pursue it, choosing to only pursue what we want. Which is almost always temporary, momentary pleasures, entertainments, and distractions. These things can be varying levels of sinful. But one thing they have in common is they don’t bring us closer to God (despite what we may have been deceived to believe).

End Times Part 40, entitled “I Will” Vs. “Thy Will,” was all about this. Please go check out that post for more.

But let’s be clear that exalting our own will above God’s Will is satanism. It’s a grave sin to reject what God wants to pursue what we want, when we want it. Satan did the exact same thing once. Didn’t end well for him.

So why rehash this topic today?? It’s important to be aware because this sinful idea can creep into Christianity too if we’re not careful. And in the End Times, it already has. The demonic deception of the Law of Attraction and other types of witchcraft that are rampant in the End Times have infected Christian churches and misled the believers. And now there are many Christians who believe they can bend reality to their will through their prayers. Let’s be clear—believing or doing that is witchcraft.

To find out more, today let’s take another look at YouTube and see what others are saying.

Our Prayers Can’t Make Us Gods

I know I’ve introduced a few videos from Melissa Dougherty on this blog. She’s not the only channel I watch, but she does talk about specific topics that are of great interest to me—like New Age or bad Christian theology like prosperity “gospel”—so it’s inevitable that I would link her videos many times. Of course what’s more important than her speaking on the topics that interest me is that she’s grounded in Scripture and preaches sound doctrine. If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t link her videos here.

What Christian YouTubers do you like to watch, Reader?? Link your favorites in the comments.

But today’s video comes from another Christian YouTuber, Allen Parr. His channel is called THE BEAT by Allen Parr. Please go check out his channel. In fact, today’s video is Allen Parr interviewing Melissa Dougherty on his channel.

And in this video, they spend a lot of time talking about New Age, the Law of Attraction, “manifesting,” and “creating our own reality.” And they talk about these beliefs infiltrating Christianity too. The video is an hour long (but it has timestamps so you can jump around), but I definitely suggest checking it out!!

New Age, Charismatic, Prosperity “Gospel” and Word of Faith Movement with Melissa Dougherty

They start talking about how prosperity ‘gospel’ is like the Law of Attraction at 34:05.

But I’m not going to ask you to watch an hour-long video to get the point. Let me come out and say it, although I still urge you to watch the video interview because it’s great.

As Christians, when we pray to God we pray for God’s Will to be done, not our own. Of course we ask Him for things we would like, for example, for a loved one to heal from an illness. We pray to God for healing for our loved one, praying that it’s God’s Will they be healed. So far so good ….

But what if we start believing that if we keep praying only for what we want … that what we want will happen?? This is where the sins start. There are Christians who mistakenly believe they have the power to create any outcome they desire through prayer. In other words, that they have the power to pray their own reality of their liking into existence.

So they don’t pray: “LORD, Thy Will be done.” They only pray: “Be healed in Jesus’ name!! It’s already done!!” They’re praying for their will only with no thought whatsoever for what God’s Will could be in the situation. And if someone ever says “but let Your Will, not mine, be done” then the other Christians who mistakenly believe these New Age-inspired deceptions about prayer will attack that person, saying they need to “have Faith” in the desired outcome and that it will happen. If they think anything negative then it won’t happen.

In other words, it’s that same old belief that we have Godlike powers and can create our own reality through our thoughts and emotions. We have to be crystal clear on any idea like this: It’s witchcraft!!

It’s the Law of Attraction, repackaged in a Christian wrapper. On the inside it’s still the same sinful philosophy that we can be like God and have/do/create anything we want. It leads us into the sinful, prideful, self-exalting mindset of exalting and pursuing our will over God’s. It leads us into “do as thou wilt.”

Remember the very first lie the devil told the world in Genesis 3. He told Eve that we can be like God ourselves. That was a demonic lie, and it led to the fall, for which we are all still paying the consequences today. The Law of Attraction or any teaching that we can be like God and create our own reality through our thoughts … it’s the same old lie. Only with a new package for the modern era.

If we have a firm grounding in Scripture, we will be able to recognize these lies when we hear them. Even if it comes from the pastor at a church. If we don’t read our Bible every day, we won’t have the knowledge we need to recognize these deceptions when we hear them.

Sometimes We’ve Got to Suffer

Sometimes God’s Will is not what we would have wanted. Sometimes it’s God’s Will that a person does not actually get better, but returns to God. And sometimes this happens even after desperate, repeated, fervent prayer. It even happens after fervent group prayer in which a whole church takes part.

If it’s not God’s Will for a person to be healed (or any other good outcome), then it’s simply not going to happen. And that’s it. There’s nothing we can do about it besides accepting it because it’s God’s Will. He knows what’s best and can see the big picture of every person’s life, the big picture that we can’t see. He knows what’s best for a person’s life, and when it’s somebody’s time to return to Him.

And if nothing else, God gives every person every breath in their body. So when God says it’s time to go … who are we to argue with God?? And what could arguing with Him possibly achieve?? When He says it’s time, it’s time. We have to remember that in the end, it’s God’s Will that will always be done here on earth.

Sam Storms talks about this in his book, The Singing God. It’s an amazing, excellent book that I’m reading right now. I’ll definitely write a review of it for The Christian Book Corner when I’m done. But in the book he mentions how his church has prayed for healing for people many times. Sometimes God gives the healing. Sometimes He doesn’t, and the person dies. But God’s Will is done in every case. And Sam and his church just keep on praying every time, because that’s what God expects of us.

I believe in divine healing. I believe that God’s love for us can be expressed in His decision to grant bodily healing, either in part or in whole, of both organic and functional physical maladies. Whether or not God chooses to heal us rests on His decision, not our demands.

In our church we pray regularly for the sick. We lay hands on those who are afflicted, we anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord, and we ask that God’s healing touch restore these to full and robust health. We have seen several people miraculously healed as a result. We have seen others die. But we will continue to pray both expectantly and submissively, because that is what God tells us to do (James 5:13-18).

Sam Storms, The Singing God, Pages 84-85

When we get a sad outcome to our prayers that we didn’t want, we have to accept it as God’s Will. That does not mean we have to be happy about it!! We are justified in being sad, angry, and so on because these tragedies are sad and infuriating.

But what we can’t do is live a Christian life of pursuing only our will of good outcomes, all the time. And we can’t look at prayer as a method of getting whatever we want from God. That’s not what prayer is for. And Christians who are well-grounded in Scripture will understand that.

Jesus’ own example teaches us how we must submit to God’s Will, even when we don’t want it. Jesus prayed in the Garden to be spared his crucifixion. He didn’t want it. But He said “Thy Will be done, not mine,” and He submitted to God. And that is what we all must do, in every situation, even when it’s painful and tragic. If Jesus the perfect Son of God could not be spared suffering then neither can we. Sometimes we must accept what we don’t want, when it’s God’s Will.

(39) Then he went a short distance farther and fell on his face and prayed, My Father, if it’s possible, take this cup of suffering away from me. However—not what I want but what you want.

Matthew 26:39 (CEB)

So pay attention!! Be alert!! Read the Bible and be on the lookout for deceptive teachings!!

Prayer is not a method for getting whatever we want, whenever we want it. Prayer is not a way for us to create our own reality through our thoughts, words, and emotions.

No, prayer is our holy connection to God. Prayer is our precious way to speak with Him, not our way to get whatever we want from Him.

Creating our own reality is witchcraft. Being God or having godlike powers is a demonic lie, a new version of the same lie the devil told Eve in Genesis 3.

In the End Times we are surrounded by deception. Stay in God’s Word and learn to recognize it in whatever outward form it takes. Don’t engage with it, and challenge it when found. Because the “Christian version” of the Law of Attraction is still witchcraft, and still demonic no matter how it appears or who’s teaching it.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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