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These racists are crawling with demons. And the more they hate, the stronger those demons get and the more demons they’ll invite in.

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Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Inspired by recent events in the U.S., the topic of today’s post is hatred. Every Christian should know that hatred is a sin, but today I’ll be exploring that more in-depth. Hatred is especially important to watch out for knowing that the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse will make people hate and fight each other.

We must oppose the rise of hatred in our world. I wrote about this in Part 13. Hatred is a significant topic in the End Times, because hatred is of Satan. Hatred is what he sows, what he wants.

Hatred is demonic. Hatred is a spiritual ailment. Hatred is satanic, and we must reject and oppose it everywhere we find it. Most importantly, we must reject and oppose it within ourselves.

But first, I’ll start off with a note on racism, which is a sub-devil of hatred.

Racism Is Evil and Un-Christian

Let’s start with the obvious. All Christians should know this, but sadly there are some who are mistaken about it. God loves everyone. God loves all the races. God sees us and judges us for who we are on the inside, for the content of our character. God doesn’t judge us by anything on the surface, and of course that includes race.

As for Scriptural commands not to be racist, oh man, where do I start? There are so many verses I could choose from in both the Old and New Testaments. I’ll limit my quotes to two passages from the New Testament, since the Biblical case against racism is not the focus of this post today. The Biblical case against racism has already been well-established by many others, you can research it.

So first, here’s one of my favorite passages on the topic. It’s from 1 John 2.

(9) The one who claims to be in the light while hating a brother or sister is in the darkness even now. (10) The person loving a brother and sister stays in the light, and there is nothing in the light that causes a person to stumble. (11) But the person who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and lives in the darkness, and doesn’t know where to go because the darkness blinds the eyes.

1 John 2:9-11 (CEB)

You can’t hate anyone and be a Christian. Hate and Christianity are incompatible. And believing that some race is superior to another, or that all members of some race are this or that, or that you don’t want to interact with members of some race at all … all these things are hatred too. One aspect of verse 9 is the contrast between what a person says and how they feel. God knows and judges our inner thoughts and feelings, so this is important. It’s not enough to not say racist things, we must eradicate the sins of racism and hatred from our inner thoughts too.

Next, I’ll turn to Acts of the Apostles 10. This is the chapter where God makes it clear that Jesus and the promise of eternal life is for everyone. It’s for everyone who loves God, no exceptions. In verses 9-17, Peter has a vision from God while praying. He sees all kinds of animals that by the old Jewish law were considered unclean. The LORD told Peter to eat those things, and Peter responds that they’re unclean. The LORD says: “Never consider unclean what God has made pure” (Acts 10:15, CEB).

As Acts 10 continues, Peter goes to the home of Cornelius in Caesarea, who was pious and loved God. He was generous and prayed all the time. When Peter arrives, he understands what God had told him through the earlier vision. God loves all people. God loves all the races, God loves all the tribes. God is for everyone, and God is good to everyone who believes in Him. This is the scene that unfolded:

(25) As Peter entered the house, Cornelius met him and fell at his feet in order to honor him. (26) But Peter lifted him up, saying, “Get up! Like you, I’m just a human.” (27) As they continued to talk, Peter went inside and found a large gathering of people. (28) He said to them, “You all realize that it is forbidden for a Jew to associate or visit with outsiders. However, God has shown me that I should never call a person impure or unclean.
(34) Peter said, “I really am learning that God doesn’t show partiality to one group of people over another. (35) Rather, in every nation, whoever worships him and does what is right is acceptable to him. (36) This is the message of peace he sent to the Israelites by proclaiming the good news through Jesus Christ: He is Lord of all!

Acts of the Apostles 10 25-28, 34-36 (CEB)

Jesus Christ is the LORD of all. It’s that simple. God has favored everyone, all people, through Jesus Christ. So to hate any race of people is going against God’s will. That’s following your own will rather than God’s, which is what Satan wants. Satan is the one who wants us to hate certain races, God is the one who wants us to love everyone as He does.

And I should add that trying to exclude certain races from your life, or trying to disadvantage them, etc., is also a kind of hatred. This is also going against God’s will. God loves all the races, and God wants the best for everyone. We’re on dangerous grounds when we aren’t following God’s will in this area. Not being in agreement with God’s will is always dangerous. Let me explain.

Hate Is a Demonic, Spiritual Ailment

When we fall out of agreement with the LORD God, when we are no longer acting (or thinking) in line with His will, then whose will are we following? It’s an either/or situation. Either we’re in agreement with the LORD God and His will, or we aren’t, which means we’re in agreement with the will of Satan.

It’s Satan’s will that we don’t love one another. It’s Satan’s will that we sow division, that we don’t come together, that we fear and distrust others. It’s Satan’s will that we hate.

Now, as we move further from God and come into agreement with Satan, we start to pay the price immediately. If you read my previous post, you’ll remember how the LORD extends protection from witchcraft to Christians, but that He will withdraw this protection if the Christian is walking in sin or weak in faith. If you come closer to Satan, he will get closer to you. And that means bad things for your life.

If you come into agreement with Satan, you’re opening yourself up to demonic oppression. You’re opening yourself up to the harmful, insidious influences of darkness. You’re walking down an evil path, so naturally more evil will come into your life. You will reap all the consequences of having evil in your life, mainly demonic oppression. You have an open door through which demons can enter, a concept I discussed in my Cast Down Jezebel miniseries about the Jezebel spirit.

When you give in to hatred of any kind, this process has already begun. You have already chosen to agree with Satan. The demon of hatred will enter you, making you hate more and more. All your thoughts will become hateful, and in time all you’ll feel is hate. You will be following the flesh, giving in to your desire to hate and fear those who are different rather than following the spirit, taking the harder step of loving everyone. The further down this hateful road you go, the more you get stuck on it. The harder it becomes to turn back.

Going down this road of hate will cost you your salvation. Hatred is spiritually fatal. You will be damned to Hell. That’s a very high price to pay for indulging in your fleshy desire to hate.

You will become unable to love, and only capable of hate. That’s because love is the first fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22) and the most potent one, so it’s the fruit that demons target first. They don’t want you to have that, don’t want you to be able to love. Instead, they offer you hate, which is one of the fruits of the flesh (Galatians 5:20).

That’s why I say racism is a spiritual ailment. It shows a person is in poor spiritual condition. They’re crawling with demons. I think of this when I see the videos of racist rants caught on smartphones. It’s a shame there are so many of those. But one thing I keep seeing, one common thread in these videos, is that the racists look … unwell. They’re clearly emotionally unwell, to be blowing up at strangers like that. Plenty of “normal” people are racist too, but they’re stable enough not to blow up like that. Most of these racists look mentally unwell too. It shows the toll that hate takes on a person. Hate and racism are spiritual ailments, killing from the inside, and manifesting symptoms in the physical.

These racists are crawling with demons. And the more they hate, the stronger those demons get and the more demons they’ll invite in. In time they will be completely consumed by hatred, being angry at others all the time and not having any real joys. The demons will exploit their hateful feelings to lead them as far down this path as they can. The demons usually find this to be pretty easy.

Hatred is very seductive, you see. To hate makes people feel powerful, all that anger gives them energy. But the wrathful attitude of hating others, wanting to kill them or drive them away, is a desire of the flesh, of course. It’s not a Godly spiritual desire. The more you indulge in these fleshy, worldly, Satanic desires, the more satanic and less Christian you become. Indulge in hate, and you become hate.

It’s dangerous to even start down this road. Sadly, it’s very easy to start down this road, because it all begins with the thoughts in your mind.

The Battle of the Mind

Evil starts in your heart, in your mind, and hatred is no different. Thinking hateful thoughts and indulging in them, rather than rejecting them, will soon lead to hateful speech. The hateful speech will then lead to hateful actions, and you get the idea. Everything gets worse. But it all starts in the heart and mind first. That’s where all evil starts, including hatred.

Jesus Himself taught us this in Matthew 15.

(18) But what goes out of the mouth comes from the heart. And that’s what contaminates a person in God’s sight. (19) Out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adultery, sexual sins, thefts, false testimonies, and insults. (20) These contaminate a person in God’s sight. But eating without washing hands doesn’t contaminate in God’s sight.”

Matthew 15:18-20 (CEB)

The devil is always attacking our hearts and minds. He wants us to think sinful thoughts and indulge them, because that will soon lead us to sin if we keep thinking about it. And that’s what I mean by ‘indulging’ the thoughts—instead of rejecting the sinful thoughts and throwing them down, we let them stay in our mind. We give those sinful thoughts air and fuel by thinking about them. If we don’t stop then soon we will act on those sinful thoughts.

We must be aware of what we’re thinking. When we realize that we’re thinking an evil thought, we must stop it right away. We must reject it, and think of something else. Ideally we should take a moment to repent of it too, but at the very least we must stop the thought. Of course hateful thoughts are included in this. We know that hate is a slippery slope, resulting in more hate, so when we detect a hateful thought in our mind or a hateful feeling in our hearts, we must stop it. We must reject it, and choose not to hate. We must choose love instead.

Note that having the thought itself isn’t a sin. Remember, the devil attacks our minds every day. Having the thought or the feeling isn’t the sinful part, because our thoughts and feelings arise in reaction to things. We can’t completely control which thoughts or feelings arise. But once they have arisen, we do have control over whether we will indulge them, whether we will contemplate them. Whether we will reject them and think of something else, or whether we will allow them to fester and grow, leading us down the sinful path.

This part, which we have control over, is where we can fall into sin. We must exert mental discipline over our own hearts and minds. God is listening to our inner monologue, and will judge us on the purity of it.

We know full well that God’s moral standards extend to our thoughts and feelings. He knows what we’re thinking and feeling, so if we’re indulging in evil thoughts instead of rejecting them, then we are sinning and He sees it. It’s a sin that’s between us and Him, because other people can’t see or hear it. But God sees the sins of our hearts and minds.

There are a couple well-known Scripture verses on this topic. Yes, the LORD sees all our thoughts. The first verse is from Genesis 6:

(5) The LORD saw that humanity had become thoroughly evil on the earth and that every idea their minds thought up was always completely evil.

Genesis 6:5 (CEB)

Note that Genesis 6 is the chapter when God destroyed the world with the flood. Would He have done this if humanity wasn’t indulging in evil thoughts all the time? I doubt it. Evil thoughts lead to evil deeds, and more evil everywhere. Hatred is an evil, don’t even indulge in hateful thoughts. It’s the turn that leads off the narrow path and starts you down the evil road of hate.

And then there’s this verse from Revelation 2:

(23) […] Then all the churches will know that I’m the one who examines minds and hearts, and that I will give to each of you what your actions deserve.

Revelation 2:23 (CEB)

Jesus examines hearts and minds, and will judge us accordingly. Beware, then. Make sure your heart and mind are free of hate!

Hatred Is Easy, Love Is Hard

Here’s an epiphany I’ve had about Satan and how he seduces us down evil paths. Satan is always whispering to us in our hearts and minds, everyday … and he wants us to take the easy route. He wants us to skip a workout. He wants us to steal things when others aren’t looking. He wants us to lie to others if it will create some benefit for us.

He wants us to take the easy route. He tempts us to go for the shortcut, in the hope of getting the most gain for the least amount of effort.

When it comes to hatred, Satan wants us to hate because it’s easy. It’s easy to hate and fear those who are different, it’s harder to love and understand them. Satan seeks to stop us from doing the harder things, which stops us from growing. (And when it comes to fear, fear is one of Satan’s most common tactics of course. I often say that on this blog. Satan wants us to fear those who are different, to keep us away from those who could be friends.)

God is the one who wants us to put in the effort. God wants us to do the hard thing, so we can become stronger by doing it. So we can become better. So we can learn and grow.

God wants us to love and understand the other, those who are different from us. Even when it’s hard, this is what God wants us to do. When we do so, we’ll become less hateful and more loving. We’ll become more pleasing to God. And we’ll be in agreement with His will.

When we’re not in agreement with God’s will, then we’re in agreement with Satan. Hate is of Satan, reject it and oppose it everywhere. Most importantly, reject it and oppose it within yourself. Hate starts in the heart and mind. Failing to reject it there will lead you down a slippery slope, down a road that’s hard to turn back from. And the more you come into agreement with Satan, the more you will suffer the consequences.

Hate is demonic. If you indulge in hate, even hateful thoughts, then you’re going to suffer demons. Stick with God, stay in agreement with the LORD’s will. Don’t hate!

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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