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It’s important to know what we’re fighting—and how we fight it. This means having accurate information.

Cast Down Jezebel: The Series

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Hello Readers, and welcome to Part 9 of Cast Down Jezebel. This is the final post in my 9-part miniseries on the Jezebel spirit.

I’ve covered a lot of information over the course of these 9 posts. But there’s still more to the story of course. The Jezebel spirit is not a subject that can be adequately covered in 9 blog posts. I could go on and on writing about it. There’s enough material to study that it could fill up many books—and it does. In this post I will briefly introduce each of the books I’ve read on the subject so far.

On my blog though, this is where I’m going to end the series. What I’ve covered so far gives you a good rundown of the main points you need to know when it comes to the Jezebel spirit. The books I mention give you more leads that you can follow up on yourself if you like.

So now I will wrap up the series by running through the main points of each post, followed by introducing the books.

Part 1 was the introduction to the whole series. I’ll skip the summary of that one.

Cast Down Jezebel [2/9]: Who was Jezebel, What is the Jezebel Spirit, and What is it After?

In this post I covered the history of Jezebel. I explained what the Bible recorded about the Old Testament Queen Jezebel in 1 and 2 Kings. I spoke about the reference to the New Testament Jezebel (“that woman, Jezebel“) in Revelation 2:20-25. I explained that the Jezebel spirit is the demonic spiritual entity indwelling both the Old and New Testament Jezebels.

The Jezebel spirit is an ancient demon with an agenda of seducing (misleading) God’s people into the mortal sins of immorality and idolatry. We can see this agenda in play in the tales of both Jezebels.

The Old Testament Queen Jezebel was a pagan Canaanite from Sidon. She used her position as Queen to spread the worship of Baal and Astarte throughout Israel. The New Testament Jezebel was up to similar tricks. She seduced believers of the church at Thyatira into sexual immorality and eating food sacrificed to idols (idolatry).

The tactics the spirit uses to achieve its agenda include seduction, manipulation, and control of others. These tactics are not its agenda, but only the means of achieving the agenda.

The agenda of the Jezebel spirit is seducing believers into immorality, idolatry, and any other sins that it can. This is all for misleading (seducing) believers into damnation. The tactics it uses are seduction, manipulation, and control.

Cast Down Jezebel [3/9]: Jezebel’s Vile Gods

In this post I gave an overview of the Old Testament Queen Jezebel’s primary gods: Baal and Astarte. I also discussed Mystery Babylon, the evil spiritual system plaguing our world that these pagan gods are a part of.

Baal and Astarte were the primary gods of the pagan Canaanites. They have been tripping up God’s people going as far back as Exodus and Numbers. They are recurring antagonists throughout the Old Testament, always misleading God’s people away from the LORD and into immorality and idolatry. This always resulted in disaster for the people.

I gave a rundown of the backgrounds of these two, including the ritual practices done in their honor. Baal has a very strong connection with the sin of divination and false prophecy.

Mystery Babylon AKA The Lady of the Kingdoms or the Mother of Harlots is a somewhat different story. This spirit also seeks to seduce believers into immorality and idolatry. But this spirit is like the spirit of the world that the Bible warns us against.

Using the delicious and tempting sensual pleasures of the world, it seeks to mislead us and trap us here in the world so that we stop focusing on spiritual matters. Mystery Babylon is a worldwide spiritual system with great worldly power and influence. In Revelation, it is closely linked with the Antichrist.

The Jezebel spirit’s agenda is the same as that of the vile pagan gods that Queen Jezebel served in life. These gods have always opposed God’s people, leading them down the dead-end paths of mortal sins and keeping them attached to and trapped in the world.

Cast Down Jezebel [4/9]: When Jezebel Attacks

This is an important post in the series, as it covers some fundamental topics of spiritual warfare and demonology. How does the Jezebel spirit or any demonic spirit get in our lives in the first place? Once inside, what do they do?

This post covers the various ways we create “open doors” for demons to enter our lives and indwell us. It’s important to know these, and to pray to the Holy Spirit that He might reveal to you if you have open doors in your own life. Refer to Part 4 for the full list.

As for what happens when the Jezebel spirit attacks someone, it’s like what happens when someone is under demonic attack in general. I presented the symptoms listed in Pigs in the Parlor, Pages 38-40, with a few items bolded. These bolded items are strongly associated with an attack of the Jezebel spirit (but the attack is not limited to these bolded items).

  • Emotional problems: Resentment, hatred, anger, fear, rejection, self-pity, jealousy, depression, worry, inferiority & insecurity, etc.
  • Mental problems: Procrastination, indecision, compromise, confusion, doubt, loss of memory, etc.
  • Speech problems: Uncontrolled outbursts, lying, cursing, blasphemy, criticism, mockery, and gossip.
  • Sex problems: Unclean thoughts & acts regarding sex; pornography, masturbation, lust, perversions, homosexuality, fornication, adultery, incest, provocativeness and harlotry
  • Addictions: Alcohol, drugs, nicotine, medications, food, and so on
  • Physical ailments: See Luke 13:11.
  • Religious error: Involvement in false religions, Christian cults (ex. Mormonism), occult & spiritism (ex. witchcraft), false doctrine

All the unpleasant symptoms resulting from these attacks are meant to undermine our faith, our greatest defense against all these things. If the Jezebel spirit can undermine our faith in God by tormenting us with fears and doubts, it can seduce us away from the LORD (the only one Who can protect us) and into its evil clutches. Then it will mislead us into mortal sins, which is its agenda.

Cast Down Jezebel [5/9]: Jezebel’s Evil Entourage

In the summary of Part 2, I mentioned the difference between the Jezebel spirit’s agenda and its tactics. In Part 5, I wrote in-depth about the Jezebel spirit’s tactics. Namely its use, manipulation, and control of other people in the pursuit of its goals.

The Jezebel spirit, operating through the person it’s indwelling, uses people in various ways. As spiritual eunuchs (not literal eunuchs!), as messengers, as its spiritual children, and as false prophets.

All the above are manipulated and kept under the Jezebel spirit’s control. The spirit uses them in various ways for achieving its goals.

Eunuchs are like spiritual slaves. They attend to every need and whim of the Jezebel spirit without question. They always seek the spirit’s approval (the approval of the person it’s indwelling). Messengers are not only used for sending people messages (which may contain witchcraft), but also for spying on people and other tasks. The false prophets (who have a connection with Baal, the god of divination and false prophecy) are tolerated and enabled by Jezebel as part of its idolatry agenda.

Jezebel’s spiritual children are a special category. These are people who are mentored by the Jezebel spirit in matters of faith, religion, and spirituality. It goes without saying that they receive an education in immorality, idolatry, false beliefs, and sin. These spiritual children go on to carry out their own goals, which suit the agenda of the spirit. The spiritual children will also have a Jezebel spirit stronghold developing inside them. Tragically, they will often end up being more evil than their Jezebel parent!

Pity all Jezebel’s slaves, but especially the poor beaten-down eunuchs. These spiritual eunuchs can and do break free from the Jezebel spirit’s evil control and manipulation, but it’s something that only the eunuch can do.

True change can only come from within. A spiritual eunuch must first wake up to the reality of the situation they’re in with Jezebel. But when they do, they can break free with the help of Jesus Christ. All this is detailed in Part 5.

Cast Down Jezebel [6/9]: Ahab, Jezebel’s Ultimate Enabler

Ahab is a topic that’s very closely linked with Part 5. Named after Queen Jezebel’s husband, the wicked King Ahab of Israel, the Ahab spirit is also passive to its Jezebel spirit counterpart. It is Jezebel’s primary enabler.

Like King Ahab, the Ahab spirit (the person the spirit is indwelling) always has some resources, positions, connections … something, anything that the Jezebel spirit needs to exploit to achieve its agenda. OT Queen Jezebel needed King Ahab’s authority as king of Israel so she could become queen and spread idolatry throughout the country. This dynamic still plays out between Ahabs and Jezebels today.

Since the person with the Ahab spirit is insecure and wounded, they need the approval of others. They have Jezebel on a pedestal and need its approval more than anything else.

**Note: Since spirits themselves have no gender, and since spirits can indwell either gender, this dynamic can play out in any way. For example: A man can have the aggressive Jezebel spirit and control, manipulate, and exploit a passive woman with an Ahab spirit.

In their never-ending quest for Jezebel’s approval, the Ahab spirit will hand over everything it has. Like King Ahab, those with the Ahab spirit will hand over their rightful authority. Whatever Jezebel needs, it will get from its passive partner.

Ahab enables Jezebel to achieve its goals. Jezebel needs Ahab to achieve its agenda, and Ahab passively tolerates Jezebel, overlooking everything it does. If Ahab did not tolerate Jezebel, Jezebel could not succeed.

For this reason the Ahab spirit holds a place of special importance in Jezebel’s evil entourage.

Don’t feel too bad for the Ahab though. As I discuss in Part 6, Ahab is evil and twisted in its own right, with an evil agenda of its own. Ahab also uses Jezebel to achieve its agenda, although in a different way. They both use each other in a horribly dysfunctional relationship—it’s a match made in hell!

Cast Down Jezebel [7/9]: Jehu, Jezebel’s Worst Enemy

In this post, I covered the story of Jehu, the warrior who defeated Jezebel and Ahab. I told the story in 2 Kings about how Jehu annihilated Jezebel, Ahab’s entire family line, and all Baal worshipers in Israel.

I mentioned the Jehu anointing, a spiritual revelation from the Holy Spirit that allows spiritual warriors to take the fight to the enemy. This guidance and discernment from the Holy Spirit will allow us to track down and wage spiritual warfare against every last trace of the Jezebel spirit’s evil (the entourage, the spiritual children, etc.).

And I also discussed the fall of Jehu. All our heroes are human, and everyone has their failures. Jehu also angered the LORD, Who would later (in Hosea) punish his descendants to avenge the bloodshed he committed.

His fall points out two fundamental principles of spiritual warfare. We must rely entirely on the guidance and discernment of the Holy Spirit for identifying our enemies. We must never step beyond the boundaries of what the Spirit shows us. Second, spiritual warfare requires balance. We can’t be extremist, that road leads to sin and angering the LORD. Just look at Jehu.

Although we can’t overlook his failings, Jehu is the biblical example of how relentless we must be in dealing with Jezebel. We must copy Jehu’s determined attitude of never compromising with evil, and hunt down every last trace of Jezebel’s evil (that the Spirit shows us) like he did.

Cast Down Jezebel [8/9]: How to Fight Back

Last week’s post. In this post, I gave a “crash course” in spiritual warfare and covered most of the basics and fundamental principles. This was heavily based on Pigs in the Parlor, Frank Hammond’s classic book on spiritual warfare.

Topics covered included the topic of “open doors” once again (it’s very important), how to fight back against the Jezebel spirit and other demons using spiritual warfare, how to remain free of demons, and more. It’s a long post with a lot of info, but I sincerely ask that you read it because it’s very important to know certain things before engaging in any spiritual warfare.

Even though today’s post is the summary post, I choose not to write a rundown of the main points from Part 8. It’s too important that you read the whole thing. Read Part 8 here and always feel free to leave a comment on a post or send an email through WordPress if you have a question.

Good Books on the Jezebel Spirit and Spiritual Warfare

Now that I’ve recapped my Cast Down Jezebel series, I’m very pleased to introduce the reading material that taught me what I know about the Jezebel spirit.

Instead of trying to rank them in order of importance, I have decided to list them in the order that I read them. This order turned out to work nicely, each book building on the knowledge of the last one. Of course, you are free to read some or all these books in whatever order you like. They’re presented here for your further information on the topic of the Jezebel spirit and how to fight it.

Each of the title headings contains a link to buy the book on Amazon if you’re interested. Disclosure: These are affiliate links (I’ll receive a small commission from any sale).

Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War

by Jonas Clark. Spirit of Life Publishing, 2004.

This was the first book I read and a decent overview of the Jezebel spirit and most related topics. It’s somewhat light on detail, especially compared with the other books. Clark completely omits any mention of Jehu’s fall, for example. Any discussion of Jehu which doesn’t include that is intellectually dishonest.

It’s still a decent book and serves as an easy introduction to Jezebel. But if you’re going to skip any book on this list, this is a candidate to skip.

Jezebel’s Puppets

by Jennifer LeClaire. Charisma House, 2016.

This is an excellent book dealing with Jezebel’s entourage. The book goes in-depth about how Jezebel hooks its victims, how it manipulates and controls them, what draws people to Jezebel in the first place, and more. It also has good info on Ahab as well as Jehu.

Most importantly, it details how spiritual eunuchs and other members of the entourage can break free from Jezebel’s spiritual manipulation and control. Also, this book has a nice part about how to get the person with the Jezebel spirit to repent and come back to Jesus. When that can be accomplished it’s an epic victory for the kingdom of Christ.

The entourage is a critical part of the Jezebel spirit’s strategy, and this is an excellent book about the entourage. Highly recommended.

Discerning and Defeating the Ahab Spirit

by Steve Sampson. Chosen Books, 2010.

You know by now that Ahab is a vital part of Jezebel’s entourage and its primary enabler. Jezebel can’t achieve its goals without its passive counterpart Ahab … and vice-versa too.

This is an excellent book about the Ahab spirit and how it indwells someone. More importantly, it also explains the roots of passivity, how to overcome your own passive behavior, and how and why being passive is not what Jesus Christ intends for our lives.

This book gets into the details of the dysfunctional Ahab-Jezebel relationship. It explains why these relationships form, how they (don’t) work, and more. I highly recommend the book off that alone!

Ahab is a vital player in Jezebel’s world, and this is the book on Ahab. It’s a must-read.

The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel

by Jennifer LeClaire. Chosen Books, 2013.

This is another “overview” book which seeks to cover the whole topic of the Jezebel spirit in one book (as far as that’s possible). But it does so in more detail than the Jonas Clark book, above. Also, this one is well-researched and pulls from a rounded variety of sources. So if you only want to read one “overview” book then this is it.

I thought the chapters on Mystery Babylon and Jezebel’s religion (which details how it twists and perverts Christianity) were very helpful.

Can’t go wrong with this book, it’s a great choice.

Forgiving Others

by Frank Hammond. Impact Christian Books, 2011.

This is a “booklet,” not a book. It’s less than 40 pages long. Still, the teaching it has to offer on the topic of forgiveness is powerful.

Forgiveness is difficult, one of the hardest things we ever have to do in life. But forgiveness is not an option: Refusal to forgive keeps a “door wide open” for demonic indwelling, which I said in Part 8 of Cast Down Jezebel. Remember: Jezebel does not want us to forgive. It loses its hold on us if we do.

This booklet outlines the high cost of unforgiveness, much of it based on the parable of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18. This booklet is worth a read, although it isn’t directly connected with the Jezebel spirit. You might skip it for that reason, for its length, or because forgiveness isn’t a problem for you.

You might also enjoy my blog post on the topic of forgiveness, which you can read here.

The Discerning of Spirits

by Frank Hammond. Impact Christian Books, 2014

This is another “booklet,” it’s only 40 pages long. This one deals exclusively with the discerning of spirits using the discernment of the Holy Spirit.

In other words, this is a booklet dedicated to one of the core fundamentals of spiritual warfare. It’s worth a read for that reason alone, I say.

This book also stresses the importance of following the Holy Spirit and nothing else for guidance, never going beyond the boundaries the Spirit sets for us. This is something I talked about in the Jehu post, Part 7 of Cast Down Jezebel.

Pigs in the Parlor

by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond. Impact Christian Books, 2010.

If you’re going to engage in spiritual warfare now or at any point in the future, you must read this book. First published in 1973, this is a foundational book in the field of spiritual warfare.

This book covers all the basic principles behind this warfare. You’ll learn about what demons are and how they operate. You’ll learn how to identify them and fight against them, with prayer. You’ll learn about groupings of demons and how they work in teams. You’ll learn the symptoms of demonic indwelling and how to deliver someone. And more.

In other words, you’ll learn spiritual warfare! So if you suspect the influence of a demon in your life, and if you feel that spiritual warfare is in your future, then you need to read this book. It will help to prepare you for what’s in store. Then you can follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you go from there.

That Brings Us to the End …

And that brings my Cast Down Jezebel series to an end. I hope you enjoyed my 9-part series on the Jezebel spirit, but more importantly I hope you learned something from it.

It’s important to know what we’re fighting—and how we fight it. This means having accurate information. I’ve seen some misinformation about Jezebel out there, especially on YouTube. I hope my series will help clear some of that up, or perhaps some of you will check out some of the books I linked.

There’s one thing I want to make very clear before I end this series. And that is something I said all the way back in Part 1 of the series. And that is a message of encouragement.

This is not an invincible enemy!!! Jezebel is dangerous, but defeated!

Although Jezebel is an ancient, dangerous, and high-ranking demonic spirit within the hierarchy of Satan’s kingdom, the final victory against Jezebel and all demonic spirits has already been won through the sacrifice on the cross of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. Remember we fight against this evil from a place of victory.

All Christian readers should take heart, especially those who are under attack by Jezebel and/or members of its entourage. Yes, you are up against a powerful enemy, and the situation is critical because your salvation is at stake. But Jezebel has been defeated before, Jezebel is already defeated forever by Jesus, and Jezebel can be expelled from your life too. It won’t be easy, but there is abundant hope for anyone being tormented by this damned spirit.

Trust in Jesus and all will be well. Fear Only God, and remember that no power of the enemy can harm you (Luke 10:19). Be strong, stand in your authority as a believer, and take the fight to the enemy! By your faith you will prevail through Christ! Amen!

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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