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The Ahab spirit is passive, submissive, avoidant, codependent, and wounded. Someone with an Ahab spirit on them is the perfect prey for a controlling, domineering, manipulative Jezebel.

Hello Readers, hope all’s well. This is the beginning, the intro post, to my new miniseries on the demonic Ahab spirit. After doing the Cast Down Jezebel miniseries, it’s time to write about Jezebel’s codependent enabler. I’ll plan to upload new entries in this miniseries every Wednesday until it’s done.

Everyone’s talking about the Jezebel spirit, and how people with this spirit are in relationships. But to do the best at what it does, the Jezebel spirit needs a codependent enabler who tolerates Jezebel and won’t stand up to them. And that would be the Ahab spirit. I don’t hear anyone talking about the Ahab spirit, even when discussing narcissistic relationships. That’s a mistake, because the Ahab spirit is one half of the dysfunctional codependent relationship equation. We need to talk about it, and know about it.

The Ahab spirit is the main enabler of the Jezebel spirit’s evil activities. Where there’s a Jezebel operating, there’s usually an Ahab around too.

But why is the Ahab spirit so passive? Where does that behavior come from? That’s the main issue we’re going to look at in this miniseries, Free from Ahab.

Sinful Passivity

In Part 6 of my Cast Down Jezebel miniseries, I wrote a post about Ahab. I explained how the Ahab spirit is Jezebel’s primary enabler, and that Jezebel can’t advance its wicked agenda without Ahab’s help. I wrote about how passive it was, and how it gives up its authority to the Jezebel. Note that the Ahab enables Jezebel and gives up its own God-given authority by tolerating what the Jezebel does. By not standing up for itself. That’s where the Ahab first goes wrong, and from there things are out of its control.

In the Free from Ahab miniseries, I’m going to go into more detail about the Ahab spirit. How it works and what makes it tick.

The Jezebel spirit is such a hot topic on YouTube these days. I keep seeing that name in video titles. I see it more and more. It’s a name that everyone seems to know now. That’s because people are now recognizing narcissists for what they are: demonically afflicted people. In the worst cases, near-demons themselves. Many people are leaving narcissistic relationships (or getting dumped) and want answers. Knowledge of the Jezebel spirit is growing through these YouTube videos, as word spreads that this evil spirit is connected to narcissists.

But what about the other half of narcissistic relationships? What about the victims? Who’s pointing out that so often, victims of narcissists continue getting into the same type of dysfunctional relationships over and over? That realization is important, and it’s connected to the Ahab spirit.

The Ahab spirit is passive, submissive, avoidant, codependent, and wounded. Someone with an Ahab spirit on them is the perfect prey for a controlling, domineering, manipulative Jezebel. And that’s why Jezebel and Ahab are so often found together in dysfunctional, abusive relationships and marriages. One’s weakness is perfectly suited for the other’s predatory nature. It’s a match made in hell. Because it’s a perfect match, in a way, but it’s an abusive match that results in suffering instead of healthy relationships that glorify God. So it’s a match made in hell, not heaven.

The Ahab will be unhappy the whole time, living in a personal hell right here on earth. The Jezebel will be their usual sick selves, up to their usual evil agenda. As unhappy as they are, the Ahab’s passive nature tends to keep them stuck in their situation. Even worse, the Ahab’s self-esteem can be so disordered that they might even feel they deserve the abuse.

These relationships do not glorify God as relationships should. They’re a sad perversion of what the union between man and woman should be. God does not call anyone to stay in an abusive situation. It doesn’t glorify God for Ahab to passively accept a life of abuse from Jezebel.

*Quick note here. Demon spirits have no gender and know no gender. Gender is irrelevant to them. So a Jezebel spirit can indwell a man, and an Ahab spirit can indwell a woman. And vice-versa. Men and women can be found on both sides of abusive Jezebel-Ahab relationships.

The Ahab spirit is very sinful in its own right too, which we will look at.

I don’t know exactly how many parts this miniseries will have, but it will be shorter than Cast Down Jezebel. Here are some things I plan to cover:

  • Who is Ahab, and what is the Ahab Spirit?
  • The Jezebel and Ahab relationship: How does it (not) work? Why does it happen?
  • The Ahab spirit’s passivity—where does it come from?
  • Healing the wounds—how the Ahab unlearns passive behavior
  • Living assertively—how the Ahab grows out of their passive ways and starts living the life they deserve

If I can cover these topics well, then I’ll be satisfied with my work. Most of what I write will be based on Discerning and Defeating the Ahab Spirit (AFFILIATE LINK) by Steve Sampson. It’s an excellent book, with great info on what someone needs to do to change their ways so they can walk free of Ahab. It does a great job of exploring the roots of passivity, and where that behavior comes from. The Ahab spirit, like all demonic spirits, is an expert at exploiting the emotional wounds it finds in a person.

Just as the Jezebel spirit can be cast down, so too can the Ahab spirit be defeated. By the power and authority of LORD Jesus Christ, we believers can cast this demon out. We can break free from dysfunctional Jezebel-Ahab relationships. We can break free of the curse of passivity and start living assertively, the way our LORD and Savior intended.

I hope you’ll enjoy this miniseries, with new posts every Wednesday. At least that’s the plan.

Break Free from Ahab!

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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