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We are all moving toward the Second Coming of Christ one day at a time. There’s nothing that can stop this, and no candidate we can vote for who can prevent the destruction of this world. But for saved Christians, there’s no reason to fear!

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another End Times post.

The topic of the U.S. elections has grabbed the world’s attention. Even for those outside the U.S., this event has still become big news. Christians on either side of the political divide in the U.S. speak of this election in apocalyptic tones. They see a loss for their side as the end of the world. Well …

Doesn’t everybody understand that this world is ending? We’re in the last days, the End of the End Times. Jesus is at the door, knocking, to see who will invite Him in. So with that understood, I say, as usual, that there’s no reason to fear. Not for anyone who’s a saved Christian, that is. There’s no reason to fear any of the apocalyptic fearmongering, there’s not even a reason for us to fear death!

We know that everything proceeds according to God’s plan, and that nothing happens in this world without Him either causing it or allowing it. We know that God is in control, and that He will destroy this fallen world and start over. But saved Christians with Faith in Jesus Christ have nothing to worry about here. We have eternal life to look forward to!

That’s why, no matter who wins the U.S. election (or any other election), we need not fear. Do Not Fear the End Times, as usual. That’s the topic for today’s post. So let’s get into it.

There’s Nothing to Fear

I’m writing this post on November 5, 2020. I’m sure everyone knows that two days ago, the U.S. held its elections to decide their next president. As of today when I’m writing this, the results are still uncertain. Neither candidate can claim victory right now. This could change within the next few days. Since this post will be going live on Monday, November 9, there could be a clear winner by then, and this info will be outdated. A lot can change before Monday.

Even if you don’t live in the U.S., no one could avoid hearing about this election. It even got covered by international media. So we’re all familiar with the two candidates and their campaigns. Once again, as usual for these campaigns, the parties used fearmongering tactics and portrayed everything in apocalyptic tones. “If you don’t vote for us, this country is finished, life is over.”

Well, we Christians should not be scared by either side’s rhetoric, Readers. Whether you live in the U.S. or not. We are Christians eagerly awaiting the Second Coming of Christ. We know that this world is finished, no matter who wins any election anywhere in the world. And we know that it doesn’t matter for us, because death holds no more power over us as saved Christians. If we have Faith in Jesus and we do our very utmost to follow His teachings, then we will enjoy eternal life in God’s new world described in Revelation 21 and 22.

But before God can create His new world, this current fallen world must be destroyed. Revelation 21 reveals that God will destroy the current Heaven and earth. And it’s not a metaphorical or symbolic destruction. He will actually destroy this world, and start over with the Righteous. But what comes after this destruction is what we’ve all been waiting for. As saved Christians, if our Faith is in Jesus and our conscience is clear (still having awareness of our sins, but working with Jesus to fight them), then physical death is nothing for us to worry about.

And not only that, but here’s something for the apocalyptic, partisan doomsayers to chew on …

The destruction or collapse of any one nation in this world is nothing to despair over either. Chaos and collapse, etc., is tragic and horrible. There will be lots of unneeded violence. But it means the return of Jesus is closer than ever before. And His return is what we’re waiting for … so rejoice!

I say that for the benefit of any U.S. Christian readers who are worried that if one candidate doesn’t win, then all hope is lost. Why would you think that? We have all the hope we need, as saved Christians, no matter who wins and no matter what happens afterward.

Don’t worry about “everything going to hell,” because Scripture already warned us the End Times would be full of wickedness. What else were you expecting? Aren’t things proceeding how Scripture says they would? Turn to Jesus and get yourselves rapture ready. That’s all that’s in our power to do, honestly. And the good news is that it’s all we need to do. Turning to Jesus is free, and we can do it any time we choose. Turn to Jesus now, and get ready for more tribulation and Christ’s return. REPENT! REPENT!

Every House Torn by Divisions Will Collapse (Matthew 12:25)

Anyway, the election results so far show that the U.S. is still a sharply divided country. Jesus Himself taught us that a house torn by divisions will collapse. So collapse is a scenario that could happen in the U.S. in the future.

(25) Because Jesus knew what they were thinking, he replied,Every kingdom involved in civil war becomes a wasteland. Every city or house torn apart by divisions will collapse.

Matthew 12:25 (CEB)

If the U.S. or any other country falls into civil strife, it will be tragic. It will be the end of that country as we know it, because nothing would be the same after that. But as long as Jesus doesn’t return before it’s over, then human life would still continue in the aftermath. So let’s think about what a civil war situation means for us as Christians.

Are any of you concerned you might die in the future civil strife? I’ve already told you why death is of no concern to a saved Christian. If you’re scared, you should renew your Faith in Jesus, and pray to the Holy Spirit to show you where the sins in your life are. Turn to Jesus in prayer and He will show you there’s no need to be afraid if you have Faith in Him. Thanks to Him, there’s no more need to be afraid of anything, not even death. That’s the promise available for us if we have Faith in Him.

Or are you, like me, instead thinking about all the innocent people who will die in a civil war? All the needless death, and the collapse of a country? That isn’t something I want to see at all. No Christian should ever want to see that. I pray that will never happen, but know that it could. God wants people to be saved, not killed, so these deaths don’t honor God. And still, having said that, we still have no need to despair even if there’s a civil war. And why is that?

God is sovereign. His Plan will come to pass, and it can’t be delayed, stopped, altered, redirected, averted, or whatever. God will destroy this world, He will end it. And He will return to save His people. That’s going to happen no matter what; no one we can vote for could ever stop this. Our choice of vote has no impact on God’s Plan. There will be war and chaos, and then there will be the End. Who is president is irrelevant to this.

So if the division in the U.S. becomes an actual conflict, it’s all part of God’s Plan. There will be wars and rumors of wars—these things must happen. If we see anything like this happening, we can take comfort in knowing that the End is closer than ever before.

(6) You will hear about wars and reports of wars. Don’t be alarmed. These things must happen, but this isn’t the end yet.

Matthew 24:6 (CEB)

No Christian should despair, if the division heats up into a civil war. We will all lament the loss of life. But we also know that it’s written in Scripture that these things would happen. And we know that there’s nothing we can do to stop or change God’s Plan. So free yourself from all thoughts of trying to do that—give up on any ideas of changing God’s Plan.

Remember: Our salvation and eternal life does not depend on any particular country in this world to be stable and cohesive. Our salvation depends on our Faith in Jesus and our love for Him, which means keeping His teachings—love Him and love everyone else like we love Him and He loves us. And that’s all.

So when we see more elements of God’s Plan coming to pass, more prophecy, we must not despair. We should instead rejoice that we’re one step closer to the End that Jesus warned us about. We should be happy that the Kingdom of Christ is that much closer to us. And these things should remind us that God is Sovereign, God is in control of everything that happens in this world. Everything proceeds according to His plan.

God Is Saying: “Trust ME

On the election day, Mark Ballenger of the excellent uploaded a new video to his popular YouTube channel. Although his YouTube channel is dedicated to Christian dating and marriage, this video is a little different and has an excellent teaching for these events we’re living through. The video is called 3 Signs God Is Saying, “Trust My Sovereignty!” and I recommend anyone to check it out. In the video he reminds us that God sees the big picture and we don’t always know what He’s doing. But we always need to trust Him, no matter what.

We need to trust God’s sovereignty. We need to trust that He is always in total control, no matter how chaotic things appear to be on earth. God is in control, and He will work everything out.

Mark Ballenger says in this video:

  • If you fear a human’s power (if your candidate doesn’t win the election), you need to trust God’s sovereignty more
  • If you have too much confidence in a human’s power (if your candidate wins the election), you need to trust God’s sovereignty more
  • If you put your trust in human experts (pundits and analysts), you need to trust God’s sovereignty more

This is such a great message, and very true. No matter how this election turns out, and the aftermath, we need to trust God here. God is in control, God is sovereign. Nothing happens on this planet without him either allowing it or causing it. The U.S. is so divided that whoever wins the election, the other side will despair. But despair is an emotion that never does us any good. It never helps us to do anything, it only makes the present more painful to deal with. There’s a time to be sad, and cry, that’s natural. But there’s never a time to despair. We know that God always works everything out for His glory in the end.

God’s ways are higher than our ways, because He sees the bigger picture that we can’t see from our human perspective. Whichever person wins the U.S. presidency, it’s all part of God’s plan. And whether we realize it or not, everything is always moving toward that final day: The Second Coming of Christ. Whichever candidate wins the U.S. election, we’re one step closer to the End no matter what.

So we don’t need to despair. Trust that God is always in control, have Faith in Him. This is exactly what He calls us to do at all times—in good times and bad. God’s in control, He can see the big picture and the long-term that we can’t. He’s got this.

Focus on What’s within Our Control

We all need to have more Faith. In all situations, at all times. I struggle with this too sometimes. But we know that God is sovereign, and everything happens for a reason according to His plan. Not everything that happens makes sense to us. But God has a perspective we can never have, and He works out every situation for His purposes.

When it comes to political campaigns, and the apocalyptic language surrounding them, don’t let yourself be frightened. And never despair. We know that God’s Plan can never be stopped, altered, delayed, and so on. What’s going to happen will happen.

We are all moving toward the Second Coming of Christ one day at a time. There’s nothing that can stop this, and no candidate we can vote for who can prevent the destruction of this world. But for saved Christians, there’s no reason to fear!

We have Faith in God’s promises, and we know that we will have eternal life with Him after we physically die. We also know that the End of this world will be followed by the beginning of God’s new world. That’s what we’ve been waiting for!

There’s no reason to fear the result of any election, or any horrible thing that might happen in the aftermath. Scripture warned us these things would happen, and when we see them happening, we must not despair. We must take heart that we’re that much closer to the return of our LORD, and stay strong in our Faith.

We must turn to Jesus in prayer for strength, and focus on what’s in our control. What’s in our control is: Having Faith, praying, REPENTING! of our sins, and following Jesus’ teachings by loving our neighbor and our “enemy.” These are things we can always do, they’re always within our control. This is what’s under our control.

Everything else? The results of elections, the actions of others? We can’t control that. Let God take care of it. We need to have Faith in Him, even when we can’t see any rhyme or reason to anything that’s going on.

That’s all it boils down to. Trust in God, and get ready for His return. Turn to Jesus now and REPENT! of all sin, since that’s something within our control. God’s Plan will happen no matter what. Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ will return for His people. This fallen world will be judged and destroyed, so God’s new world can arise. No, the End of this world won’t be pretty. But God always creates good out of something bad. What comes after all the destruction will be something new, holy, and glorious.

The winner of any election, and anything that happens in the aftermath, does not have the power to stop us from REPENTING! and preparing ourselves for the return of our LORD.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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