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In this book she bares her soul, putting her whole life on paper. She writes about everything that happened to her, holding nothing back.

Hello Readers, hope all’s well. Today is something different for my blog. Today is one of my rare forays into non-Christian topics. This isn’t something I’ll be doing very often.

I love reading, and I try to read a good variety of books. While most of the books I read are Christian books, I make sure to read non-Christian books too. The variety of perspectives is important, because you can learn something from a perspective you don’t usually take. Everyone has something to say, and everyone has a story to tell. Most of the time, there’s always something you can learn from the story.

So today’s post is a book review of a non-Christian book. Don’t be too put off by the title: F*ck It. In other words, don’t judge a book by its cover. The author of the book for today’s review has a wise perspective, and there’s something valuable to learn from it whether you’re Christian or not.

I’ll be returning to Christian topics on Wednesday of course, with another post in teh Do Not Fear the End Times series. Enjoy.

Living life on your own terms is tough. Many people don’t live like that, and many don’t even try to. There are always risks if you choose not to go the safe route. There’s also resistance, pushback, and even persecution depending on what it is you’re trying to do.

F*ck It is the story of a brave soul who does live like that, taking risks, enduring persecution, fighting hard, and achieving her goals. The book is also her practical manual to teach you how to do the same.

F*ck It is the autobiography and self-help manual of Charlo Greene, a name you may have heard of before. She was a reporter at KTVA in Alaska when she gained viral fame in 2014 by quitting her job live on air in unforgettable fashion.

Passionate about marijuana reform, Charlo started the Alaska Cannabis Club, which was for the benefit of medical marijuana patients. During this time Alaska Measure 2, a vote on legalizing recreational cannabis in Alaska, was up for a vote in November. Charlo was tasked by her TV station with covering the vote and handling all stories about it. They didn’t know of her involvement with the Alaska Cannabis Club.

Since Charlo was the owner of the Club, she knew couldn’t report on Alaska Measure 2 and also run the club in secret. It was a conflict of interest. She had a choice to make: Keep a good job on TV, a job she had dreamed of, or take a risk and sacrifice security to fight for a cause she believed in. She decided to fight for her cause.

In September, 2014, she quit her TV job live on-air by revealing she owned the Cannabis Club and saying “F*ck it, I quit.” Here’s a video of the full news segment, including her final report on the Cannabis Club. Go to 3:33 to see the bit that went viral.

Thanks to her heavy activism following this event, and her skilled use of the viral fame she got from it, Alaska Measure 2 passed in November of 2014. Recreational marijuana became legal in Alaska.

Stinging at their loss, and angry at this strong, independent Black woman for being so effective, the State of Alaska persecuted her out of immature spite with false charges. That’s a large part of the context of this book. Charlo wrote the book in 2018 while awaiting trial on charges that could have put her in jail for up to 54 years.

Here’s a spoiler about that cliffhanger: She pled guilty to one charge in 2018 and didn’t spend a day in prison. She’s free, and has gone on to a variety of different projects since then.

That context adds a ton of weight to what she has to say in her combination autobiography and self-help manual. She never gave up in life. She always took action, achieved her plans, and reached her goals. She always kept fighting. The state tried to send her to prison for 54 years out of petty retaliation for her success, but she fought the case while still taking time to get her story out through this book. 

So she isn’t just saying these ideas in the book. She lives them.

What’s in the Book

In F*ck It Charlo explains her 18 rules for success in life. She illustrates each by telling her story, and teaching the life lessons she learned from the situations she overcame.

Her life story is one of tragedy, abandonment, hardship, abuse, and struggle. If you read it I’m sure that, like me, you’ll respect her for all she overcame.

In this book she bares her soul, putting her whole life on paper. She writes about everything that happened to her, holding nothing back.

I was deeply moved by her story, especially how she felt after her father abandoned her family when she was five. The chapters where she describes her early life hurt to read.

It’s in these chapters where she explains her Rules #3 and #4 for life: Forgive, and Forget. I’m always on the lookout for perspective on these two things. I eagerly listen to what anyone has to say about them. That way I can hold on to the best advice and curate only the best bits of wisdom on the topic.

I need to gather all that perspective because forgiving and forgetting isn’t easy, something Charlo is well aware of. She suffered terribly in her early years at the hands of those who were supposed to have her back. If it hurt me to read her story, I can only wonder at what it was like for her. Her thoughts on forgiveness are wise, and this is someone who has a lot to forgive. Though forgiveness is hard, those of us with less to forgive than her would do well to learn from her.

After that, the rest of the book takes on a very practical-minded, action-oriented tone. The topic changes from how to survive and pick yourself back up to how to take matters into your own hands and fight back. She has some great advice on how to plan and set goals. I found the part about SMART goals to be very helpful.

The important lesson throughout the whole book is that she never let anything stop her. She never quit, she refused to let life beat her. She sized up what she had to deal with, planned and strategized for it, and took action. She fought. She understood that this is something that’s always in our power to do. We are always in control and able to change our lives for the better (that’s her Rule #8).

I admire anyone with that kind of tenacity and determination. The insight from their perspective is always valuable to me, even if I’m not on board with all the implications of what they have to say. Or in Charlo Greene’s case, the implications of what she doesn’t say.

What’s Missing here?

No work is perfect, of course, so I do have a couple criticisms of the book.

First, a minor gripe. Greene suggests 18 rules to live by, emphasizing these rules have carried her far and lead to success. Well, 18 rules is a lot. If I wanted to use this system as a guide for improving my life, it’d be tough to remember all 18 rules. It’d be even harder to remember them in order. A system with fewer rules is easier and more intuitive. I have no doubt her system works for her though, and there’s no reason it can’t work for others.

But second is something more significant. I felt there was one thing ‘missing’ from the book, for lack of a better phrase. Now hold on a minute — how the hell can I say something’s ‘missing’ from someone else’s life story? Allow me to explain my thinking. 

If you’re reading this on my blog, or you’re reading this on Medium, then you know that I’m a Christian writer. I know that God is an indispensable part of any plan for success. You’ve got to have God in your life and put Him first, then He will make you thrive. To me, a Christian reader, God is conspicuously absent from this book. I noted 2 mentions of “God” if I remember correctly (maybe 3). God definitely isn’t a factor in her 18 life rules, that much is clear.

But you may be thinking “Well, so what? So God isn’t a factor in her thinking. That’s her choice, and it doesn’t make what she’s saying any less valid.” Sure, that’s true enough. It’s her life story, not mine. One’s faith in God is a personal matter, and her story and her life rules stand on their own merits. Also, I can’t overlook that she reveals she was sexually abused as a child by a girl from church. I can imagine that could influence her entire thinking toward God (though she doesn’t say).

But I do see a major problem with leaving God (mostly) out of the picture. 

There’s not much of a spiritual aspect to what Greene says. This book is very worldly, focused on how to win material success in the physical realm by achieving your dreams. It’s like your practical, personal guide to world domination. But any thoughts on the spiritual aspect of life are missing from these pages. So what does that mean?

It means what I see is an exclusive focus on material success. There’s nothing about the spiritual side of success: Happiness, peace, and contentment. Those of us who’ve achieved a dream or two know that it doesn’t always lead to happiness. What’s ‘missing’ from this guide is her perspective on how to be happy and at peace right here and now, no matter where you are in life. Without that, the message of this book starts to skew towards ‘always chase these dreams, over and over.’ It risks praising a cycle of chasing ever greater material success.

Happiness is something I’d like to hear her thoughts on. Because happiness is free, of course. We can be happy right now, while still working towards a dream. And we can have fulfilling spiritual success at almost any time. Though that requires connecting and engaging with God, of course.

Anyway, this book is focused entirely on the practical, and finding material success in the material realm. But we can’t neglect the spiritual side of things. Money doesn’t make you happy, after all. So if you achieve material success and don’t find yourself happy, you could get sucked into that fruitless quest for bigger and better material success in a search for happiness, not realizing you could have had that from step one.

That’s the danger of neglecting the spiritual. And the spiritual is an area where F*ck It falls short.

The Final Word

I respect anyone who does their own thing. Who blazes their own path. Who doesn’t play it safe in life. Not playing it safe not only leads to the most success, it also leads to a more fulfilling life because it’s a life lived on your own terms.

Charlo Greene had a good job on the news, which she quit in spectacular fashion to do what she believed in. I remember when this clip went viral, and I remember thinking how much I respected her attitude. The courage and style to quit a job in such a bold way.

The courage to make a sacrifice to do what’s important to you. The courage to put everything on the line to follow a dream. The courage not to play it safe. She gained my respect right away.

Anyone like this has a valuable perspective we can learn from. They understand how to live life to the fullest, so any insight they have on life is worth hearing out. There’s much to learn from this fighter and survivor, both from her triumphs and her defeats.

She didn’t play it safe, she took a chance and made it work. It paid off, and this book is her story. 

This is the story of her life, all the tragedies and struggles she overcame, and how she took control of her situation to turn things her way and reach her goals. She reflects honestly on how she got to where she is and what it took to do it. And now she’s written a practical guide to how she achieved success, to empower others to do the same.

There are billions of humans on this planet, each with a story of their own. My favorite stories by far are of those extraordinary souls who reject the “safe” paths society shows us, and blaze their own trail. Those brave souls who refuse to accept what society thinks and expects of them, courageously succeeding where they were expected to give up and fail. These are stories that inspire, and teach.

F*ck It is well-worth a read just off the strength of that — the valuable perspective of someone who refused to let life get them down. I definitely recommend it!

F*ck It

By Charlo Greene. Published by Charlo Greene, 2018.

Buy F*ck It on Amazon (This is an affiliate link. I receive a small commission if you buy through this link.)

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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