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But, after reading all that New Age deception, I knew this author had nothing to teach. All I would learn from these pages was dangerous error, inspired by the lies of Satan’s kingdom. That’s of no value to me, and not worth my precious reading time.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Today I present another End Times post.

If you’re a regular Reader you know I love to read. I’ve written many blog posts about books, and my previous post is about a science book I read recently. Though I focus on Christian books, I make sure to get some variety. Variety is good, but that doesn’t mean all books are good.

I recently started up a new book, but put it down after one day. I quit, I stopped reading it. Was it too boring or something? No, actually it was pretty interesting. But Spiritually, it was all messed up. And that’s what I couldn’t tolerate.

We need to be very discerning about what we consume and engage with during the End Times. Remember that demonic deception is everywhere. Not all content is Spiritually OK and safe for us to consume. So let me tell you about this book (I won’t name it or the author) that I stopped after one reading session.

They Have Nothing to Teach

I put down a book, before I was done with it. I quit reading after two chapters.

And that’s a very unusual thing for me to do, as I like to finish the books that I start. Even books that weren’t as good as I’d hoped, I still keep reading till the end. Even if they bore me.

Since making reading a regular life habit two years ago, I’ve read fifty books. And I haven’t abandoned a single one halfway; I read each one to the last page. But this book I quit the other day, which I won’t name … this was something different.

I didn’t want to put it down, but I knew I had to. What I thought would be a Christian book was actually New Age. Which means it was inspired by demons.

It’s one thing when a book I expected to be interesting turns out to be boring. It’s something else when a book that claims to be Christian is actually full of New Age deception.

Since the author explained their background in the first few chapters, they themselves revealed where they were coming from. Despite claiming Christianity, it was blatant that where they were coming from was the New Age deception. They wrote about their involvement with psychics, astral travel, being a Spirit medium able to see the “other side,” and following guidance from “good” aliens who were at war with “bad” aliens (which they had also encountered).

And all this came out in the first two chapters (which is where I stopped)!!

The poor author shows they don’t even know they’ve been deceived by Satan’s kingdom because they say they’re Christian while also casually writing about being involved in all these things forbidden in Scripture. That was sad to see.

But, after reading all that New Age deception in the first two chapters, I knew this author had nothing to teach. All I would learn from these pages was dangerous error, inspired by the lies of Satan’s kingdom. That’s of no value to me, and not worth my precious reading time.

And that was too bad, because the book was on a topic in demonology that I’m interested in: The shadow people.

Doing it Wrong

Although I wanted to know about the shadow people, I knew I couldn’t learn about them from someone stuck in the New Age deception. They had nothing to teach; nothing reliable, anyway.

Whatever they teach would be tainted by the lies of Satan’s kingdom. The information would be incorrect and unusable. More than that, it would be Spiritually dangerous. Satan spreads lies through deceived authors like this so more people will be exposed to the lies. They’ll read the book, get the wrong ideas, and even go spread those lies to others. With only one deceived Christian author of one book, Satan can mislead thousands of Christians.

If someone read this for knowledge on the shadow people, they would get deception instead. And if they didn’t have a firm knowledge of Christianity, they would be highly vulnerable to those deceptions. And if they tried fighting the shadow people with these false methods … the shadow people would most likely leave them alone, seeing that the person is already deceived by demonic lies.

Why bother to intimidate or threaten someone who’s already deceived? Since the shadow people are demonic, and part of Satan’s kingdom of darkness, their goal is to torment Christians who are opposed to Satan. Or, nonbelievers who are turning to Christ and hearing His call. But why would they bother someone who’s already getting closer to Satan through his deceptions?

Case in point: Let’s talk about how this book suggests to keep shadow people out of your home. After deciding to quit the book, I did flip to the chapter on “solutions” to read what the author had to say. They prescribe a heavily New Age inspired ritual that sounds much like smudging, which is a Spiritual practice that’s offensive to God. It goes like this:

The author says to keep shadow people out of your home, leave a crucifix in a bowl of water in the sunlight for a few hours. This is to “charge up” the crucifix with light, which is “God’s element.” [OK so here already we see a mixing of Christian Spirituality with elements and nature worship and so on. GOD’S POWER WORKS WITHOUT HAVING TO “CHARGE UP” ANY OBJECT WITH ANY ELEMENT!!!] Next, you take the bowl and go through the house. Use the crucifix to make the sign of the cross over all windows, doors, in every room, etc. etc.. Basically, take this “light-infused” crucifix and go all over the house with it, making the sign of the cross and saying prayers.

Well besides the nature worship aspect, there’s much else that’s wrong here. For example, the shadow people are demons. Demons are like interdimensional entities. Why make the sign of the cross over the windows? Do you think shadow people need to come in through a door or the window? Hah! Absolutely not!! The shadow people can come and go without needing to use a door, window, chimney, pipe, or any other opening into a home.

The shadow people inhabit the Spiritual realm, the invisible, which is all around us. They might be around at any time and we won’t know it unless the Holy Spirit alerts us or they reveal themselves (which they can also do through manifestations, what most people think of as hauntings). The point is, they don’t need to use doors or windows to enter somewhere because they move through the Spiritual realm.

The author says everyone she knows who used this ritual stopped being visited by the shadow people. In other words, the ritual worked every time. And you know what? I believe her. Yes, I believe the author. Why?

Because I believe when the shadow people watch a person put their faith in this funky ritual with pagan/nature worship influences and expect it to work instead of relying on God’s Power, the shadow people would move on from that home. They would know their work is done; this person or family is already deceived by Satan, and following the lies of his kingdom instead of a proper understanding of God’s Almighty Power as revealed in the Bible. Why would they stick around then, when there are others to deceive?

It’s so sad to read this kind of New Age deception from a Christian author. But it shows something about Satan’s strategy. When Satan can deceive one Christian author, they can write these demonically-inspired ideas and spread them to thousands of Christians with only one book. And this will mislead Christians away from the true Power of God, the only Power that can protect them.

Who Needs a Ritual??

There’s a personal reason why the topic of shadow people interests me. I’ve battled them myself, twice. You can read about my experiences in Part 15 and Part 36.

Yes, I too was harassed and intimidated by these demons. But I fought them off. And do you know how I did that? Did I use rituals with water and light, making gestures all over my house? No. I used the power of God. I used the Sword of the Spirit, which is Scripture (Ephesians 6:17).

I recited Holy Scripture and called Jesus’ name at the shadow people, and they left. I didn’t try to use my own power or strategies. I didn’t use any ritual involving any materials or actions. I didn’t have to “charge up” anything with elemental “power.” I used God’s Power, the Power available to all Christian believers. I relied on Him and turned to His Power, not anything else. God is the only Power that can truly protect us from the shadow people and drive them away. I don’t get tormented by them often, unlike some of the people described in this book I stopped reading. When God’s True Power drives them away, they stay gone.

So as you can see, any book that misleads people away from the only Power that can help them is a dangerous book. The Christian author was, sadly, deceived by Satan. They wrote a book full of New Age inspired (demonically inspired) lies straight from Satan’s kingdom.

I feel bad for this author, who says they’re a Christian who loves Jesus, but lives a life of alien (demon) encounters, involuntary astral travel, and repeated encounters with the shadow people (demons).

I have to point out though that this author is also involved with psychics, being a spirit medium, and listens to Spiritual guidance from “good” aliens instead of listening to God and God only. All these things are demonic, so they most assuredly are one cause of all the demonic and supernatural activities and encounters in her life.

But feeling bad for this author doesn’t mean I need to read their book. We can’t mess around with demonic or New Age-inspired material during the End Times. It’s too dangerous, and we don’t have much time left to shake any demonic Spirits that will attach to us by engaging with this sort of demonic-inspired material. So I put this book down with no regrets. I knew it had nothing to teach, and wasn’t worth messing around with.

Beyond that, it wasn’t worth my precious reading time. We need to be discerning and careful about what we consume during the End Times. That means TV, music, movies, books, and more. Demonic deception is everywhere. Consuming bad material will darken our Spirits or even bring a demon to us.

So if you’re ever watching/reading/playing something and you see it goes against God’s Truth as revealed in the Holy Bible, do what I did. Put the book (etc.) down, and throw it away. You might lament the loss of money, like I did. But we’d much rather lose some money than lose our Salvation.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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