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Satan can take on the appearance of any of the saints, Mary, angels, and so on. He does this to better deceive believers.

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Hello Readers, hope all is well with you. It’s time for another post in my End Times series.

It’s Wednesday, which up until now has been the day I posted new entries in Cast Down Jezebel, my miniseries about the Jezebel spirit. Now that the series is finished and the final post is up, I’ll be making Do Not Fear the End Times posts on Wednesdays too.

This will continue until I start up another miniseries. In the future I plan to do a series on the Ahab spirit, for example. I also want to deep dive into Revelation and Daniel (and more), examining these books chapter by chapter to try and discern wisdom about the End Times. All that is coming at some point in the future. I don’t know when I’ll write it, but I will.

For now I’ll be making extra End Times posts, two per week. I have a backlog of topics that I want to clear out.

Today’s topic is brief. It may seem very strange to some. I wrote an earlier post about a dream I had of an upcoming major war. Today I’m going to talk about two other short dreams I had, in this case lucid dreams. I believe the first dream I had has some relevance to the End Times, even if the connection is weak. It’s up to interpretation.

What’s Lucid Dreaming?

First, let’s think about lucid dreaming. What is it? A simple definition can be found on Wikipedia:

A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. During a lucid dream, the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment; however, this is not actually necessary for a dream to be described as lucid.

That’s simple enough, right? If this is new to you, keep that definition in mind. It’s a dream in which you know you’re dreaming.

Are these good things? It sounds exciting at first. But there may be more to lucid dreaming than we know. It may be darker and more dangerous than most people think.

On Monday I posted a review of Steven Bancarz’s book, The Second Coming of the New Age. In the first chapter of the book he describes some of his experiences with lucid dreaming. One of these experiences escalated to an out of body, astral-projection experience. He even encountered a very demonic figure during this experience.

Astral projection and astral travel, disconnecting your spirit/soul/consciousness from your body, is definitely demonic. It’s not something we should engage in as Christians. But that’s another topic, and a post for another day.

For now I’ll stick to the topic of lucid dreaming. I only bring up Bancarz’s story to show it’s possible there may be some dark spiritual dangers involved in lucid dreaming.

My experience with lucid dreaming was nowhere near as drastic as his. But it was still frightening and unpleasant, which I’ll show you now.

Dream Encounters with … … ???

I’ll briefly recount each dream, then explain how I interpret them below.

The First Dream

This dream came to me in December last year.

I’m at home, which in this dream appears to be like a trailer or something (and I live in a house in real life). I’m on the couch watching videos on my ipad (and I don’t have one in real life).

I load up a YouTube video by Charlo Greene (you can go look her up if you don’t know). A woman who I was involved with last year comes in and sits down on the couch with me. “Who’s this?” She asks, referring to the woman in the video. “It’s Tesla Ford,” I reply. And I think about that for a minute.

“No, it’s Charlo Greene,” I say. And at this moment I think to myself: “I know her name is Charlo Greene because this is a dream, and I know I’m dreaming. I’m in charge here.”

That was the moment I knew I was lucid dreaming.

So I said: “If I’m in charge here, then I want to see Jesus Christ. I demand to see Jesus Christ right now.” I said this because I’d been praying to receive an encounter with Jesus for some time now.

Immediately I’m outside alone, on the street. I look up to the top of a telephone pole across the street. A rectangle of white light forms. Then it fills in with a silent, static image of Jesus Christ.

A standard image, a common depiction of Him. One you can see everywhere. Well, I demanded to see Him. Now here He is.

The image says nothing, and there’s no sound at all in the dream, no noises. Everything is silent.

But my heart suddenly starts speeding up, beating way too fast. It HURTS. My heart is beating so fast in my chest it feels like it’s vibrating. I know somehow that it’s the image of Jesus Christ that’s doing this to me.

I’m in fear because I know my heart is going to set on fire, just like the Sacred Heart of Jesus! That’s what the image was doing to me right then. I was afraid because Jesus was going to kill me! The extreme fear I felt was like no other fear I can remember. I truly felt like Jesus was about to kill me.

Then I see another image of Jesus appear, closer to me. It’s bordered as if it were playing on a TV screen or something. It’s in green film grain, like that of a night vision scope. Jesus’ face is contorting strangely, like He’s screaming silently. Or maybe He’s mimicking my screams of pain?

I woke up in physical pain, my heart was HURTING. I couldn’t deny whatever happened in that dream, because I had actual physical pain when I woke up. I had to think more about what it meant, but I knew what happened in the dream was real. The pain in my heart told me as much.

And the fear I felt when I thought Jesus was going to kill me was real too.

The Second Dream

This one is very short. It happened not long after the first dream. Maybe a week or so later. At this point I was still Catholic. I’m no longer Catholic now. I left the Catholic church and I no longer pray to Mary or saints or anyone else besides Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5).

But at the time of this dream I still had Catholic prayer cards. I had a “patron saint,” and I prayed to her as part of my nightly prayers. I always looked at her prayer card each night I prayed, so I knew it well. I could recall every detail of it and her appearance.

Now for the dream. I’m in black, empty space. I’m up in the stars. Right in front of me is the exact image of my saint’s prayer card. Except it’s much larger. The image is now the cover of either a door or a box. I know this because there’s a slight gap around the edges of the image, and there’s golden light radiating from out of that gap. There are literal rays of golden light coming out.

Now I can see the handle on this door/box that bears the image of the saint’s prayer card. I know that I can open this thing. I put my hand on the handle.

And now, I stop. I remember what happened in the first dream, how much fear I felt and the extreme physical pain in my heart. This is what I would call the lucid dreaming moment. I was able to consciously reference information from a previous dream and apply it in this one. And then I made a conscious decision.

Remembering the terror of that first dream, I knew it was a bad idea to open this door or box with the image of the saint on it. “No,” I said, “I remember what happened last time.” I took my hand off the handle. Right at that moment, the dream stopped and I woke up.

What Could they Mean?

So what could this dream and its short follow-up mean, and how does it relate to the End Times?

Well I’m not sure that we can ever be 100% certain about the meaning of any dream. Although some seem more “obvious” than others, it’s dangerous to be too convinced about what a dream might ‘mean.’ Especially when you’re considering taking some sort of action or decision that will have lasting effects on your life.

Remember that although God does send us dreams for wisdom and other purposes, the enemy, Satan, and his demonic servants also send us dreams. When they give us dreams, the purpose is always to trick us, mislead us, or intimidate us, etc. If they can succeed at these, then they can influence our following actions and mislead us into sin.

Now, about the dreams I described. I believe the first one was from God. The second one was from the enemy. The first one was a warning (and some answers). The second one was a trick.

The First Dream

Well first off, one potential message from this dream is “Do not put the Lord your God to the test” (Luke 4:12). I demanded to see Jesus. But Jesus is LORD, we don’t demand anything of Him. That’s not our place. We are fortunate we can take our prayers to Him, make requests, ask Him questions, and He will listen. But we can’t make demands of Him. That isn’t our place. We are beneath Him and we serve Him. If we transgress this order He will punish us. I got a warning on that, in other words.

Another message is, as always, we never know the day nor the hour of the Second Coming (Matthew 25:13). Jesus could come back at any time, so we must be ready all the time! If He doesn’t find us ready when He returns, if He doesn’t find us obeying His commandments and living by His teachings, then we will be destroyed. I believe that’s what was happening to me in this dream. Me and the woman were together, living our lives. Then Jesus came back, which I wasn’t expecting, and I wasn’t ready. He had to kill me because he found me unprepared. I was living in sin with this woman on the day He returned.

This woman I was with last year, she was leading me away from Christ. I was willingly following along like there was no problem. She was trapped deep in the deceptions of New Age, practicing occult witchcraft like the Law of Attraction (check out a post I made on that subject here) and other un-Godly things. She was pulling me into those too, and I was going along with it.

2 Corinthians 6:14 warns us not to be “unequally yoked” with unbelievers.

(14) Don’t be tied up as equal partners with people who don’t believe. What does righteousness share with that which is outside the Law? What relationship does light have with darkness? (15) What harmony does Christ have with Satan? What does a believer have in common with someone who doesn’t believe? (16) What agreement can there be between God’s temple and idols?

2 Corinthians 6:14-16 (CEB)

We shouldn’t be in a romantic relationship with unbelievers. We can’t be unequally yoked. Why? Among the other reasons that follow verse 14, an unbeliever will lead our hearts astray from God.

In the case of this woman and her New Age and witchcraft, she’s like the pagan Canaanites from the Old Testament. The LORD repeatedly warned His people to stay away from pagan women, because they would turn His people’s hearts away from Him. This exact thing happened throughout the Old Testament, too many times to count.

Worse, in the case of this woman I was with she was practicing witchcraft, a sin the LORD places under the death penalty in Exodus and Deuteronomy. My association with her was sin. She was anti-Christian. We didn’t have Jesus in our relationship, and I didn’t care about that at the time either. I only cared about her and being with her. The actions were mine, and I take responsibility, but my association with her was leading me down the same doomed path she’s on. I was starting to take on some of her idolatrous beliefs and even do some of her occult practices. I’m responsible for my actions, but she was corrupting me over time.

If I were still in that sinful relationship when Jesus returned, if I were still unequally yoked with a witch, then Jesus would have destroyed me. I would have been damned for forsaking Jesus, for turning my back on Him and His teachings to be with her instead. I was willing to give up Jesus and walk in sin for her. And I didn’t even have a problem doing so at the time, it was so easy for me to do. Things are much different now. Much, much different.

So I believe that in this dream, besides the message of “Don’t test Me,” Jesus was showing me that staying with this woman would have destroyed me forever. Not only for worldly reasons of common sense (which I now see), but for the fact that I would be damned due to the path I walked with her.

I can’t be sure of being counted among the righteous even now; I won’t let myself get overconfident. None of us ever should, because we are all sinners (Romans 3:23). I still have sins that I have trouble overcoming. But if I’d stayed with that woman, she definitely would have turned my heart to other gods, New Age, and witchcraft. There’s no question of that. And the sin of idolatry guarantees one’s damnation.

If He had returned to find me in that relationship, He would have blown up my heart as I described. He would have killed me, damned me. It would have hurt Him too. I don’t believe Jesus wants to send anyone to eternal damnation. His heart hurts too when He does that. But He does what He must, because He has been given all authority to judge (John 5:22).

Now it’s important to note that I had already left this woman by the time I had this dream. So this was a warning, yes, but in a way it was also confirmation from the Holy Spirit that I had made the correct choice. If I had stayed in the relationship, I would’ve been caught unprepared on the day Christ returns.

And then it would be too late.

The Second Dream

As for the second dream, there’s not much to interpret because I made the choice that ended it early.

Since I didn’t open the door/box, I didn’t have any interaction with that saint. So there’s nothing to interpret there. But thinking about it later, I believe this dream was an attempt by the enemy to trick me.

The important Scripture here is 2 Corinthians 11:14, which says:

[…] for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

2 Corinthians 11:14 (NIV)

Satan can take on the appearance of any of the saints, Mary, angels, and so on. He does this to better deceive believers. If he takes on one of these forms, Christians are much more likely to believe the message.

If I had opened the door/box, who knows who or what I would have seen? Who knows if I would have seen the saint, and if I did, what would she have said? Whatever message she would have given me, I’m sure I would have believed it and put a lot of faith in it.

So if she had given me a heretical message meant to mislead me, it would have been very effective. It would have mislead me very far in the wrong direction, and I would’ve been heavily emotionally invested in that path too. I wouldn’t want to give that up.

That’s why I know, like I did during the dream, that opening the door/box was the wrong move. I’m grateful I didn’t do it.

Be wary when trying to contact divine beings. The entities in the spiritual realm are always listening. Something may answer you, but it may be in disguise. An obsession with contacting saints/angels/etc. is a great way to get deceived. Your desire to speak with those things gives Satan and his agents the perfect disguise for fooling you. Anything they tell you must be held up to Scripture for examination—you must test every spirit (1 John 4:1).

And never forget 2 Corinthians 11:14! Satan himself can masquerade as an angel of light. I’m glad I didn’t forget it. Satan is always out here, always on the prowl (1 Peter 5:8). Be wary, and make use of God’s Word to discern the truth along with prayer to God’s Holy Spirit.

The Need for Balanced Discernment

In Part 5 of Do Not Fear the End Times, I said a few things about dreams and their significance:

  • Every believer has this gift actually; we’re all prophets in our own way. It’s a matter of when, how, and why the Holy Spirit chooses to give us dreams […]
  • God is not the only one who sends dreams, signs, and whatnot. Satan can also send these to deceive us and lead us off in some fruitless and sinful direction. […]
  • It’s important to realize that dreams can offer guidance, hints, clues, and prophecy; dreams should not be casually dismissed. But it’s also important to understand that the devil uses dreams too, so that he can deceive us. Always remember to test the spirit (1 John 4:1). […]

And I would make those same points again. Pay attention to your dreams, and think about what they could mean. Sure, some mean less than others. And some are demonic deceptions, Satan’s attempts to trick you. We have to keep all these things in mind and be wary. We must hold every dream up against Scripture, we must test every spirit (1 John 4:1).

With that said, not only can praying to the Holy Spirit for wisdom about the meaning of our dreams grant us new levels of insight, it can be fun too! But be sure to rely on the Holy Spirit for dream interpretation and nothing else.

But there’s much we don’t know about the world of dreams. Besides demonic deception, there may be other spiritual dangers involved in dreams and even potential physical dangers! I’d say these things are only now beginning to be understood.

It seems to me that lucid dreaming isn’t a good thing. From my experience, as well as Steven Bancarz’s story, I’d say it’s a spiritually dangerous activity that could lead to potential demonic encounters. It doesn’t seem like something Christians should be doing. I’d be willing to listen to Christians claiming otherwise. But we would need to test the spirit of what they’re saying. Their experiences and their message would both need to be held up to Scripture and scrutinized.

Satan will try to trick us any way he can, you see. That includes impersonating saints, angels, even Mary. We must always be wary.

But we must not be paranoid either. Dreams sent from God’s Holy Spirit are a gift. They offer great wisdom and insight into our situations. So what we’re looking for is balanced discernment. Keep praying to Jesus for wisdom and discernment. The Holy Spirit will move inside us and grant us both of those things.

Don’t be afraid to interpret dreams. Don’t discard or ignore them. You probably won’t ever receive some sort of spectacular prophecy. But you may receive confirmations of basic teachings like we never know when Christ will return (Matthew 25:13), so we must always be ready. Such dreams are valuable in their own right. That’s Jesus reminding us of the way we need to go. There is only one way we want to go, of course, and that is straight towards Him.

Well that’s all for this week. If you enjoyed today’s post, please be sure to Subscribe using the form below. And please consider Supporting My Blog using the Tip Jar. Any amount is much appreciated!

Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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