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Yoga is much more than physical exercise. That’s not the point of it. It’s a Spiritual and religious practice, used for the worship of other gods. Christians must not do this.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another End Times post.

Since I wrote last time about how Christianity and Buddhism don’t mix, I picked a related topic for today. Today I’m writing about yoga … which is Hindu, not Buddhist. Still, it’s another Eastern practice making its way into the Christian community. And it’s a very dangerous practice, Spiritually speaking.

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh, LORD … is this guy going to say yoga is evil? Yoga? That’s stretching and moving. What could be wrong with it?”

I understand how you feel, believe me. I felt the same, once. But it turns out that yes, there are extreme Spiritual dangers to doing yoga. It’s something I didn’t know about before. So if you’ve never heard about this, I urge you to read on. In today’s post we’re going to see the Spiritual truth of a popular practice most people see as harmless.

Religion, not Exercise

Once again, I’m going to skip giving a “what is yoga?” definition. Yoga is popular all over the world, and I’m sure you’re familiar with it. To most people yoga is nothing more than a healthy form of exercise. People use it to stretch, move, relax, and even build muscle. It depends on what kind of yoga they’re doing, because there are many different types.

It’s popular with millions of Christians too, since most of the world sees yoga as harmless. For more info on yoga, in today’s post I will once again turn to the excellently-researched The Second Coming of the New Age by Steven Bancarz and Josh Peck. The Second Coming of the New Age explains how yoga is wildly popular in the church now. Entire Christian yoga ministries have popped up, with DVD videos, online classes, and more. “Yoga is in our churches as both a practice and a business,” say the authors.

But this should not be. Yoga has no place in the church. And this is not about intolerance of anything that comes from the East. No, that would be prejudice. What this is about, is what yoga is about.

Yoga is much more than physical exercise. That’s not the point of it. It’s a Spiritual and religious practice, used for the worship of other gods. Christians must not do this.

The Second Coming of the New Age explains (emphasis mine):

[…] yoga is not a physical practice with a spiritual component. It is a spiritual and religious practice with a physical component. To say yoga is just a matter of posture, breathing, and stretching is like saying that taking communion at Church is just a matter of eating a snack or that getting baptized is simply a matter of rinsing off.

Steven Bancarz and Josh Peck, The Second Coming of the New Age, Page 312.

So the Spiritual and religious parts of yoga can’t be separated from the physical exercise. If someone does yoga, they’re engaged in a religious practice for the worship of other gods. Hindu gods. Foreign gods. Other gods that are not the God of the Bible, the LORD Most High, our Father in Heaven. The LORD forbids this in Exodus 20, among many other places in the Bible.

(2) I am the LORD your God who brought you out of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. (3) You must have no other gods before me.

Exodus 20:2-3 (CEB)

If you’re still unsure, there’s more. New Age quotes a professor named Subhas R. Tiwari from the Hindu University of America. He explains that yoga can never be separated from it’s roots as a Hindu religious practice. He says yoga is entirely premised on being a part of Hindu religion.

[…] yoga originated from the Vedic or Hindu culture. Its techniques were not adopted by Hinduism, but originated from it […] The effort to separate yoga from Hinduism must be challenged because it runs counter to the fundamental principles upon which yoga itself is premised […] Efforts to separate yoga from its spiritual center reveal ignorance of the goal of yoga […] it was intended by the Vedic seers as an instrument which can lead one to apprehend the Absolute, Ultimate Reality, called the Brahman Reality, or God.

Subhas Tiwari. “Yoga Renamed Is Still Hindu.” Hinduism Today Magazine,

Although Christians doing yoga may do it for exercise and nothing else, the goal of yoga itself is to prepare for Hindu meditation and attempting to interact with the “Brahman Reality” mentioned above (you can click the link to that article for more info if you like). The goal of yoga is to prepare to interact with something that is not our god.

And when we interact with anything in the Spiritual realm, there are only two possibilities of what we’re dealing with. Either we’re interacting with the LORD God, or we’re interacting with the devil (or one of his many servants). This is what makes yoga unacceptable as a Christian activity. And it’s also something that brings urgent Spiritual danger, which I will now talk about.

Bowing to False Gods Has a Price

Since yoga is a Hindu religious practice, doing yoga honors the false Hindu gods. Specific yoga poses are named after these Hindu gods, and are meant for honoring them. Whether you know this or not, you’re bowing to other, false gods. New Age explains:

In addition to the Hindu theistic goals of yoga, some positions are meant to honor and invoke the properties of false deities. […]
[…] and other positions are designed to align the mind-body relationship in hopes of embodying the attributes of Hindu gods and goddesses (or other divine creatures or human sages). To facilitate their properties, to hallow them [honor as holy] as divine beings, and to become absorbed into their essence is the purpose of these poses. […]
The point is, yoga is not stretching, it is Hinduism. The positions people exercise during yoga were never intended to be stretches. They are positions intended to shift human consciousness toward God-consciousness and pay reverence to objects and entities other than the Triune God along the way.

Steven Bancarz and Josh Peck, The Second Coming of the New Age, Page 314.

Doing these yoga poses honors false gods. Bowing to false gods in any way carries a heavy price. The price is more than Spiritual, it can extend to the realm of the body and mind as well. But first, let it be clear bowing to false gods is breaking the First Commandment from Exodus 20.

The price for bowing to false gods is Spiritual death, as in, eternal damnation. Bowing to false gods costs us our Salvation. Yoga is bowing to false gods. The price for doing yoga is Spiritual death.

But before suffering that Spiritual death, the true death, there are other problems yoga practitioners may suffer first. These are physical and mental disturbances, and symptoms of demonic oppression. New Age explains that since yoga is bowing to false Gods and engaging in Hindu religion, it’s a sin that opens the door for demons to enter a person. The more they do yoga, the more they bow to false gods, the longer this door is open, the more demons can enter them.

Physical and mental disturbances are a sign of demonic oppression, the presence of demons. Pay attention for those. And check out some of the things that happen to people who do yoga:

The Kundalini syndrome is a condition some yoga practitioners experience through stretching and breathing techniques. [… Here the authors explain what Kundalini is. …]
Kundalini awakenings, however, come with side effects that appear to mirror psychosis, causing symptoms such as depression, insomnia, and identity confusion. One yoga journal testifies of the emergence of new psychotic illness in some people who attend certain yoga courses, […] Other symptoms include pressure in the head, visions, whole-body sexual stimulation, pains in back and neck, intense feelings of head, and involuntary jerks and movements.

Steven Bancarz and Josh Peck, The Second Coming of the New Age, Page 315-316.

These symptoms are also found in demonic oppression, when demons are on you and attacking you. Not all these symptoms are common. Visions and whole-body sexual stimulation aren’t going to be common symptoms, for example. Cases with these symptoms will be extreme cases.

The most common symptoms involved in demonic oppression are insomnia, first of all. Pressure in the head is very common, and so are headaches. Pains in the back and neck often occur, as well as the stomach and other parts of the body. The involuntary jerks and movements will usually be minor little ‘tics.’ But in more serious cases they can be spasms.

Why do these things happen? Well, it’s one price of disobeying the LORD and bowing to false gods.

When we interact with the devil and his servants (the false gods) in the Spiritual realm, the LORD is angered and withdraws His protection from us. This leaves us wide open to demonic oppression, witchcraft, and Spiritual warfare.

How? Why? Well, as I’ve explained in other posts on my blog, when we have an “open door” sin in our life, demons can use this to enter us. Heavy sins like idolatry, adultery, fornication, pornography, and so on all create open doors that invite demons to enter our souls. As long as these doors are open, the demons can come in and attract even more demons to us. But these sins open the door because when we commit these sins, the LORD takes away His Spiritual protection He usually covers us with.

Most of the time the LORD protects Christians from witchcraft, Spiritual warfare, curses, and what have you. But if we sin, especially if we willingly sin, the LORD will take this protection away and let us feel the consequences of our sin. These consequences hurt, so when we suffer them we REPENT! and turn back to the LORD. Then we can receive deliverance and the LORD will protect us again after we REPENT! and reform our ways. That’s the basic idea. I’ve gone through this in my own life. How about you, Readers?

Bancarz and Peck explain this concept in New Age like this:

If you yield your body as an instrument to other religious systems, you are consenting to the influence of whatever demonic kingdom is over that system. If you take a step onto the other side of the fence where a mean dog might live, you might get bit. Siddhis [supernatural abilities gained through yoga] and the Kundalini syndrome bear witness to demonic presence in the practice of yoga.

Steven Bancarz and Josh Peck, The Second Coming of the New Age, Page 316.

So doing yoga means walking away from the LORD and His protection, and going over to some other gods “yard.” As long as you’re over there on that other god’s turf, you’ll be wide open to whatever demons are involved with that god. That means demonic oppression.

When demonically oppressed, be Wise: REPENT! to the LORD and ask forgiveness! Turn away from your worship of false gods! Whether you intended to or not, you still honor gods other than the LORD when you do yoga and other things like it.

So take demonic oppression as a loving warning sign from the LORD. It’s infinitely better to suffer the pain of demonic oppression now than it is to suffer the pain of eternal damnation (the Spiritual death) forever.

The pain and discomfort He allows you to experience is meant to wake you up. He’s telling you, by withdrawing His protection and allowing demons to touch your life, to turn back to Him and REPENT! He’s telling you to stop all activities that honor false gods, whether you have that in mind when you do these things doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re bowing to demons; the demons don’t care if you know this or don’t want to honor them. They still have an open door to you as long as you bow to them, no matter what your feelings are.

Take heed of this painful, but loving warning from the LORD. He does not want you to lose your Salvation! Hear His wake-up call in your demonic oppression, and turn away from all your worship of false gods. We live in a Spiritual world, and many activities are not as harmless as they seem. Doing yoga is bowing to false gods. There’s a heavy price to pay for that ….

Now You Know

Did you find any of today’s post surprising? When you read the intro, did you think anything like: “Is this guy really saying yoga is evil? He can’t be serious!”

If you did, I understand. I thought much the same when I first heard about the Spiritual dangers of yoga. I said: “Yoga? What could possibly be wrong with yoga?” Because like so many millions of others, yoga seemed harmless to me. I don’t do yoga, and I’ve never been too interested in it. But before learning about the idolatry of yoga I thought it was nothing more than stretching and moving. I thought it was nothing more than exercise, one that countless millions genuinely enjoy.

Well, yoga is one of those things that people don’t know the original meaning of because it’s gotten so popular. The more a thing spreads, the more it gets watered-down, even “corrupted” (but I wouldn’t use that word to describe something that’s Spiritually corrupt already). The more popular it gets, the less genuine it becomes. Do you know what I mean? A trend catches on, and people start doing it without bothering to look into it thoroughly.

That’s why I don’t blame people, including Christians, for not knowing that yoga is a Hindu religious practice, and that doing yoga is bowing to false gods. I don’t blame them because that info is buried, and you would have to research yoga to find this out.

I don’t blame the people, but the LORD will. The LORD is very clear that bowing to false gods is a sin He detests. Just because something seems harmless or even ‘healthy’ doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Everyone needs to understand that we live in a Spiritual world, and what we engage with Spiritually is critical. It’s a matter of Spiritual life and death. The Spiritual implications of what we get involved in can be much greater than we’d ever imagined.

This is shown by the demonic oppression symptoms and Kundalini syndrome that can occur with yoga. When we bow to false gods, when we enter their territory, we expose ourselves to demonic attacks and the Spiritual dangers of false belief systems. No Christian should ever do yoga. Yoga is not acceptable in the context of Christianity.

So if you, a Christian, were not aware of this before, you are now. Now that you’re aware, you don’t have an excuse for continuing this sin in the future. Look into these matters for yourself if you like. But if you’re Wise, you’ll heed this warning! REPENT! to the LORD for bowing to false gods, and walk away from yoga today!

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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