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But the main series, Do Not Fear the End Times, has now hit 50 posts. So I thought now is a good time to recap some things I’ve written about so far. Let me quickly go over the main messages I hope my Readers take away from my blog.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another post in the End Times series. And today is a special post!

Today is the 50th post in the Do Not Fear the End Times series! That may not be much on its own, but I’m happy for what I see as an accomplishment. I started this blog back in February, 2020, and since then I’ve written a lot of posts. I’ve completed a few miniseries like Cast Down Jezebel and Free from Ahab, and I’m currently writing my latest series about Virtue entitled Victory in Virtue.

But the main series, Do Not Fear the End Times, has now hit 50 posts. So I thought now is a good time to recap some things I’ve written about so far. Let me quickly go over the main messages I hope my Readers take away from my blog.

Do Not Fear the End Times

The main message of this blog, it’s something I say over and over. Spreading this message (along with the next one, below) is one of the reasons I chose to start this blog. Listen, Christians: Do Not Fear the End Times. It’s as simple as that!

And why not? Although there will be terrible death, suffering, horror, and regret on the day our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ returns, we know that pain isn’t for us. When Jesus returns He will collect His people from the ends of the earth, and we will go to Him. If we die before then, it’s no problem. Physical death holds no terror or pain for us if we’re saved Christians, because we know that death has no power over us through our Faith in Jesus Christ.

When we physically die, we go to be with Jesus to live our eternal life. We can think of that as the beginning of our true life. So there’s nothing to fear. Death is nothing to be afraid of, because for Christians it’s not an ending. It’s more like a transition, the way that we begin the next chapter of our story, which is eternal life with Christ.

So we have those reasons not to fear the Second Coming. Besides that and many others, there’s one more major reason I’d like to point out: We can’t do anything to stop the End! So why waste our energy being afraid of it? We know we can’t stop it, and we know there’s a glorious new beginning that comes after it. So let’s just accept it, and not waste energy being afraid of it, because we know it’s going to happen and there’s just nothing we can do about it. These things must happen (Matthew 24). Accept it.

We know from Matthew 24, Revelation, and other Scripture that the End Times must happen. God’s Will cannot be stopped, delayed, altered, changed, and so on. The End will come and this fallen world will be destroyed. Since there’s nothing we can do to stop, delay, (etc.) these things, we have no reason to be afraid of them. Being afraid of them in advance is a waste of energy, because there’s simply nothing we can do about it.

So pray every day, draw closer to God so He will draw closer to you, and relax. We have the promise of Christ, so everything will be alright.

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This is something I say so often, I could direct you to basically any post I’ve written so far. But I can never say it enough times, so let me go ahead and say it once more.


Our LORD Jesus Christ is coming back, and He’s coming back soon. He is good and faithful to us, so if we sincerely confess our sins He will forgive us (1 John 1:9). But if we want that forgiveness we have to confess! We have to REPENT!

We have to turn to Jesus in Faith, accept Him as our LORD and Savior, and beg forgiveness for our sins knowing that He will forgive us if we have Faith in Him. If anyone wants to be “rapture ready,” this is what they need to do. REPENT!

REPENT! of all our sins! And turn away from those sins! With the time we have left, we have a duty to turn to Jesus, REPENT!, and try our very best to overcome all our sins as best we can, by His power working through us. We need to say “sorry,” and then we need to do better.

This isn’t easy, but the LORD will help us if we turn to Him and ask for help. We aren’t fighting this battle against sin alone! We have the ultimate ally on our side. We must turn to Him, and let Him help us.

Some posts on this topic:

Almost every post on this blog! 🙂

Part 42: “Stop Fooling Yourself”

The End of this World Isn’t a Bad Thing

This world is a fallen world of sin. We live in temporary bodies of flesh that decay and die. We all crave sin and have to fight hard to rise above it. There are demon spirits all around, seeking to tempt us and lead us astray.

But Revelation 21 and 22 teach us that God will destroy this heaven and earth. After this fallen world is destroyed, God’s new world will be born. God will wipe every tear from the people’s eyes, and mankind will finally see His true vision for the world.

There’s nothing to fear, and nothing to mourn! The end of this fallen world is the beginning of God’s new, perfect world!

Some posts on this topic:

Part 7: “Rejoice at the End of this Fallen World”

Part 12: “Go to Hell, Demons!”

It’s Time to Know God’s Word

Scripture warns us that there will be demonic deceptions everywhere in the final days. Satan is working overtime now, at the end, to deceive everyone he can. Especially Christians.

If we want to have any hope of seeing through the lies, we need to stick close to the one truth: God’s Word. We need to know God’s Word. And how can we know it if we don’t read it? We need to read God’s Word every day during these final days. That’s the only way we can hope to be saved from all the convincing deceptions of the last days.

Some posts on this topic:

Part 10: “We Must Know the Word Now”

Part 49: “The Rise of Lies”

Division Is Demonic — Don’t Play into Satan’s Agenda of Strife

Scripture warned us that the love of many would grow cold in the final days. We see it happening already. People are intensely angry with each other, and it only seems to be getting worse. Some even talk about civil war (this is not limited to the U.S.A.).

Make no mistake about it: This increasing division is Satan’s work. Satan seeks to divide us, to cause strife. Strife is an abomination to God (Proverbs 6:19). Jesus’ commands are very simple: Love our enemies (Matthew 5:44). No matter how much we disagree with others, we have a Christian duty to have love for all. This goes especially for those who are different from us.

Satan is the one who wants us to hate each other. To attack and kill each other. To cause discord and division. Don’t play along with that! The love of many in this world is growing cold, like Jesus warned us in the Gospels. Don’t let that be you too! Keep on showing Christian love, even while the rest of the world doesn’t.

Some posts on this topic:

Part 13: “Division Heating Up, Love Cooling Down”

Part 26: “Hatred Is Demonic”

Part 28: “Civil War Is what Satan Wants”

Part 47: “Don’t Play Satan’s Divide-and-Deceive Game”

Spiritual Warfare and Witchcraft Defense Basics

Finally, I’ve shared some knowledge on the very basics of demons, spiritual warfare, and witchcraft defense. The knowledge is very basic, but based on readings, study and even a little Wisdom from the LORD.

As Christians, we’re involved in a war. It’s a war that’s always going on, and will never stop until the day our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ returns. It’s a war unlike any other, and it’s one that even many Christians are unaware of. In my posts on the topics of demons, Spiritual warfare, and witchcraft, I’ve shared what I know about these things and even shared some of my first-hand experience with them. Two fundamental principles of Spiritual warfare I want to emphasize are:

  • Our enemies are not physical; they are demon spirits (Spiritual enemies) (Ephesians 6:12)
  • Our weapons we fight with are not physical; they are Spiritual weapons (2 Corinthians 10:4-5)

Other than that, I hope you’ll check out the posts linked below and read through some of them. I hope they’re useful to you. For detailed info on specific demons, I have two miniseries you can check out. Cast Down Jezebel is about the Jezebel spirit, and Free from Ahab is about the Ahab spirit. Check those out for detailed knowledge on those two.

Some posts on this topic:

Part 14: “World of Witchcraft”

Part 15: “My First Battle in the War” (first-hand experience)

Part 16: “Only One True Enemy”

Part 20: “The True War is Not in the Flesh”

Part 25: “Witchcraft Defense 101”

Part 32: “How to Recognize Witchcraft Dreams”

Part 36: “Another Scrap with the Shadow People” (first-hand experience)

Thank You for Reading my Blog!

That should cover the most important ideas I’ve written on so far. I hope you’ll follow some of the links and find them interesting. If I can give you some good reading material to sift through I’ll be very happy about that.

To close out I’d just like to say: Thank You, Readers, for reading my blog!

I’m very happy to have you visiting my blog. If you enjoy what you read here make sure to Subscribe to my FREE weekly newsletter using the link below, so that you’ll never miss a post!

I’m happy to reach 50 posts in my main blog series. Here’s looking forward to 50 more. I thank You for Your continued Readership and hope you’ll enjoy what’s coming up in the future.


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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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