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If we resort to chaos, we’re playing right into the devil’s hands and helping the Illuminati (etc.) reach their goals. If we engage in chaos, we’re helping to divide people and furthering the Illuminati (etc.)’s plan!!

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another End Times post.

Deep state. The Illuminati. The Cabal. The conspiracy. Freemasons. The New World Order. They go by many names. Have you heard of them? They’re said to be the secret, elite rulers of our world. They’re said to be the true power in control of governments around the world, and the true influence behind world events.

We can’t prove anything about them with certainty. But recent events have got me thinking about these secret groups. If they do exist (and I’m sure they do), recent world events suit their agenda perfectly. And many people around the world are playing right into their hands. If they’re up to something, it seems to be working, for now.

And what I’m talking about is the increasing chaos in the world. Chaos is not of God, but the devil. So chaos and confusion are favored weapons of the devil’s servants. As the world continues to get more chaotic, we must resist this tactic of the enemy by staying above it.

Are they Real?

They go by many names, or, we the people use many names and terms to describe them. Because we don’t know who these people are exactly, and can’t confirm their existence because they stay hidden, behind the scenes of power. But whatever name we use for them, there’s always one vital thing in common among all the alleged groups.

Every one of these groups (The Deep State, Illuminati, etc.) are said to secretly rule the world. They stay hidden, working behind the scenes to control governments, control people, and manipulate world events. And their agenda is satanic.

Now, I can’t tell you anything more about these groups than you probably already know. Most of you have at least heard stories about groups like this. But we can’t prove anything about them, which is something these secret groups make sure of. They take great care to stay in the shadows.

So I can’t prove anything about them. But do they exist? Yes, I’m sure they do. I’ve had dreams sent by the Holy Spirit that seem to show me agents of some group like this. And is their agenda evil? Yes! We can answer that question too, using Scripture.

The New Testament tells us this world is under the control of the evil one—Satan (1 John 5:19). Satan rules this world through his influence, for now. He will lose all his power and be destroyed on the day Jesus Christ returns. This, by the way, is why the devil is raging harder than ever now in these End Times. He knows his time is almost up. But until the Second Coming of Christ, Satan exerts his power in this world and influences the people.

(19) We know we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.

1 John 5:19 (CEB)

Since Satan has so much power and influence in this fallen world, he can influence events and grant power too. Keep in mind this is worldly power, so it’s not true power. Everyone who accepts power and favors from the devil will find themselves powerless in eternity, suffering eternal punishment while the Righteous will be raised up to have authority over the nations (Revelation 2:26).

(26) To those who emerge victorious, keeping my practices until the end, I will give authority over the nations (27) to rule the nations with an iron rod and smash them like pottery— (28) just as I received authority from my Father. I will also give them the morning star.

Revelation 2:26-28 (CEB)

But anyway, to get back to the point. Since Satan rules this world for now, he can empower a secret group of slaves to do his bidding. These would be the secret groups such as the Illuminati. Their exact name isn’t important. What’s important to know is that these groups exist, and work for Satan. He can grant them knowledge, tell them how to manipulate world events, and keep them in positions of power. He can grant them wealth and resources to carry out their plans, which are actually his plans and serve his agenda.

These secret tyrants have all the power in the world, for now, though they will also be judged at the return of our LORD Jesus Christ. There’s always a price to pay for following Satan, and these powerful elites who secretly rule the world will despair to find out Jesus is real, they’ve spent their lives enslaved to the devil, and they’ll spend eternity suffering the same punishment as him.

We know how the Book of Revelation ends. Jesus Christ returns in Glory and Victory, and the devil and all his fallen angel demons are thrown in the lake of fire. Of course the devil’s servants, the Illuminati or Deep State or whatever, will be going to the fire too. All will be Glory in the End—trust in God’s Word!

So if these secret tyrants are bound to fall in the End, why bother talking about them? Well, recent events have got me thinking. Though their time may be short, these conspirators can still cause great damage on their way out. They can still lead many Christians into damnation with them right at the End, right before Jesus returns.

Chaos Is their Goal

Earlier this month, in Part 69, I wrote about the recent siege of the U.S. capitol by pro-Trump rioters. Whatever your political views are, I think the best word to describe that event is: Chaos. When I saw the pictures and videos from that day, “chaos” is the word that popped into my mind.

Well, chaos is what these secret groups want. Chaos is the goal of the Deep State, Illuminati, or whoever. If they can cause chaos in a country, any country, they can destabilize it and cause civil strife. This brother-on-brother violence pleases their master, Satan. Not only that, the chaos sets the stage for them to set up their New World Order and introduce the antiChrist and his evil system.

If the Illuminati (etc.) can cause chaos all over the world, people will suffer and be afraid. If a strong leader arises out of the chaos, promising order if people follow him, a fearful public will flock to him, hoping for calm and civil peace. This kind of scenario can be setup, to make people flock to the banner of the New World Order and the antiChrist.

People will beg for order, even the New World Order, after their world is plunged into total chaos. If the Illuminati (etc.) cause the chaos, they can make the public afraid. They can turn brother against brother, they can divide everyone. And they can subjugate the world under the tyrannical and satanic New World Order. They can setup their satanic hero, the antiChrist, and people will worship him for being someone with the “solution” to the chaos.

We know from Revelation that the antiChrist comes to deceive people, even Christians. When the antiChrist appears, he will lead people away from God and into the devil’s hands where they will suffer damnation. For more about the antiChrist, check out Part 59 and Part 64.

We all need to be as clear as possible on this point:

Chaos is what the Illuminati (etc.) want. There’s really nothing more we need to say. It only serves their purposes, and the people can’t fight back if the people are divided by chaos. Chaos is of the devil, and is a main tactic of his slaves, the Illuminati (etc.). And so … as Christians we must never engage in or add to the chaos. We must rise above it.

In Part 69, when I wrote about the events of January 6, 2021, I said this:

We have to be smart in these End Times. We have to keep our Self-Control. The devil is always on the prowl, trying to trip us up any way he can. Trying to trigger us to anger, lust, violence. Trying to trigger us into violating Jesus’ teachings, and playing into the devil’s hands. We can’t let the devil play us like this in the final days. We must keep our Self-Control.

And I can never stress or repeat this enough. I could say this in every blog post, and it still wouldn’t be overdoing it. Chaos is of the devil. Chaos is what the Illuminati (etc.) want, it’s one of their tactics. As Christians, we’re called to love one another, our neighbor and our enemy. We can’t do that if we’re assaulting them, intimidating them, storming their building, or whatever. Chaos goes against all the teachings of Jesus, who taught peace.

If we resort to chaos, we’re playing right into the devil’s hands and helping the Illuminati (etc.) reach their goals. If we engage in chaos, we’re helping to divide people and furthering the Illuminati (etc.)’s plan!!

When chaos is close at hand, rise above it. Don’t respond to it, don’t engage in it. If there’s an angry mob doing something, stay away from them. If there’s a big fight going on, and we have no hope of stopping it, get away from it. Most of all, we can’t allow our anger at what others do to trigger us into hate and anger. Show love for everyone, even people engaging in chaos. Stay with God, on a higher level. Respond to their aggression with mercy, love, and forgiveness, like Jesus taught us in the Sermon on the Mount.

This is how we fight chaos: By following Christ’s teachings, and refusing to engage with it. By staying above it. If we resort to the same tactics of chaos, we’ll get nowhere. We’ll be fighting fire with fire—that doesn’t work. Only Christian love and Jesus can extinguish chaos.

We need to keep this in mind now, moving forward. Because I believe the world is about to get much, much more chaotic from here on out. What makes me say that? Some recent dreams of mine. They seem to me to be warnings from God, letting me know that great chaos is coming, and it’s coming soon. So today I’ll finish up by sharing some of my recent dreams with you.

The Waves Are Rising

First, you should know that when God speaks to us in dreams, He speaks to us in a way we’re guaranteed to understand. He uses the exact language we speak, the exact images we know, the exact things that interest us the most. God knows exactly how to get through to us, so when we receive a dream from God’s Holy Spirit, we’ll be sure to know it.

In my studies last year, I learned that the ancient Hebrews viewed the sea/ocean as a symbol of chaos. This probably has to do with Genesis 1, when God brings order out of the chaotic, swirling, unformed seas. So I know in my mind that the ocean/sea represents chaos. That’s a symbolic representation I’m well familiar with. And so I have Faith that recently, God has been using this symbol to tell me about upcoming troubles.

Will these troubles come this year, 2021? Or next year? Or five years from now? Or twenty? I don’t know. God never speaks to me with specific dates. But I do have Faith that what these dreams represent will befall the world soon enough.

It started in November, when I had a dream about the waves of the ocean rising and rising, until they were so big they reached my house. Sea water was coming in through the windows. The next day I thought, “Hmm. I guess the chaos of the world is about to reach me in a more dramatic way, soon.” My house isn’t next to the ocean. But the dream is a metaphor: My house represents my life. The chaos (ocean water) is about to come into my life (my house).

The next month, I had a dream where I was waiting in a friend’s car. They weren’t in the car, I was waiting for them to return. While I’m waiting in the passenger’s seat, in this car parked not far from the ocean, I watch the waves out of boredom. But then I see the waves continue getting stronger and stronger, higher and higher. Soon I start getting concerned. Soon, the waters have reached this car, in the parking lot. I get out of the car and the waters are rushing all around me. This isn’t life water, it’s green sea water, ocean water, chaos water. People all around me are being swept away by this chaos water. We’re all in danger of drowning! I start swimming toward some floating debris I can grab on to.

In my last dream about water, I was with a friend somewhere in the world. We’re wading through a river, and the water comes all the way up to our chests. But then I realize that this isn’t a river! This is a city! This river of water is cutting through this city, the city is flooded. Once again, this water in the dream isn’t life water. It’s not pure, clean drinking water. It’s green, foamy sea water. Chaos water. Chaos water coming through our lives and our cities, flooding the streets and getting everybody soaked.

Since God knows I connect sea water with chaos, I believe He is warning me in these dreams that great chaos is coming.

It would be nice if I’m wrong. But none of us know what the future holds, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see, right? Each of us already knows what we need to do anyway: Continue following Jesus and loving one another. As long as we do that till the bitter End, everything will be fine.

Before I end, there’s one more image from a recent dream I’d like to share, but this one doesn’t involve water. It’s only one image that I saw in a longer dream. But if left a big impression on me, and I still remember it well.

In a recent dream, I saw a giant hand grasping the entire world, the globe. Fire spread out from this giant hand, spreading all over the world. The entire world was burning up. And this giant hand was the cause.

Well, let’s end by thinking about this image. Who would burn up the world? Who’s associated with fire? Satan, the devil. In literature and dreams, hands can represent power. We often talk about the “Hand of God” or the hand of somebody. What we’re often talking about is their power at work, not their actual hand. I believe in this dream, God was showing me that the hand of the devil (the devil’s power) is now gripping the earth, and is about to burn it up. It’s probably already started.

Is there more chaos coming our way this year, 2021? When I saw the siege of the U.S. capitol on January 6, I said to myself, “Here comes that chaos. It’s starting.” I do feel God is warning me in these dreams. But of course I have no idea about exact dates or even if the chaotic events will happen in this year.

But what I do know is this: When the chaos comes, we need to do whatever we can to stay above it. As Christians, we’re taught to love one another—our neighbor and our enemy. We need to take care of each other, not harm each other. Don’t engage with the chaos. Don’t add fuel to the fire. Don’t threaten, intimidate, or use hateful or abusive language toward anyone. We must be peacemakers who bridge divides—we must never add to the division in this world.

We must not play right into the devil’s hands. We must not help the Illuminati (etc.) with the exact things they want to do.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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