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(14) Don’t be tied up as equal partners with people who don’t believe. What does righteousness share with that which is outside the Law? What relationship does light have with darkness? (15) What harmony does Christ have with Satan? What does a believer have in common with someone who doesn’t believe?

2 Corinthians 6:14-15 (CEB)

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another End Times post.

“Be careful of the company you keep.” Most people know this Wisdom, right? The Bible says it too. We have to be careful of who we associate and hang out with because they have a major influence on us. If we hang out with robbers, for example, one day we’ll do what they do and rob people too. They’ll involve us in their sins. And we’ll go along with it, because we hang out with them and we’re friends. They have a major influence on us.

In the End Times, we don’t have time for hanging out with anyone up to no good. We need to spend our last days turning to God and seeking Him, trying to be better, and doing better. That must be our focus, and we should spend our time hanging out with other Christians who have the same goal.

If we hang out with people who have other goals, their thinking will affect ours. This is dangerous in any example, but none more so than matters of Faith. If we hang out with people who have the wrong ideas about Faith, that will affect our beliefs too. And when that happens, there are severe consequences.

So that’s the topic for today. Let’s get right into it.

Keep Your Feet from their Way

Proverbs warns us to be careful who we associate with, who we hang out with. This is so important, it’s right in the first chapter.

(10) My son, don’t let sinners entice you.
Don’t go

(11) when they say:
“Come with us.

Let’s set up a deadly ambush.
Let’s secretly wait for the innocent just for fun.
(13) We’ll find all sorts of precious wealth;
we’ll fill our houses with plunder.
(14) Throw in your lot with us;
we’ll share our money.”
(15) My son, don’t go on the path with them;
keep your feet from their way,

(16) because their feet run to evil;
they hurry to spill blood.

Proverbs 1:10-11; 13-16 (CEB)

The message of this is clear. Some people try to mislead us into sin, and we must stay away from them. No good can come from hanging out with them. Whatever they’re up to, it’s not good. Sinners always try to get others to join in on their sin. Don’t fall for this!

We have to act differently and move smarter in these End Times. We have to do better, be better. The LORD Jesus Christ is returning soon … very soon. In the previous post I wrote about how we need to be ready for His return, because we won’t have a chance to reschedule with Him if He comes back and we aren’t ready!

Well, hanging out with sinners is one of the things I’m talking about. We become like the people we hang out with and spend the most time with. If we hang out with people who are up to no good, then we’ll spend our time being up to no good. And before we know it, Christ will return, and He’ll find us living lives of sin. Then that’s it for us; we’re toast.

It won’t matter if we were Righteous people before, or if our sinner friends are the ones who influenced us to sin. It won’t matter. Jesus will see us ignoring God and living a life of sin, and we’ll lose our Salvation.

This is the danger of hanging out with unrepentant sinners. We become like the people we spend the most time with. And here are some things I know about unrepentant sinners, since I used to be one: They’re always scheming up new sins and ways to do them. And they’re always plotting to recruit others to join them in their evil works.

That’s right, for many reasons, sinners are always trying to recruit others into their sins. No matter how they present their offer, you can be sure they’ll make it look appealing. Their invitation will be tempting. People wouldn’t fall for it otherwise.

That’s why we need to read God’s Word everyday and understand right from wrong. We need to stand strong in the principles of our Faith, and always stay away from sin, no matter how tempting it’s presented to us.

That strength is needed when we’re tempted. But the best way to avoid these temptations to sin is to be Wise about who we hang out with! If we spend our time with sinners, we can be sure that soon enough they’ll try to involve us in their sins, whatever they are. As I’ve said before, we don’t have time for this anymore. Jesus is coming back too soon, and we need to change our hearts and lives quick. We can’t afford to hang out with sinners during these End Times.

Besides obvious sinners, there are others we should avoid in these End Times.

Watered down Faith is Worthless

We become like those we hang out with and spend the most time with. It’s important to remember this simple truth, because it always proves true, time and time again.

Some people don’t lead lives of obvious sin, but can still send us off in an unholy direction anyway. They can lead us into heresy, idolatry, worshiping other gods, going against God’s Word, and more. These people can change our beliefs, which is really changing who we are, to be honest.

I wrote about so-called “Christian Buddhists” in Part 60, and explained why not to believe in such fusions of Christianity with anything else. Christianity stands on its own, and doesn’t mix with other faiths. Well, hanging out with Buddhists or those who practice it is one way to “water down” our Faith with other beliefs. If we hang out with Buddhists, we’ll slowly change into the “Christian Buddhists” I mentioned in Part 60. So this is the kind of thing I’m talking about.

Be wary of hanging out with those of other beliefs. It doesn’t have to be Buddhism, it can also be New Age or Judaism or this or that … it goes on and on. I’m not saying we can’t be friends with these people, on some level. And we must always treat them with kindness, love, and respect as Jesus and the Bible command us. Their different beliefs are never a reason for us to be rude, unloving, hateful, or violent toward them.

Yet we need to understand the risk of hanging out with anyone who can “water down” our Faith.

There is only one God, and Jesus Christ is His Son, the Messiah, the Savior. We can be friendly with people of other faiths, and we must always be loving and respectful toward them. But we can’t water down our Faith with other ideas. Scripture is God’s Word, it’s the Truth and speak for Itself. We must keep our Faith undiluted. Otherwise we become lukewarm Christians … who aren’t really Christian anymore. This includes people like the “Christian Buddhists” I wrote about in Part 60.

To grow in our Faith we must spend most of our time hanging out with other Christians.

We become like those we hang out with and spend the most time with. The people we hang out with change who we are, it’s as simple as that.

On that note, I have to give a special warning about witches and New Agers.

Demon Infection!

It’s already bad if we water down our Faith with other ideas and become “Christian Buddhists,” or other things like that. But it’s so much worse if the people we’re hanging out with are witches and New Agers.

Hanging out with witches and New Agers brings us into close contact with the devil. We can’t associate with them.

Whether witches acknowledge this or not, all witchcraft works by the power of the devil, in the Spiritual realm. Whether they know it or not, all witches are in the thrall of the devil or one of his demonic servants. They interact with the devil and demons when they cast their spells and so on. And their spells only work by the devil’s power. So witches of any kind, no matter what they say about themselves, deal closely with the devil every day.

New Agers, meanwhile, also interact with the devil. Many New Agers pray to “the Universe” or “Source” in place of God. This “Source” is an impersonal force that controls reality, and only reacts to how people interact with it. Believing they can create their own reality based on how they interact with Source, they engage in the Law of Attraction and other nonsense. It’s all on the same level as witchcraft.

This “Universe” that the New Agers essentially pray to through “affirmations” is none other than the deadly Leviathan spirit. Leviathan is an extremely dangerous and powerful demonic principality in Satan’s kingdom. It’s no minor spirit—this is a big deal demon! When the New Agers interact with it, their souls are tainted by it. And once it has them, it’s a terrible, bitter struggle to drive Leviathan out! Only Jesus can drive out Leviathan, and most New Agers won’t ever turn to Jesus.

Witches and New Agers have Satan’s kingdom all over them. This is the energy they carry, the energy they give to others. When we get involved with someone, or have sex with them, we begin exchanging energy. The energy we get from witches and New Agers is demonic. It infects us with the energy of Satan’s kingdom.

Even associating with these people can darken our soul. Demons can transfer from person to person through unholy soul ties. Soul ties are usually formed through sex, but even a deep emotional connection with another person can create a soul tie. Forming a soul tie with someone who prays to Leviathan will get Leviathan coming for us too!

I’m speaking from experience here. Last year I was involved with a New Age witch. Even being involved with her was enough to darken my spirit, taint my Christian beliefs with unneeded New Age nonsense, and form an unholy soul tie through which I contracted demons from her. It’s been a struggle ever since, trying to throw off all the demons. It’s been about a year straight of Spiritual warfare against these demons. My involvement with her set me back on my Spiritual journey worse than I could ever have imagined.

So take my word for it: Don’t associate with witches or New Agers. They deal with Satan every day, and bow to him. Every time we deal with them, it can affect us Spiritually. Our only interactions with witches and New Agers in these End Times should be our attempts to bring them to Christ.

We already need to be careful not to water down our beliefs with those of other Faiths, like I said above. So we need to be on alert for witchcraft and New Age too, which are not always presented as “beliefs.” Sometimes they’re presented in other ways. But by reading Scripture every day and standing firm in our Faith, we will know these demonic ideas when we hear them.

Be vigilant against these ideas (or ones like them):

  • There is no God
  • We can Save ourselves (no need for a savior)
  • We are gods / we can become God (same lie the serpent told Eve in the garden)
  • We can create our own reality
  • Jesus is not the Son of God
  • Praying to other Spiritual entities besides God

These are all demonic doctrines, spread on the earth by demons on purpose, to mislead even Christians if possible. If we don’t want to listen to demonic doctrines, we must not associate with witches and New Agers. Even being friends with them can darken our Spirits and infect us with their demons! We become like the people we hang out with. And in this case, we pick up their same demons too!

If we aren’t trying to bring them to Christ, we shouldn’t be dealing with them. These are the End Times, and we don’t have enough time to deal with demons we picked up from someone else. We all have enough problems already, on our own!

Don’t Be Unequally Yoked

Proverbs 1:10-16 tells us to be careful who we spend time with and hang out with. As for the other topics of my post today, we see the same idea in 2 Corinthians 6. The message is: Don’t be unequally yoked with a nonbeliever. As in, don’t be in an intimately close relationship or marriage with them. Be friends with them, at most. Because we’re Christians, following Christ. We’re meant to be children of the Light. Nonbelievers and the people of the world are trying to be something else. So what do we have in common with them?

That’s in 2 Corinthians 6:14-15.

(14) Don’t be tied up as equal partners with people who don’t believe. What does righteousness share with that which is outside the Law? What relationship does light have with darkness? (15) What harmony does Christ have with Satan? What does a believer have in common with someone who doesn’t believe?

2 Corinthians 6:14-15 (CEB)

Well, as I said earlier, we must always treat everyone with love and respect. It doesn’t matter who they are and what they believe. Even witches and New Agers, we must treat them with love and respect too. So being friends on some level with nonbelievers isn’t out of the question. In today’s world, it’s tough not to have an unbeliever friend or too.

But remember Proverbs 1 and 2 Corinthians 6. If we grow intimately close to these people, it will affect us. We will be lead into their sins, and our Faith will grow weak and watered down. For those who are up to no good, we will be invited and tempted into their sinful acts too, as Proverbs 1 warns us.

We become like those we hang out with and spend the most time with!

In the End Times, we have no more time for hanging out with the wrong people. We need to be seeking God and growing stronger in our Faith for the final days. We should be spending most of our time with other Christians who are focused on the same. If we deal with unbelievers now, it should only be to minister to them and bring them to Christ.

Jesus is coming back soon. We can’t get caught unprepared. And we can’t get caught in the wrong company either, committing sinful acts or having a corrupted Faith. There’s no more time for this, we need to separate from these harmful people now. We need to be very careful who we hang out with in these End Times. The wrong people can bring us down, forever.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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