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The Ahab spirit is evil to the core like its counterpart, the Jezebel spirit. The Ahab spirit also leads its victims into sin and immorality, but in different ways than Jezebel.

The Free from Ahab miniseries

Free from Ahab Part 1: Intro

Free from Ahab Part 2: Who Was Ahab?

Free from Ahab Part 3: Passive, Aggressive, Assertive

Free from Ahab Part 4: Jezebel and Ahab—The Match Made in Hell

Free from Ahab Part 5: Breaking Free from Passivity

Hello Readers, hope all’s well. It’s time for the final post in Free from Ahab, my miniseries on the Ahab spirit. Yes, it’s true, we’ve already reached the end. I knew from the start this miniseries would be shorter than Cast Down Jezebel, my miniseries about the Jezebel spirit. There’s less material to cover with the Ahab spirit. The rest of what you need to know, you can learn by reading Cast Down Jezebel.

The two demons are intimately connected, and are most often found together. Although the idea that “if there’s a Jezebel spirit present, an Ahab spirit is around” isn’t always true, it usually is. Still, it’s dangerous to think of the Ahab spirit only as Jezebel’s flunky and enabler.

The Ahab spirit has an evil agenda of its own for its victims. It’s pointless to compare demon spirits and rank them in order of “evilness.” Evil is evil is evil. All these demons want to steal the salvation of saved Christian believers, and mislead us into hell. So although each of us may be more vulnerable to the temptations of certain demons, all demons are fatal to us spiritually.

In the Ahab spirit’s case, its main harm is locking its victims into a cycle of passive behavior. That’s why it’s also referred to as the spirit of passivity.

OK then, looking back, what did we learn in this miniseries?

Free from Ahab [1/6]: Intro

A short and simple post introducing the topics I cover during the series. Pretty self-explanatory.

Free from Ahab [2/6]: Who Was Ahab?

King Ahab was Queen Jezebel’s husband in 1 Kings. He was passive to her, allowing her to spread her pagan idolatry throughout Israel. She usurped his rightful authority as king to do so; she needed his position to achieve her goals. Ahab gave it up to gain her approval.

But we can’t lay all the blame on Jezebel. King Ahab was wicked in his own way, and had his own evil agenda. He manipulated Jezebel to get what he wanted from her too. Like the Jezebel spirit, the Ahab spirit also uses manipulation. The Ahab spirit’s strategy is to compensate for its weakness by manipulating others to fight its battles.

It’s important to understand this. The Ahab spirit may be weaker than it’s Jezebel spirit counterpart, but it’s still evil and manipulative. As Steve Sampson says:

Ahabs can be just as selfish, controlling, and even manipulative because they give their power away in order to get love in return. Ahab himself did things for Jezebel in order to get what he wanted.

Steve Sampson, Discerning and Defeating the Ahab Spirit, Page 30

The Ahab spirit is also strategic. It cultivates political alliances and connections (which the Jezebel spirit also makes use of). This helps it to manipulate people better.

The Ahab spirit is a cowering spirit. It will not take a forthright stand for what it believes but will use dishonesty, manipulation, and political alliances to get what it wants. […] Ahab is certainly a master of manipulation in his own right.

Jennifer LeClaire, Jezebel’s Puppets, Pages 80-81

I say this to emphasize that the Ahab spirit is by no means innocent, even if it’s under the heel of the Jezebel spirit. The infamous story of Ahab taking Naboth’s vineyard illustrates this. Part 2 tells the story in detail. The story also illustrates how the Ahab spirit is a covetous spirit—it wants what it can’t have.

Ahab has a coveting spirit and falls into a state of deep depression if he doesn’t get his way. Those with the Ahab spirit suffer with an ongoing struggle with depression. […] Jezebel’s influence on Ahab intensifies his ungodly lust for the possessions of others.

Jonas Clark, Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War, Page 126

This post was based on the material from Part 6 of Cast Down Jezebel. You can check out that post too.

Free from Ahab [3/6]: Passive, Aggressive, Assertive

In this post I explore the difference between passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior. The Ahab spirit keeps its victims caught in a cycle of passive behavior.

There’s a long list comparing common passive and aggressive behaviors in this post. For example, a passive behavior is to try to avoid arguments at all cost to keep the peace, while an aggressive behavior is to start arguments that don’t need to happen. The Ahab spirit is a passive peacemaker, timid and hoping to avoid confrontation. If that means accepting abuse to not confront someone, then so be it.

Aggressive behavior is disordered too. Aggressive is unfortunately often mistaken for assertive, but that’s not true. Aggressive people, like those with a Jezebel spirit, cause conflict and start arguments that don’t need to happen. They do this to dominate others. As Christians we aren’t supposed to be aggressive like this.

In short, being passive is not standing up for yourself. Avoiding conflict at all cost, even if it means accepting abuse. This doesn’t glorify God.

Aggressive means dominating others. It means yelling, insulting, threatening, and intimidating others to get your way instead of using communication skills. This also doesn’t glorify God.

In the perfect middle between aggressive and passive is assertive. Having the self-love and self-respect to stand up for ourselves, but not running all over others to do it. Assertive is how we should behave. Check the post for an example from the Gospels of Jesus acting assertively.

Free from Ahab [4/6]: Jezebel and Ahab—The Match Made in Hell

A look at the abusive Jezebel-Ahab relationship, how it (dys)functions, and why it forms.

Why do some people get instantly attracted to people who are bad for them? People who abuse them, or mistreat them? Well this post explains that there’s a spiritual connection being made the instant you meet somebody. The Ahab and Jezebel spirits inside people recognize each other, and reach out to each other. Then the Ahab spirit is trapped.

As the passive partner trapped with an aggressive Jezebel spirit, the Ahab spirit gets stuck in an abusive situation. This abusive relationship doesn’t honor God, and in fact is a mockery of what a good relationship should be. Staying in this situation only leads to more and more sin, and more and more abuse.

The only way for the Ahab spirit to break free of this is to heal their emotional wounds and trauma. This is a big part of why they’re attracted to toxic partners to begin with, even without the self-destructive influence of the Ahab spirit.

Once the Ahab spirit turns to Jesus to heal their emotional wounds, they will begin to recover. They can start throwing off the Ahab spirit (discussed in further detail in the next post) and stop being passive. As they recover, they’ll start to recognize the abusive situation they’re in. As they stop being passive, they’ll no longer tolerate this. At some point they’ll have to stand up for themselves (be assertive) and leave the relationship.

The abusive Jezebel-Ahab relationship is a trap. It only leads to abuse and sin. Much evil results from this arrangement. It’s not only the abuse, but the fact that Ahab enables Jezebel to commit evil. Remember: The Jezebel needs the Ahab for something, be it money, or connections, or something else.

The Ahab spirit must not only break free of this relationship, they must understand why they got into it in the first place. Once they understand this, heal their wounds, and stop being passive, they’re much less likely to get into this mess again. Armed with their new wisdom, they’ll learn to recognize red flags to avoid. They will finally break free from the abusive Jezebel-Ahab relationship, hopefully forever.

Free from Ahab [5/6]: Breaking Free from Passivity

The good news is that we can fight back against the Ahab spirit. This post details how. Combine this post with the other spiritual warfare knowledge from Part 8 of Cast Down Jezebel.

Assertiveness can be learned; it’s never too late to start. But there is an obvious step one for throwing off the Ahab spirit and the curse of passivity: Turn to Jesus. Jesus Christ is the power and the authority that all demons must submit to, they have no choice. So someone who sincerely desires to rid themselves of the Ahab spirit must first turn to Christ in faith and repentance. He will help.

Now back to learning assertiveness. Someone breaking free from the Ahab spirit must learn how to behave assertively. This means being having the self-love and self-respect to stand up for yourself and your own needs. A large part of that is not avoiding confrontations that need to happen. It does not mean starting confrontations that don’t need to happen, because that would be an aggressive behavior. The person breaking free must learn the assertive balance as they continue walking with Jesus and growing as a new person.

They must clean up the sins from their life, turning to Jesus for help. Pornography is a major transmission method for the Ahab spirit, so that has to go. Remember that walking in sin keeps the door open for demons, and they will come back if we don’t reform our ways.

Also, a person breaking free from the Ahab spirit must go about healing their emotional wounds, as these are also an open door for demons. Not only that, but these unhealed wounds and the pain they cause also influence a person’s behavior in unwanted ways, leading them to make poor choices. Choices such as getting sucked into abusive Jezebel-Ahab relationships many times over.

On that note, another thing the person must do to break free from the Ahab spirit is to leave their abusive Jezebel-Ahab relationship. Nothing good comes from this abusive situation, and it’s not assertive behavior to continue accepting abuse. Breaking free from this trap is almost like a first test for the person in their fight against the Ahab spirit.

Remember: Jesus is the vital element in each of these steps. When breaking free from the Ahab spirit, stick close to Jesus and follow the path of healing He sets out for you. But if someone sincerely desires to break the curse of passivity, leave their abusive and sinful relationship, and cast out the Ahab spirit, then Jesus Christ will help them to do so.

To Sum it up

The Ahab spirit is evil to the core like its counterpart, the Jezebel spirit. The Ahab spirit also leads its victims into sin and immorality, but in different ways than Jezebel. The Ahab spirit keeps its victims stuck in a self-destructive cycle of passivity. They stop standing up for themselves, and tolerate abuse in their relationships. Meanwhile, the Ahab spirit causes them to be covetous and perverse. When the spirit can’t get what it wants, it falls into a deep depression along with its host.

The Ahab spirit and its victim are never completely helpless and innocent though. They’re political creatures, forming alliances and networks of connections. They can be charismatic and cunning. Their allies help them manipulate others better. The Ahab spirit is too passive to fight its own battles, so it manipulates others to fight for it. This allows it to avoid direct conflict while also keeping its hands clean. The Ahab spirit has its own evil agenda and goals, like the Jezebel spirit. There’s no point in comparing evil to evil to debate which is worse—both of these spirits are evil.

Do you suspect you have an Ahab spirit? This is a serious problem. Turn to Jesus Christ now in repentance and faith. Ask Him to heal you of your emotional wounds. Ask Him to heal you of your passivity, and give you the strength to become assertive. Ask Him to help you clean up your life of sin. Ask Him for help, and He will help you.

Passivity is slavery. Don’t tolerate any more abuse. Don’t let the world walk over you any longer. Turn to Christ now, today! Break Free from Ahab and live the assertive life that Christ wants you to have!

Further Reading

The content of this series was heavily influenced by Discerning and Defeating the Ahab Spirit, by Steve Sampson, Chosen Books 2010.

This book is excellent, and perhaps the best book on the Ahab spirit there is. The whole book is dedicated to this spirit. The book goes into much further detail about how passive behavior patterns form, and how to start living assertively. If you want more info about living assertively than my miniseries offers, or you just want as much info on the Ahab spirit as you can get, then you should check out this book.

CLICK HERE to buy Discerning and Defeating the Ahab Spirit on Amazon (AFFILIATE LINK).

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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