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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. I’m only chiming in with a very short, quick post today. I’m on vacation this week, as I said all last week. I’m not traveling anywhere because of the COVID-19 situation, but I am enjoying myself here in my own country.

Today’s post is just a few short thoughts about people who turn to Christ, and how actions speak louder than words.

Actions Speak, Words Say Nothing

Sometime last year Kanye West, the famous rapper and producer, made a very public conversion to Christianity. He was very excited and open about it, letting everyone know that he had found Jesus. Later that year, he recorded and released a Christian rap album called Jesus Is King.

Some people were thrilled at the news. A celebrity rapper finding Jesus, that’s a great thing, right? Others were more skeptical. Is Kanye West really a Christian?

Well, when someone says that they found Jesus and they embrace Christianity, that is something to be celebrated. But as for the question of whether they’re really a Christian, it’s important to watch the person’s actions after that though. Their actions will show whether they’re really Christian or not. Because when someone says they found Jesus, we have no way to evaluate that statement without watching their actions, because whether you’ve found Jesus or not is such a personal thing. No one would ever be able to know if you’re telling the truth, just based on what you say.

But a person’s actions always reveal their true thoughts and intentions. People can say anything, and they do all the time. What people say is largely meaningless. It’s easy to say “I’m a Christian,” it’s only three words. But it’s not easy to be a Christian, because that requires effort, inner reform, and changed behavior (actions).

So when celebrities like Kanye West or any other person for that matter say they’ve become a Christian, let’s go ahead and be happy for them. Christ welcomes all people, and doesn’t hold our pasts against us either (Romans 8:1). So anybody can turn to Jesus, but not everyone can walk the walk and be a real Christian. We have to watch people and their actions.

As for Kanye West, it seems that he promotes a form of prosperity Gospel, a fully heretical and demonic teaching. Here’s an article getting into some of the details of that. In Kanye’s case, perhaps his conversion went awry or wasn’t properly guided. People can say anything, and they do all the time. That’s why words are largely meaningless. What people do, their actions, that is what’s really important. So let’s continue to watch Kanye West’s actions and think about whether those are things a Christian would do or not.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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