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God only shows me in dreams that a future event will happen. But He never gives me the info I need to change that future. God’s Plan can’t be changed or altered, and what He Wills to happen will happen. If I knew how or when something will happen, I might try to change it. But that’s not God’s Will.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another End Times post.

Today I’m once again writing on the topic of prophecy. I know the previous two posts have been on this topic, but prophecy is important. We all need to understand how it does and doesn’t work.

In today’s post I’ll be getting personal, and explaining how God does and does not talk to me. I’m no prophet and I make no claim to be one. But God has spoken to me all the same, like He can and will speak to any believer if He so chooses. I pray that by explaining how God speaks to me, it could help others who read this post to have better discernment about whether they’re really hearing from God, or from themselves or some other spirit (which would be a demon).

Discernment comes from God’s Holy Spirit. So we should turn to God in prayer for better discernment if that’s what we want (and we should want it). But I pray that recounting some of my experiences will be helpful, that’s all. I only want to help.

Besides that, I’m also thinking about the many “unexpected” prophets who God will speak to in these End Times. Acts 2 tells us that all sorts of people will be prophesying in the End Times. Many of these new prophets will be surprised to hear God’s Words, and feel unprepared and unsuited for their role. Well, once again, I’m no prophet and I make no claim to be one. But I hope today’s post will be helpful for these new, unexpected prophets too.

In the Last Days, Prophets Everywhere

So many people these days believe they’re hearing from God. And you know what? They very well may be.

After all, Acts chapter 2 says that in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit on all people. People all over the world, young and old and whatever else, will dream dreams and see visions. Many people will prophesy in the final days.

(17) “In the last days, God says,”
“I will pour out my Spirit on all people.”
“Your sons and daughters will prophesy.”
“Your young will see visions.”
“Your elders will dream dreams.”

(18) “Even upon my servants, men and women,”
“I will pour out my Spirit in those days,”
“and they will prophesy.”
(19) “I will cause wonders to occur in the heavens above”
“and signs on the earth below,”

“blood and fire and a cloud of smoke.”

Acts 2:17-19 (CEB)

We know we’re in the End Times right now. So if people claim to have a prophecy or vision from God, Acts 2 tells us that yes, they very well might. And the gift of prophecy is not limited to pastors or preachers or people of some authority in the Christian community.

All believers are able to prophesy to some extent, as prophecy is one of the gifts of the Spirit. Some might have that gift stronger than others, but all believers are capable of it to some degree. And Acts 2 tells us to expect a big increase in prophecy in the final days. But remember that the usual warnings from Scripture about the rise of false prophets during the End Times still apply (Matthew 24, etc.).

So we need to test every Spirit. And we need to test the Spirit of every prophecy by holding it up to Scripture.

All that being said, we should not dismiss or ignore prophecies from unexpected prophets these days. God is pouring out His Spirit on everyone before the End. So the prophets He will raise up will be all sorts of people, all races, classes, ages, and so on and so forth. This new (and final) crop of prophets won’t look like what we’d expect a prophet to look like. And the prophets themselves will probably be people who never in their wildest dreams imagined themselves going down that path.

But if they’re speaking the LORD’s Words, it will be clear and undeniable. For one thing, they’ll never be wrong. Remember the simple rule: One false prophecy = One false prophet.

Alright, got that out of the way. Now I want to speak about how God does and doesn’t speak to me.

How God Speaks to Me

I’ve heard from God enough times now to be able to list a few points about how He speaks to me.

First, I can tell you that my dreams are His preferred method of speaking to me. And this fits with the Bible, because we can see in both Testaments that God often speaks to His people in dreams. Dreams are one of God’s favorite ways to speak with people, going back all the way to Genesis. So if you have very vivid and meaningful dreams, it could be the LORD speaking to you. That’s always a possibility.

Anyway, here are a few points I’ve learned about how God speaks and reveals things to me in my dreams:

  • The prophecies in these dreams always relate to my personal life, not world events
  • When I do see possible hints of future world events, it’s never enough info for me to dodge or stop a future event
  • He doesn’t warn me of specific dates, He only tells me general times (such as years) if He tells me at all
  • These dreams are always clear, vivid, and unforgettable, with distinct imagery or statements

So let me explain one by one.

All about Me

When God speaks to me in my dreams, He speaks to me about my life. He doesn’t tell me about world events in any detail, only in the abstract (which is the next point). He recaps personal life lessons He’s taught me through His guidance. People from my past or present appear, and we talk. They’ll say things that relate to Wisdom God has taught me in my journey of seeking Him. God may even warn me, in general terms, of something that someone in my life is going to do or going to suffer.

But do you see the common theme there? “Me, my, mine” … when God speaks to me in dreams, it’s all about me and my life. He gets His message across using people I know, and events and locations significant to me.

God has used dreams to convict me of sins too. One time I had a dream of showing my mom the middle finger, and she cried. I immediately felt bad about it, even in the dream. God used that dream to convict me of the sin of unforgiveness.

God uses dreams to talk to me about my personal life, and He has much to say. But He says much less about world events, if He even mentions them at all. Which is the next point.

Can See it Coming, but Can’t Dodge it

In dreams, I have seen some vivid events that I believe are future events. But when God shows me these things, He only shows me that the event will happen. He doesn’t show me how, when, or where it happens. This means I don’t have the information I need to avoid, stop, or warn people of the event.

God only shows me in dreams that a future event will happen. But He never gives me the info I need to change that future. God’s Plan can’t be changed or altered, and what He Wills to happen will happen. If I knew how or when something will happen, I might try to change it. But that’s not God’s Will.

For example, before the widespread racial justice protests in the U.S. last year, God showed me in a dream an incredibly vague ‘preview’ of that. I can’t even call it a warning, because He didn’t give me enough info to predict what the dream meant. The dream stood out in my memory though, because it was strange. There were people shouting “white power,” for example, which is not a usual thing for me to dream about!

It was only after the summer of protests in the U.S. that I realized God told me that would happen, before it happened. But when He told me, He didn’t give me enough info to predict it. It was not His will for me to predict it before it happened. So why did God give me a ‘preview’ of what would happen later in 2020? To me the answer is simple: He wanted to show me this so I would increase in Faith when I later realized what He showed me.

But this is another reason why I can never call myself a prophet. My God-given dreams don’t give me enough info to warn people of what’s coming, because the dreams are too vague. And they’re too vague for me to predict the future because that’s not God’s Will.

A good example of this comes from Part 73. I had a dream with a vivid image, which seems to predict something really bad coming up soon. But there’s not enough info to tell exactly what’s coming, or when and where it’ll happen. There’s not enough info to dodge what’s coming, stop it, or warn people about it. Here’s what I dreamed about in Part 73:

In a recent dream, I saw a giant hand grasping the entire world, the globe. Fire spread out from this giant hand, spreading all over the world. The entire world was burning up. And this giant hand was the cause.

So you see? All I can say to people is, “Satan’s power will soon set the world on fire.” What are people supposed to do with that? There’s nothing that can be done with that warning, except to REPENT! and pray. But that must be what God had in mind from the start.

It’ll Happen when it Happens

Another common theme of my dream warnings from God are that He never warns me of any specific date or time. He never tells me to beware some certain day. He doesn’t tell me anything about time, and if He does, it’s only in general terms. He only mentions large units of time, like years. That’s if He says anything about time at all, of course.

A great example I have of this is an old one, going back all the way to Part 5 of Do Not Fear the End Times. In that dream, I was shown images of a great war, and warned of some action by Nazis. But there were no dates given for these events, only that they would happen before three years were up. And I had this dream in 2019, which means that these things could happen any time before the end of 2022.

Here’s the dream I had in Part 5, which will give you a better idea:

In my dream, which I had in October 2019, I was traveling the world with a woman I was involved with at the time. I knew we were in a French-speaking locale—was it France or was it Canada? I don’t know, but the streets and surroundings were unfamiliar to me. It was a city though, a hilly one.

People were crowding around me and this woman, they wanted some help from us. I was trying to calm them. The woman kept slipping away and leaving me to deal with the crowds on my own. I kept chasing after her—we needed to stay together.

Finally she went into some room and slammed the door. I sat down on the curb outside. And now I suddenly have a book in my hands.

I open the book, and on the page of the book I see video imagery, like news footage or something. I see row upon row of green army tanks. They’re assembled in formation and on the move—they’re headed to war. A white fighter jet is resting on the front of each tank and traveling that way: One jet per tank. It’s a massive array of military firepower, countless green tanks and white fighter jets on the move.

I turn the page in the book and don’t see any imagery this time, but I see a headline instead: YQN Nazis Go Unpunished.

I turn the page one more time and I zoom in only on this one written phrase: “They will return in three years.” And that was where the dream ended.

So you see? All this dream tells me is that sometime between 2019 and 2022, there will be a great war, a Nazi attack, and this person who used to be in my life will make a return. But obviously I don’t have a specific date for any of these things. And I certainly don’t have enough info (or any info at all) to avoid them.

I’m content to know that I’ve been warned these things will happen. Most people won’t even get a warning, they’ll be surprised. These things will happen when they happen. God moves on His time, not ours. I will simply wait and continue to do what I’m doing, continue seeking God and trying to grow Spiritually, while knowing that these things will come at some point.

What else am I supposed to do about it? I can’t stop a war I don’t know any details about! All I can do is REPENT! and pray. Once again, that must be what God had in mind from the start.


When God speaks to me in a dream, it’s unforgettable. There’s distinct, vivid imagery (like the hand burning the world up, for example). There are distinct phrases that stick in my memory for years afterward (“they will return in three years,” for example). The dreams stand out from all the other, “regular” dreams I have most of the time. The messages and warnings always relate to my current situation in my personal life, often giving me guidance on things I’ve been thinking hard about or struggling with.

When God speaks in a dream, it’s unforgettable. It stands out like no other dreams do. I’m sure it’ll be the same for you.

All We Need to Know Is: Trust God

As I said in the beginning, I am no prophet and make no claim to be one. But God does speak to me all the same. He doesn’t give me warnings I can shout to His people, He never tells me enough info to avoid what the future holds. But God does speak to me in my dreams sometimes, that I can never deny.

And not revealing the future is consistent with God’s character. If we already knew the future, what would we need Faith in God for? God keeps the details of our future from us so that we’ll trust in Him. We don’t need to practice trusting in Him if we already know everything that’ll happen.

So I don’t receive detailed, specific prophecies from God in my dreams. But I don’t need to. The only warning I can give to God’s people is the same one all God’s people already know—REPENT!! These are the End Times, the final days!! Jesus is coming soon! It’s time to REPENT!!

When there’s nothing we can do to stop or avoid what’s coming, the warning to REPENT! is all we need to know.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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