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Do you see how one hook led to the next?? It wasn’t enough for Satan that I should be hooked by this woman’s unBiblical beliefs and neo-pagan Spirituality. He needed to feed me more deceptions, so I would wander even farther from God.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Today I present another End Times post.

Today’s post is based on my personal experience. It’s not a personal post (and it doesn’t go into detail), but it’s based on my life two years ago. In 2019 I was deceived and lost in the doctrines of demons, New Age, and so on.

One thing this taught me about deception is that once Satan gets us hooked with the first lie, he keeps feeding us more and more. He keeps leading us farther away from God, farther into sin. He’s not content to deceive us with one demonic lie, he feeds us every lie he can.

This is how the devil works. He tries to get as many of his hooks in us as he can, to drag us down as low as we can go. It’s a “slippery slope” situation, and very dangerous. So let me tell you a little about my experiences from two years ago, and how Satan makes one lie lead to another.

I Was Lost

In 2019, I was heavily deceived and lost in the demonic New Age deception. I was practicing the Law of Attraction (the law of distraction!!) and stuff like that. I believed that Jesus was one of the “ascended masters,” a group of great teachers such as Buddha, etc., who were all equal. And I believed many other deceptions too. These Spiritually fatal demonic lies are very popular now, in the End Times. They’re being fed to countless people including many Christians.

My belief in Christ, God, and myself was was all messed up and thoroughly sinful. I had listened to the doctrines of demons, demonic lies, and I had been deceived. I thank Jesus for pulling me out of that deception, Saving me and bringing me back to His Truth.

In part I was deceived because of a woman I was involved with in 2019. She introduced me to many of the ideas and deceptions I mentioned above. But I can’t blame her for my involvement with New Age. Yes, she may have introduced me to much of it, but the choice to go along with it was mine. Our choices are always our own; we’re always in control of our own actions. Falling so deep in the New Age deception was my own fault.

If I had been walking with God and renewing my mind with the Word of God (which I was not doing in 2019), I would have recognized these evil, demonic false beliefs for what they are. I would have been prepared to resist them. But without a relationship with God, I was on my own. I followed this woman instead of Jesus, and I fell for everything the devil threw my way.

And that’s what I want to talk about today: How the devil throws traps in our path. Because he doesn’t hit us with only one deception, only one temptation. Oh no … once he gets his hooks in us, he starts hitting us with everything he’s got.

The Devil’s “Double Traps”

The devil isn’t content to leave us with one deception, one temptation, one addiction. He wants to trap us as deep in sin, deception, and suffering as he can. He wants to take us as far away from Christ as he can, so it becomes ever harder in our minds for us to go back to Christ when we realize how far we’ve fallen. (But this idea of course is another deception, because if we turn back to Christ He will reach back out to us, no matter where we are.)

Anyway, when the devil seeks to pull us away from God and into sin, he first has to get his hooks and snares in us. He does this by feeding us an initial lie, deception, temptation, addiction, and so on. He entices us with these things. If we take the bait, and Satan gets us to indulge in that temptation or believe that lie, he will keep feeding us more and getting more of his hooks in us.

Let me tell you how it went down in my life, in 2019.

In retrospect, I can say Satan’s first hook was this woman I mentioned. She enticed me from the moment I met her. Physically she was very beautiful and sexy, which attracted me to her from the start. Spiritually, she was fascinating to me at the time. She appeared to be deeply Spiritual, but it was clear she wasn’t Christian (though she did know the Bible).

I was so interested in her Spiritual life. She meditated, did yoga, and other things like that. She also built an altar in her home and interacted with “the universe” or “the supreme being” by speaking affirmations to it every day. This was basically prayer, for her. All these Spiritual things she was doing, they were new and interesting to me. They were more interesting to me at the time than “regular” Christianity.

So I kept asking her about her Spiritual life and we enjoyed talking about it. This is how I was then introduced to the Law of Attraction. Once I’d been hooked by this woman, I was crazy about her, I wanted to be doing everything she was doing. Well the Law of Attraction is a demonic deception. It’s a literal doctrine of demons and interacting with “the universe” or “supreme being” through LOA is interacting with Satan. (I’ve written about LOA before, in Part 81, Part 35, and another post called “The Law of Narcissism.” Check those posts out for more on the Law of Attraction.)

Do you see how one hook led to the next?? It wasn’t enough for Satan that I should be hooked by this woman’s unBiblical beliefs and neo-pagan Spirituality. He needed to feed me more deceptions, so I would wander even farther from God. After hitting me with the first deceptions, now Satan had me interacting with him every day through the demonic Law of Attraction, which is witchcraft. One deception led to the next. It was a “double trap.” And it kept going.

When we’re on a path of deception leading to Satan, the devil will keep putting more and more traps in our path. He will introduce people and things into our lives that are bad for us. And that happened with me in 2019. After getting into the Law of Attraction, I kept going further astray and Satan was eager to help with that.

I decided that I wanted to meet more people and do more activities, be more social. Well that’s a good desire, yes?? But Satan takes our good desires and resolutions and ruins them. I looked online for activities to join, and the first thing I found happened to be a kundalini yoga meditation group. Since I was already into LOA and other evil things, this group appealed to me. I joined up, and started doing kundalini meditation.

Kundalini is an actual demon, and by interacting with it I was bowing to a false, demonic god (little ‘g’). (As for yoga, I wrote about the true nature of that in Part 61. I suggest you check that out if you want to learn more about why yoga is bad.) I suffered heavy Spiritual consequences for this and was demonized by it. I needed deliverance after I left New Age and so on (which is a story of its own, for another day).

On top of LOA I was stuck in another layer of deception—bowing to kundalini, which is an actual demon. One thing had led to another to another to another. After getting me hooked with the first deception, Satan had misled me all the way to bowing to demons and interacting with his kingdom every day. He did this by constantly putting new traps in my path, always getting more hooks in me.

When we’re on that path of deception that leads to sin, Satan does everything he can to keep us on it. That includes putting certain people in our path who will mislead us further, or introducing new blasphemies to our lives. It keeps going and going and going, a slope that becomes more slippery all the time.

Satan traps us with as many sins and deceptions as he can. He doesn’t only put one hook in us, no, that’s not good enough. He doesn’t use only one trap, he doesn’t use only two. He uses every trap he’s got in his arsenal. He puts so many hooks in us to reel us so far away from God, it feels like we can never go back.

Stay Spiritual, Stay Alert

Feels like I haven’t finished my story, right?? Well the story of how Jesus saved me from that woman, the New Age deception, kundalini, and more is a story for another time. That’s my testimony, which I will tell one day.

I must point out that everything I talked about today—one demonic deception leading to more deceptions—applies to temptations and addictions too. Satan also double traps us through those.

Take drinking, for example. Many people combine drinking with smoking cigarettes. They form a strong connection in their brain between the two vices, so every time they indulge in one vice, they also want the other. This is another example of a demonic double trap. Even one of these vices is harmful to our health. If the demons can trap us in both vices, that’s even better for them because we do more damage to our body, which is holy, made in God’s image and is a temple for the Holy Spirit. The demons will lead us as far down the path of harmful self-destruction as we will go with them.

So how do we stay out of these traps??

In the case of deception traps, we need to renew our minds with the Word of God, every day. I probably would not have fallen for so many of the deceptions if I had a strong foundation of Bible knowledge at the time. When we neglect our relationship with God for any reason, we’re out there in a dangerous Spiritual world with no Spiritual protection. God leaves us to our folly, until we wake up and turn back to Him.

In the case of addiction and temptation traps, we need to have Self-Discipline about denying the flesh and recognizing what’s good for us and what isn’t. We need to desire the good things, and kill off our desire for the bad. Satan can’t tempt us with things we don’t like. I don’t like drinking alcohol, for example, so Satan can’t tempt me with that. But he can tempt me with other vices.

By building Self-Discipline in our life, being Spiritual and following God, and enjoying fellowship with other believers, over time we will break free from the temptation traps. But first we must stop desiring those bad things; we must fix our desires and crave the good things of God.

But no matter how strong we become, we always need to be on the lookout for Satan’s traps. He will trap us any way he can. And one trap leads to another, to another, to another like I explained. We can’t fall for even one!! If we do, we’re already in big trouble. Scripture says it best. BE SOBER, BE ALERT. SATAN IS ALWAYS ON THE PROWL (1 Peter 5:8).

So watch out for his traps, and stay clear of them!!!

(8) Be clearheaded. Keep alert. Your accuser, the devil, is on the prowl like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

1 Peter 5:8 (CEB)

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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