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The only fear we should ever have is a healthy fear of the LORD, the one who can destroy both body and soul. Everything else can only kill our body, and then they can’t do any more, they can no longer harm us. They’re nothing to be afraid of.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Today I present another End Times post.

Today’s post is shorter than normal, but I feel like writing shorter posts for awhile. I’m trying to change up my writing a bit, trying out some new things. Short posts are nice too, right? So I’m just going to try this out for awhile and see how it goes.

Today’s post is on a topic I’ve written about a few times before, but can never be repeated enough. To sum it up in the fewest words, that topic would be: Do Not Fear the End Times. Yes, the title of this 96-part series, and one of my guiding philosophies now.

I got the idea to write on this topic again after doing some doom scrolling. Yeah, doom scrolling. Do you know what it is?? It’s like scrolling through endless bad news on your phone, and your mood is affected because all you’re looking at is bad news the whole time. One story after another.

My most recent doom scrolling session confirmed something I already had in mind: “Yep, things are pretty bad out there.” But then it hit me that even if that’s the case, what does it matter?? If we have Faith in Jesus, we have eternal life after we die, and none of our problems here on earth will matter anymore. If we have Jesus, we have the ultimate Hope. So what’s there to be afraid of??

Nothing. Do Not Fear the End Times. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again.

This Looks like it ….

Here’s some of what Jesus says in Matthew 24 when He warns us about the Great Suffering in the End Times:

(7) Nations and kingdoms will fight against each other, and there will be famines and earthquakes in all sorts of places. (8) But all these things are just the beginning of the sufferings associated with the end. […] (21) There will be great suffering such as the world has never before seen and will never again see. (22) If that time weren’t shortened, nobody would be rescued. But for the sake of the ones whom God chose, that time will be cut short.

Matthew 24:7-8, 21-22 (CEB)

Wars, famines, natural disasters. Well … are we there yet?? Is this Great Suffering now beginning?? That’s the question on many people’s minds.

No one can deny the world looks like it’s falling apart, and society could collapse any year now. We’ve got wars and rumors of war, famines, natural disasters everywhere. Unrest, strife, and anger are on the rise all over the world. People are divided and getting ready to battle their neighbor rather than loving them. Things are bad right now. Real bad.

And countless people around the world are going through intense suffering like they never have before. Many of them see no way out of it, and are desperate for relief. The world’s situation is dire, and although not everyone realizes or wants to acknowledge it, the planet is on the brink.

Well no one knows the day nor the hour of Christ’s return of course (Matthew 25:13). But Jesus said we will know the season. We can look at the events in the world and see the signs of The End.

(32) “Learn this parable from the fig tree. After its branch becomes tender and it sprouts new leaves, you know that summer is near. (33) In the same way, when you see all these things, you know that the Human One is near, at the door.

Matthew 24:32-33 (CEB)

Some people might look at the world today and say that no, it’s not The End. That these are not the End Times we’re living in. And that’s fine, they can believe that if it’s their true belief, no problem there. The Bible tells us that many people won’t believe and will be taken by surprise on that awful day. As for me and others, we take it on Faith that this is The End, and that Jesus is coming back soon. It’s a matter of Faith.

But back to the topic. When they think about The End of the world, some people feel nothing but fear and anxiety. They focus on the physical suffering aspects, and they don’t want to suffer a painful death (who does?). They focus on civilization as we know it ending, and don’t want to even consider that their comfortable and routine life could come to an end. That all the services, conveniences, and technology they rely on could stop functioning. This is a kind of social collapse scenario that we can easily assume will come along with this Great Suffering.

If anyone fears The End of the world, that’s quite understandable. It’s no mystery why they would fear it. But fearing The End also reveals a focus on the wrong things. Someone who fears The End is focusing on the pain of the Great Suffering and losing their life. They’re also focused on the unknowns—such as what happens if society collapses—which can cause fear. But these unknowns are the wrong things to focus on too. We need to focus on Jesus, His Words, and the Promise of the Gospel. We need to focus on Jesus now, and not the things that cause fear.

Because Jesus is the answer to all our fears. Jesus is our Hope, Salvation, and relief—in the pain of the End Times, we must focus on Him.

Focus on the Hope

This is something I’ve said many times on my blog. But it never hurts to repeat it, since it can never be said enough.

Jesus is our Hope, our Salvation, our Promise. Whoever believes in Him will not die, but live forever (John 3:16; John 11:25-26). Though we will die here on earth, and leave these bodies behind, it doesn’t matter. Nothing that happens to us here on earth, no matter how bad, can compare to the glory that will be revealed in us (Romans 8:18). After we die here on earth, we will leave these corrupted physical bodies behind and receive our true, exalted Spiritual bodies. It will be glorious, and anything we suffered on earth won’t matter at that point.

If we have Faith in Jesus, we have Hope. We need not fear the pain of the End Times, or even death itself. When we die on earth we will be reunited with Him and live forever. All we need to do is have Faith in Him, confess our sins to Him and REPENT!, and follow Him for as much time as we have left in this world.

As long as we do that, we know everything will be alright. We know, because God Promises it, that we will have eternal life in Heaven reunited with the LORD. All our unfulfilled desires will be met. We will no longer have physical bodies that decay and die. We will no longer suffer thirst, hunger, loneliness, or any of the other torments that afflict us here on earth. Our whole existence will be peace, joy, and fulfillment, for all eternity.

So what’s there to be afraid of??

Nothing to Fear

Do Not Fear the End Times. I can never say that enough. No matter what’s going on in the world, Do Not Fear the End Times.

As the months and years go by, we’re going to see this world deteriorate even further. We’re going to see more murders, more injustice, more hate, more rage. More hunger, more poverty, more suffering. And more natural disasters of all kinds, occurring in all parts of the world.

Do Not Fear the End Times!!

We must stand firm in our Faith, and remember the Hope Jesus offers us for free, if only we’ll have Faith in Him. This Hope is eternal, and will outlast any calamity we suffer here in this fallen, corrupted world. The Hope of Jesus is greater than any suffering we could ever face. We must stay focused on Jesus, not on the fears, not on the unknowns.

The only fear we should ever have is a healthy fear of the LORD, the one who can destroy both body and soul. Everything else can only kill our body, and then they can’t do any more, they can no longer harm us. They’re nothing to be afraid of.

(28) Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

Matthew 10:28 (CEB)

We must stay focused in these End Times. Things look bad now, but they’re sure to get worse. But no matter what happens, if we set our focus on Jesus, we have Hope, not fear. No suffering of ours can compare with the glory that will be revealed in us in eternity.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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