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When we say “I will” and insist on it, ignoring God’s commandments, then we’re making the same act of rebellion as Satan. And we will meet with the same fate in the end if we don’t REPENT and change our ways.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. It’s time for another Friday End Times post.

Today’s post was inspired by Isaiah 14, and the famous passage describing Satan’s fall from Heaven. When we read it we see that, since the earliest days, the devil has been committing one sin over and over and over (on top of many others of course). And what would that be?

Since the beginning of time, before the Book of Genesis, the devil has been saying “I will” instead of “Thy will [God’s will] be done.” He has made an idol of his own will, and committed the sin of rebellion. And if he can, he seeks to trick us into doing the same. So let’s take a look at Isaiah 14 and go from there.

Isaiah 14 — The Morning Star Falls

This famous passage from Isaiah 14 shows the satanic “I will” and its spiritual danger. Let’s take a look.

(12) How you’ve fallen from heaven,
morning star, son of dawn!
You are cut down to earth,
helpless on your back!
(13) You said to yourself, I will climb up to heaven;
above God’s stars, I will raise my throne.
I’ll sit on the mount of assembly,
on the heights of Zaphon.
(14) I’ll go up to the cloud tops;
I’ll be like the Most High!
(15) But down to the underworld you are brought,
to the depths of the pit.

Isaiah 14:12-15 (CEB)

The “morning star” is Satan, because Lucifer is the Latin word for “light bearer” or “morning star.”

This passage in Isaiah 14 refers to events that took place before the Book of Genesis. So we see that, since the earliest days, even earlier than Genesis, Satan has been saying “I will ( ______ ).” He’s been trying to assert his will and whatever he wants over God’s will. He’s been placing his will and what he wants on a pedestal of the highest importance, and disregarding God’s will. He’s committed countless evils to get what he wants, whatever the cost. He has tried to exalt himself above God, justifying it through his prideful belief that he is as great as or better than God.

But as we can see in Isaiah 14, it didn’t work out how he wanted. His will was not accomplished. It was always going to end that way for him, because God is infinitely greater than the devil in every way. The devil in his sinful pride refused to understand this, and was thrown down from Heaven by a power he never could have hoped to compete with. If he’d been humble he wouldn’t have acted against God, understanding his true position. But Satan, the devil, has always insisted on having his will be done.

“I will,” he said. “I’m going to do what I want. I’m going to make it happen. No one can stop me. And I’m going to do it because it’s what I want.” This is the satanic “I will.”

The satanic “I will” is at the heart of satanism as we know it today. Since the time of Aleister Crowley in the early 1900s, the guiding philosophy of modern satanism is “do as thou wilt” (do what you want). They also phrase it in other, less familiar ways such as “freedom in action.” But if you can break a statement down and find that it essentially means “do what you want,” then you know to be wary of it. Much satanism is covert and disguised in these End Times.

Doing whatever you want is a satanic attitude. It’s rebellious against God, since God tells us not to do whatever we want but to keep His commandments. And “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft,” (1 Samuel 15:23) as in, an abomination (hated by God) and a mortal sin. Instead of insisting on “I will,” God wants us to pray “Thy will be done” (referring to God’s will).

“I Will” vs. “Thy Will”

God doesn’t tell us to keep His commandments just to steal all the fun from our lives. No, if we follow God’s commandments we can live a better, fuller life. We can have better relationships, stay healthier, avoid problems caused by dishonesty and shadiness, and just get into less trouble in general.

Doing our best to live in a Biblical way is wise. It makes us more effective, happier, and fulfilled, while avoiding more trouble as I said. For some condensed, straight-to-the-point Biblical wisdom about how to live a good life, I recommend you turn to the Book of Proverbs first. Start your reading there. Proverbs is full of wisdom on how to live a good life that honors God. If you can take those Proverbs to heart and start acting in that way, you’ll drastically improve your life. Start living that way (as best you can), and you’ll see what I mean when I say a Godly life is a better, more fulfilled life. Not a less-fun life.

But that’s beside the point. If we insist on carrying out our own will, even if it goes against God’s will or we hear Him telling us “no,” then we’re committing the sin of idolatry. If we decide we can do whatever we want with no regard to what God would think about it, we’re committing the sin of idolatry. In these cases we have created an idol of our own will. We worship ourselves and act to get what we want, no matter the cost.

I wrote about this exact topic in Part 33. You can check that post for more detail on this. In that post, among other things I said:

[…] if we pray for something to happen and it doesn’t, then we have to accept God’s will and plan for our lives. Sometimes our own plans fall through. Sometimes God says “no.” Sometimes we don’t get what we want. […] The problems come when we insist on having our way, no matter what. This is going against God’s will to pursue our own. This is creating an idol of our own will. This is idolatry. […] When we refuse to accept God’s will and insist on pursuing our own, we are in rebellion to God. We are saying we know better or otherwise refuse to accept God’s “no.”

Since before the Book of Genesis, Satan has said “I will.” He thought himself equal or greater to God. This pride made him believe he could do what he wanted, since he deserved it as God’s equal. Isaiah 14 shows he was ejected from Heaven for this blasphemy. Jesus also mentions the same event in Luke 10:18.

After suffering the consequences of his foolishness, the devil has been trying to trip up humanity to commit this same sin ever since.

The Law of “I Will”

“Do what you want, because you’re the one who should decide if you deserve to do it, don’t humble yourself below anything else.” This is the essence of Satan’s first and most frequent lie. “Break God’s commandments—you should be the one to decide what’s right and what’s not.” This is how Satan tripped up Adam and Eve. He still uses the same tactics today, and they’re still very effective.

I’ve written about the Law of Attraction before. I wrote a post called The Law of Narcissism, attacking the logic of this sinful practice. It was a secular argument, only targeting the logic of the Law of Attraction and the implications of that logic. In that post I didn’t even get into how the Law of Attraction is witchcraft, and how using it causes you to interact with the Leviathan demon. I still need to write that post one of these days, come to think of it ….

For those who don’t know what the Law of Attraction (LOA) is, I recommend you check out The Law of Narcissism post. But to summarize in as few words as I can think of, it’s the act of praying to “the universe” (the Leviathan demon AKA Tiamat) by speaking affirmations and meditating on things you want. Then, the universe will rearrange itself to provide you with what you want. Basically it’s a belief that we can bend reality to our own will, or create our own reality.

I’ve also said before that yes, we do create our own reality … by the choices we make each day. If we eat healthy and exercise today, we’ll enjoy the blessing of good health tomorrow. If we save and use our money wisely today, we’ll have savings for when things get bad tomorrow. And so on. The choices we make today create our future reality.

But leaving that aside, bending reality to our own will is the important keyword when talking about LOA. This is the satanic “I will,” cleverly disguised in an attractive package.

If we use LOA, we’re interacting with a demon (and almost all the people using LOA don’t understand that) and casting magic, which the LORD forbids. We’re violating God’s commandments to do what we want. To get what we want. We’re saying “I will” instead of “Thy will [God’s will] be done.” We’re ignoring God’s commands and committing the sin of rebellion. “I will” is a very dangerous statement to make. “I will” can be spiritually fatal. “I will” has been the devil’s line, going back to the earliest days.

Focus on God’s Will

We need to be cautious and alert, as always. We need to think about what we do, and what we’re planning. Who’s will are we pursuing? God’s will, or our own?

When we say “I will” and insist on it, ignoring God’s commandments, then we’re making the same act of rebellion as Satan. And we will meet with the same fate in the end if we don’t REPENT and change our ways. So again, examine your actions, examine your plans and ideas. Are you saying “I will” or “Thy will?”

And don’t forget that the devil, bitter and furious about his punishment, will never stop trying to trick us into the same act of rebellion. He wants everyone to suffer his fate with him. Don’t play along! Be wary of the world’s spirituality, which produces things such as the Law of Attraction.

Don’t foolishly jump on trends like the Law of Attraction because it’s popular. It’s popular for a reason—Satan wants everyone doing it. He wants everyone in the clutches of the Leviathan demon, in the clutches of Satan. Dissect and examine things like the Law of Attraction. Use your God-given intellect, use your discernment. Pray about it—ask your ultimate advisor and mentor, the LORD. Refer all questions and unknowns to Him, the source of all wisdom.

If, like the Law of Attraction, it boils down to ignoring God’s laws to do or get what you want? If it boils down to “I will” instead of “Thy will?” Then you know where it came from, and who’s promoting it. Then you know it’s one of Satan’s snares.

Learn to say “Thy will be done.” Think about that, not what “I will.” The more we think about what God’s will is and what He wants us to do, the better we’ll become at following His commandments and avoiding sin.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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