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Satan doesn’t bait the hook for us with physical pain, but with physical pleasure. Otherwise, who would be trying and using drugs?

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Today’s post is on the topic of drugs, a topic which appears a handful of times in the Bible. Drugs are a seductive calling of the flesh because of the pleasure they offer. But following the call of the flesh only leads to more sin, so we must not touch them. Besides, drugs are witchcraft.

I don’t have much else to say for an intro, so I’ll get straight into it.

Drugs Are Witchcraft

There are some passages in the CEB translation of the Bible that translate a certain Hebrew word as “drugs.” I won’t mention each one, but Revelation 9:21 is one of them.

(21) They didn’t turn away from their murders, their spells and drugs, their sexual immorality, or their stealing.

Revelation 9:21 (CEB)

I know nothing about the Hebrew language, but I’ve heard that one meaning of this Hebrew word being translated as “drugs” is witchcraft. In other words, drugs are witchcraft. And that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

There are drugs out there that turn the users into completely different people. People addicted to these drugs become unrecognizable to their family and friends. They turn into monsters, completely consumed by one thought: Getting their next hit. The family and friends who were close to them before often say that these addicts turn into completely different people.

Now that’s a sign of witchcraft, for sure. A large part of witchcraft is about covert control and forcing people to do things. This can include changing people, but not in a healthy or positive way. The changes are only made to suit the witch’s purposes. This is accomplished through spells, curses, and other means. A witch casting a love spell on someone would be an example of what I’m talking about.

So addictive drugs, which have the effect of completely changing the addict, really are witchcraft when you think about it like that. The drugs themselves may be chemical compounds, a product of science, but the effects they produce are witchcraft. The control they have over their unfortunate victims is witchcraft.

And there’s a spiritual element to all this too. The drugs themselves have a demonic spirit in them. Working together with the demon of addiction, they entrap their victims and make them slaves to a substance. The demon of addiction is always attacking their mind, making them obsess over the drug, making it their only focus. When a person breaks free temporarily, the demon of addiction and the demon of that drug relentlessly attack the person’s mind. They do everything they can to make a person relapse.

The demon spirit inside drugs, and the demon of addiction, are only concerned with keeping their victims enslaved. This pleases Satan, because all drug use leads to sin.

Following the Flesh always Creates more Sin

If drugs caused excruciating pain instead of pleasurable highs, no one would be seeking them out. Drugs are pleasurable, or at least they are for the moment, before the withdrawal sets in later. Satan doesn’t bait the hook for us with physical pain, but with physical pleasure. Otherwise, who would be trying and using drugs?

Pleasure is a calling of the flesh. As Christians, a vital part of our walk is to overcome our fleshy, sinful natures and subdue them so we can gain the divine pleasures of Heaven later. Although we aren’t entirely forbidden from enjoying physical pleasures, like sex, or cake and ice cream, we are called to cultivate the virtue of temperance. That means taking these pleasures in strict moderation, so that we maintain control over our bodies. So that we conquer the non-stop urges of our flesh. So that we don’t become slaves to worldly pleasures, and lose our salvation and the divine pleasures of Heaven as a result.

The pleasure that comes from drugs, among other things, is a calling of the flesh. Our job is to resist that call, and defeat it. The call of the flesh is the devil, because following that call leads to more sins. The good news is that if we resist this call, it will subside. The devil (the call of the flesh) will flee from us. And it gets easier to resist every time we do this.

(7) Therefore, submit to God. Resist the devil, and he will run away from you.

James 4:7 (CEB)

But if we fail to resist, then the devil will master us through worldly substances (drugs, etc.) instead of us being the ones mastering our desires for worldly pleasures. And any time the devil can successfully get his hooks into us, more sin is bound to follow.

Let’s consider one example of how indulging in a drug leads to more sin. The drug in this example is one that everyone is familiar with: Alcohol.

An Example: Alcohol

Not all drugs are illegal. Some are 100% legal and easily-available. Alcohol is the most common and easily-obtained drug in the world. Alcohol also turns drinkers into completely different people, like other drugs. I’m sure you all know that people act completely different from their normal selves when drunk. It’s fitting that one word for alcohol is “spirits,” because there’s a spirit in alcohol!

One of the worst effects of alcohol is that it leads people to follow their flesh, and commit sins of the flesh. Alcohol makes people follow their base instincts, the animal urges inside each person. Alcohol makes people give in to the call of the flesh.

How many people have hookups and one night stands on alcohol? Alcohol encourages the sins of lust, fornication, and adultery. How many people beat their spouse or get into brawls on alcohol? Alcohol encourages the sin of wrath. Alcohol can encourage the sin of gluttony too, since bars usually serve some greasy, fatty foods (like pizza and wings) to complement the drinks. Drunk people will seek out food like that and eat to excess.

I’ve traveled a bit and been to many regions of the world. One thing in common, that you see everywhere? Alcohol. Rich countries, poor countries, it doesn’t matter. Alcohol is widely available and heavily advertised. The powers that be in this world (Satan and his demonic minions) want us to drink alcohol. They want us to get drunk. That’s because alcohol causes us to lose ourselves, give in to the spirit of the alcohol, give in to the various animal urges of our flesh, and fall into more sin.

The more we drink, the more sin there is on the earth. And the devil is overjoyed at this!

Like alcohol, indulging in the other drugs of this world also leads to more sins of the flesh. Lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath, and so on. All the drugs available out there, all the uppers and downers, lead people into sins of the flesh in their own way. All that changes is which specific sins they encourage.

And no matter what drug it is, the devil is always pleased to get his hooks into a person. It’s already easy enough for him to do this anyway … we must not make it easier for him!

Stay Sober, Stay Vigilant (1 Peter 5:8)

In 1 Peter 5:8, we have orders from the Bible to stay sober. Most versions translate the “clearheaded,” below, as “sober.”

(8) Be clearheaded. Keep alert. Your accuser, the devil, is on the prowl like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. (9) Resist him, standing firm in the faith. […]

1 Peter 5:8-9 (CEB)

Now, here in the End Times, it’s more important than ever that we stay sober. We must stay clearheaded, so we can stay vigilant. The devil is always out there, on the prowl, seeking to lead us into sin. He can tempt us through drugs, alcohol, sex, opportunities to steal … any number of ways. And he’s always trying to capture us, so we will be damned along with him. He’s always on the prowl.

He prowls through the advertisements we see on TV, enticing us to lust after the things of the world. He prowls through our “friends” who encourage or enable us to do wrong. He prowls in so many diverse ways; he truly knows exactly how to bait the hook that will catch us. Naturally, he prowls through addictive drugs too.

With so many ways for the devil to catch us and ruin our life, we must remain sober so he doesn’t catch us unawares. We can’t be alert if we’re drunk or high. And if we’re drunk or high then we’re most likely engaging in other sins too, like I said. We have our guard down, too busy enjoying ourselves. Meanwhile the devil’s control over us grows stronger all the time.

Remember the lessons of Luke 12! Always be ready for Christ’s return! That means always following His teachings, and living a life free of sin as far as that’s possible with out imperfect, fleshy, sinful bodies. And that also means watching out for the devil and staying as pure as we possibly can. If we’re partying on drugs and alcohol, then we’re not ready for Christ’s return. In fact, Luke 12 specifically portrays the servants unprepared for Christ’s return as partying and getting drunk. (I wrote about Luke 12 in Part 6).

Can you imagine how terrible it would be to be drunk and high when Christ returns?

Now is no time to let our guard down. Now is no time to get distracted with partying, getting drunk and high. Satan is always on the prowl, but in the End Times he’s raging harder than ever before, trying to steal as many souls as he can. Now is the time when we need to be on high alert against the devil. This is no time to indulge in mindless pleasure seeking. Drugs of any kind are definitely not an option.

Now is the time to stay sober, Christians!

For those who are addicted, turn to the LORD Jesus Christ and put all your faith in Him. He will help you, He will show you a way out of your personal hell. There will be other, worldly work you’ll need to do, like counseling, but Jesus can deliver you from the demons of addiction and the demons of drugs. Turn to Jesus and repent, He will help you.

Satan is powerful here in this world, and he’s always plotting against us. He knows exactly how to bait the hook that will catch us. Stay sober, and stay vigilant! We are in the End Times now, the final days. The party is over.

Stay sober and alert for the devil now, and enjoy the eternal pleasures of Heaven later. The witchcraft effects and fleeting, temporary pleasures of drugs and alcohol will steal those things from you now, at the very endgame. Don’t lose your salvation!

Practice the virtue of temperance and conquer the urges of the flesh! Drugs are witchcraft, leave them alone! Stay sober, stay alert!

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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