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The time for trying to “wake people up” is over now. Now we’re moving in the Endgame. It’s time to be getting ready, not time to be waking people up.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Time for another End Times post to wrap up the week. In today’s post I’ll be talking about some of the things we need to do to get ready for the Second Coming of Christ.

The time for trying to wake people up to this is over, I say. Opinions may vary on that, but I say it shouldn’t be our main concern anymore. It’s time to get ready now. And there are a few things I can think of that we need to do. All are hard, so we better start doing them now.

And I’ve written about these things before, but that’s OK, because I can never repeat it enough. Since I’m such an imperfect, sinful creature, I have plenty of trouble following through on these things myself, as I explain below. None of this is easy. So we’d better be focused on doing the hard work on ourselves we need to do to be ready. That goes for me too, of course. Everything I’m saying to you, it applies to me too.

Doing this work calls for our focus and energy. If you’ve been focused on trying to “wake people up” to the fact that these are the End Times, then it’s time to put that on the back-burner for a minute. It’s the Endgame now, the time for warnings is past.

Already in the Endgame

The time for trying to “wake people up” is over now. Now we’re moving in the Endgame. It’s time to be getting ready, not time to be waking people up.

The message has been preached far and wide. The signs are there. We don’t know the day or the hour, but we will know the season. And ’tis the season. On top of that God’s Word has always been available to us. We can look into it and see for ourselves.

One of the passages that tell us we’re in the End Times is 2 Timothy 3:1-9. I took a look at that passage earlier this week in the previous End Times post. I’ll look at others as time goes on.

Any church not preaching that we’re in the End Times right now is being dishonest at best. Many feel uncomfortable thinking about the End Times, because they have a natural fear of dying, of being imprisoned, and so on. But that fear is not a valid reason to deny we’re in the End Times or to avoid talking about it.

Anyway, the signs are visible, and they have been for some time. If people won’t wake up to the reality now, after everything that’s been going on for the last few years? Then they don’t want to wake up. They don’t want to accept the world is ending. What is there to do about that?

Only praying for them. That’s all that we can do. Pray that God will grant them wisdom, and open their eyes. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move within them. Pray for them to understand the signs of the times. This understanding, this realization, it has to come from within. Like faith, it has to be done on an individual level. It can’t be forced, or it’s not genuine.

Although we should never stop preaching the message that The End Is Now (because preaching is something we can always do), waking people up to it should no longer be our biggest concern. All the way up to the Final Day, we will always have time to minister to anyone who comes and asks us about the End Times. We can minister to the ones who respond to the preaching. But while we continue preaching that The End Is Now, and never forgetting our Christian obligations to society either (see Part 18 for more on that), let’s focus on something more important. Getting ourselves ready.

We all Have Hard Work to Do

I sinned today, greatly. I failed in a personal resolution of mine, a personal battle of mine. I suffered a relapse to an addiction of sorts, you could say. It’s not the first time this has happened either. I had been doing a great job lately of keeping this sin in check, but today I messed up. I failed, like humans do.

“No one struggles harder than the one who fights to conquer himself.” (The Imitation of Christ, paraphrasing)

To overcome our sins, change our ways, and change our hearts and minds is one of the greatest battles we’ll ever undertake in life. It’s a battle that’s well worth it, not only for the eternal reward of salvation, but also for the immediate spiritual benefits right here on earth. But it is hard. So hard that we’re bound to fail, more than once. Failure becomes a question of when, not if. We should be failing less as we continue along this journey, but we will fail sometimes and fall to our sins.

The work we need to do on ourselves, our Sanctification, is a continual process. We start anew every day, and it’s always hard. We need to rely on our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, because this is all too hard for us. Our sins, yours and mine, are too much for us. We lose to our sins sometimes and fail to resist indulging them, like I did today. Our flesh is too weak because it’s of this world. The LORD knows this, since He came in the flesh as a human being, He knows our limitations and how easily we’re tempted. He was tempted to sin Himself, but He was always able to resist. Well, we simply don’t have His power.

But He can see what we’re doing, what we’re thinking, and how hard we’re trying. He knows what we’re working with, He knows we’re only human. He knows we’re going to fail sometimes. But He does expect for us to work on overcoming these sins, overcoming the flesh.

That’s a big part of the work we need to be doing right now, with the time we have left. And this work is so hard, and takes so long, that waking people up should be less of a concern right now than this. We have lots of work to do, and less time to do it with every day that goes by. We need to look inside and make sure we’re battling our own sins with the LORD’s help. Because when we kneel before God for our final judgment, He’s not going to ask us about anyone else’s sins! But we will have to account for our own.

Overcoming our sins isn’t easy. But nothing that’s truly worth it ever is. This is something we should be working hard on right now. We should be putting more time into this than into waking people up.

And remember, we can sin in our minds too, as I wrote in Part 26. God’s moral standards extend to our thoughts and feelings too. Hatred is a sin, a sin against God. Hateful thoughts count too, even if they’re not expressed. God can still see them, and He hates the sin of them. Every relapse starts in the mind. I had some hateful thoughts before my relapse, thoughts that are hateful to God. I will be repenting of them today, because I believe the LORD allowed me to relapse because of them. He withdrew His protection from me, temporarily. I described this in Part 25, my post about how to defend from witchcraft. I committed a sin, so He allowed me to fall to the enemy.

I can’t know that that’s what happened, because I don’t know God’s ways, of course. But I can make an educated guess.

The battle against sin is constant. It’s everyday. Never get comfortable. It’s a brutal fight and we need to be fighting that battle now, during the End Times. But some failure is inevitable, so we need to REPENT too.

Time to Repent

Another thing we must all do during the End Times, before our LORD returns is to REPENT of our sins. All our sins, known and unknown.

Remember that as long as we turn to Jesus in faith, confess our sins and REPENT of them, He will forgive us.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9 (CEB)

There’s no sin He can’t forgive. He is greater than all sin. There’s no sin that’s too big or too grievous for Him to forgive. Turn to Him now!

After REPENTANCE is renunciation and reformation. We can’t just say “sorry” for our sins and leave it at that. We need to hate the sin and cut all ties to it. That can mean burning evil books, for example. Basically eliminating the traces of that sin from our life (if that’s possible). This is renunciation. And then reformation is changing our ways.

It’s time to REPENT of our sins to the LORD Jesus Christ. Turn to Him in faith. Confess everything, and He will forgive us.

Get Closer to God NOW

Other than that, we should be communicating with God in prayer every day now. And we should be reading God’s Word every day too, with the hope of gaining wisdom and insight on our situation as well as world events. Basically, what I’m saying can be summed up like this:


Now is the time to get closer to God. Go ahead and let others know that too, but make sure you’re not neglecting to do it yourself!

We have a lot of hard work to do, and it will take everything out of us. We need to turn to Jesus and REPENT now, that’s first. We need to ask him for help for overcoming our sins. That’s major too. We also have our obligations to society, our duty to fight the works of the devil (hatred, inequality, poverty, etc.) wherever we find them. On top of those things, each of which are brutally tough in their own right, we have to find time for prayer and reading God’s Word every day. There’s a lot on our plate right now! Don’t worry, it won’t be that way for too long. The End will come soon.

But the point of today’s post is: Don’t worry so much about waking people up. There was a time for that, and that time has passed. If people don’t want to acknowledge that these are the End Times we’re living in, that’s on them. You can’t force that realization on others. And we must not force a viewpoint on others either, because that’s not Christian. That’s control, that’s witchcraft.

We can still preach the message that The End Is Now while we go about our other business. Take time to preach to those who want to know more about that message. But waking people up to something they’ve already been warned about is no longer the main concern.

This is the Endgame now. The time for warnings is over. It’s time to get ready. Look inside yourself, it’s time to do the hard work. It’s time to battle your sins. It’s time to turn to Jesus and REPENT!


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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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