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Like the Old Testament Queen Jezebel used Ahab, messengers, and pagan prophets to achieve her aims, this spirit does not like to act directly unless it has no choice.

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In my last post I described what an attack by the Jezebel spirit is like, and listed some of the signs and symptoms that are likely to appear. In that post I also touched on the fact that Jezebel uses other people when attacking.

This is a major part of how the Jezebel spirit operates. This spirit does not only use other people to attack for it, it also uses others to achieve all its goals. Like the Old Testament Queen Jezebel used Ahab, messengers, and pagan prophets to achieve her aims, this spirit does not like to act directly unless it has no choice. It’s a master of seducing victims to bring them under its control, then manipulating them to do its bidding and serve its agenda.

In this post we’ll take a closer look at the Jezebel spirit’s use and control of others.

Enslaved Eunuchs

First, let’s revisit a quote from Jonas Clark’s Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War that I cited last week:

Jezebel cannot control a person who has not first been seduced. It’s only after the seduction that control and manipulation become effective. Jezebel, through the decoy of kind words, drawn by gentle means, entices her victims with vain promises and persuasions designed to enslave her prey in a deceptive net.

Jonas Clark, Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War, Page 9

When the Jezebel spirit attacks or seeks to recruit someone, it starts with seduction. Seduction includes much more than sexual seduction as detailed in previous posts and the quote above. The initial seduction onslaught can be as simple as compliments and flattery. (*Note: This is like the “love-bombing” tactics used by narcissists when they ID a target.)

In the last post I wrote about how all demonic spirits are skilled at exploiting emotional wounds and life traumas to gain entry to their victims. Jezebel uses this tactic not only when it enters someone but also when it recruits new spiritual eunuchs to its service. Anyone who suffers from emotional wounds due to prior abuse, neglect, trauma, and so on are especially susceptible to the initial seduction attack.

These tactics are especially effective on them because of psychological needs and insecurities they have—such as a need for acceptance, and so on—as a result of their trauma, neglect, or rejection. Unfortunately they will take a liking to the person carrying Jezebel faster (though the Jezebel spirit is a master seductress anyway, so everyone is vulnerable to it).

This initial seduction attack is intended for getting a victim to drop their guard, start to like Jezebel, and finally trust Jezebel.

Once a victim trusts Jezebel, they fall under the spirit’s control and Jezebel starts to make them a spiritual eunuch. Eunuchs were men in ancient times who were castrated (usually before puberty). They submissively did every bidding of the royals and nobles whose households they served in. When we speak of spiritual eunuchs, it refers to someone (man or woman) who’s been ‘castrated’ (not literally) so that they’re completely submissive to Jezebel and its spiritual teachings and agenda, which I outlined in previous posts.

Like the royal eunuchs of old, including the eunuchs that the Old Testament Queen Jezebel had, once a person becomes a spiritual eunuch they will do every bidding of their new spiritual master, the Jezebel spirit (acting through a person). They won’t object or say no: The Jezebel spirit wields strict control over them and is an expert at manipulation.

Jennifer LeClaire spells it out in Jezebel’s Puppets:

Eunuchs are Jezebel’s servants. […] Motivated by fear or a need for acceptance, Jezebel’s spiritual eunuchs are at her beck and call. Eunuchs are essentially Jezebel’s spiritual slaves.

Jennifer LeClaire, Jezebel’s Puppets, Page 128

She continues to explain why spiritual eunuchs become unable to escape their situation:

They are effectively in bondage to a strongman they didn’t see binding them. […] eunuchs live vicariously through Jezebel and draw their strength from the approval of Jezebel—or more specifically those flowing in a Jezebel spirit—rather than the approval of God.

Jennifer LeClaire, Jezebel’s Puppets, Page 134

So the eunuchs, most of whom are already emotionally damaged and traumatized to begin with, follow Jezebel (and/or the person carrying the spirit) rather than God; that’s how complete its control is. They seek Jezebel’s approval above anything else. This is why they’re so willing to do the spirit’s bidding.

But as Christians we must Fear Only God. We must not fear any man, woman, authority, or power on this earth. We must fear God and follow Christ above any other concerns. LeClaire cites Proverbs 29:25 for a Scriptural condemnation of fearing humans:

People are trapped by their fear of others; those who trust the LORD are secure.

Proverbs 29:25 (CEB)

I also like Matthew 10:28 for the same idea, which I’ve cited a few times on this blog:

Don’t be afraid of those who kill the body but can’t kill the soul. Instead, be afraid of the one who can destroy both body and soul in hell.

Matthew 10:28 (CEB)

LeClaire goes on to explain that another reason people remain in slavery to Jezebel as eunuchs is because Jezebel attacks and exploits their wounds and insecurities. Remember that all demons target those who are wounded, emotionally and otherwise. Wounded people have insecurities which can be exploited by any skilled manipulator, and none are more skilled than demonic spirits. If Jezebel or any other demon can exploit someone’s insecurities, then it can control the victim easier.

Family and friends of a victim or target will likely realize that something is wrong when they realize their loved one is so completely under the sway of someone else. This is a major reason why Jezebel isolates all its targets. It separates them off to keep them away from anyone who will tell them the truth; it divides and conquers. This is essential for being able to completely control someone. Jonas Clark offers another warning of this:

Nor will she accept anyone else preaching or speaking directly into the life of the person that she is controlling. If you get between Jezebel and the person she’s trying to bridle, then you will become the target of her attack. She will do everything she can to destroy your relationship with the one being controlled.

Jonas Clark, Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War, Page 19

Messengers of Malice

An active Jezebel spirit keeps its eunuchs busy with all sorts of tasks. One common purpose Jezebel often uses eunuchs for is as messengers.

These messengers do more than pass on simple communications though. What they do is more spiritually significant than that.

First let’s look at how the Old Testament Queen Jezebel used her messenger. I’ll quote from my previous post where I already discussed this:

“[…] in 1 Kings 19:1-5. After Elijah’s victory, Queen Jezebel sent a messenger to him. She basically said “I’m going to kill you, Elijah!” And not much more than that. But despite his epic victory the day before, Elijah became full of fear and ran all the way to Judah with his assistant. Why did Elijah do that? He had just received an epic victory from the LORD and killed all the prophets of Baal.

Queen Jezebel’s message was actually a witchcraft attack. It was supernatural fear that struck Elijah. Fear that comes out of nowhere. You can think of that message for Elijah as like an incantation of sorts. A witchcraft spirit of fear was released against him.”

So we can see that Jezebel uses messengers to deliver messages of fear and intimidation, loaded with spiritual witchcraft. Jezebel will release fear attacks on its targets when it can’t control them, like Queen Jezebel did to the Prophet Elijah after his climactic battle against the prophets of Baal. But we’ve seen throughout this series that Jezebel doesn’t like to act directly unless it has no choice. So the messengers are the ones who go to unleash the witchcraft curses on Jezebel’s targets.

Messages of intimidation and witchcraft aren’t the only mission messengers take on. They also act as spies for Jezebel, collecting whatever info they can. Knowing all the gossip there is to know gives Jezebel dirt on people, allowing it to control people easier. Jonas Clark explains:

Jezebel is an information seeker. The Jezebel spirit thrives on the information about what’s happening around the church and in other’s lives. Don’t giver her any! Knowledge of things that are none of her business only empowers this wicked spirit to manipulate and control in a more subversive manner.

Jonas Clark, Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War, Page 100

So Jezebel uses messengers in various ways to further its control over its victims, or so that it can manipulate people easier. When you know a Jezebel spirit is active somewhere in your life, look out for the messengers. You can be sure that the person carrying the Jezebel spirit will be using messengers.

Pray for the discernment of the Holy Spirit and see if you can detect them. Detecting the messengers could lead you to who has the Jezebel spirit.

(*Note: Eunuchs and messengers are like the “flying monkeys” employed by narcissists to keep tabs on certain people and to cause drama, etc.)

Oh Great, There’s more of Them: Jezebel’s Spiritual Children

We know Jezebel has an agenda of idolatry, and we know it uses divide and conquer isolation tactics on its targets. Isolating victims allows Jezebel to wield full control over them and manipulate them to the point where it can even shape their views.

Thus we get Jezebel (and Ahab’s) spiritual children. These spiritual children result from receiving an idolatrous and misguided spiritual education from Ahab or Jezebel (or both). In the case of actual children raised in a household to parents who had a dysfunctional Jezebel/Ahab relationship, these children will often grow up to inherit the ways of their parents and emulate them, so they still become Jezebel and Ahab’s spiritual children. This specific instance is more of a topic for later, when I write my series on the Ahab spirit.

In most cases we’re talking about Jezebel’s spiritual children—men and women of any age who receive spiritual guidance from Jezebel. During this guidance Jezebel will always be analyzing these children to exploit their traumas and wounds to gain complete control over them, as usual.

LeClaire gives a clear warning about these spiritual children:

The spiritual children of Jezebel and Ahab are so dangerous, in part, because they tend to be even more wicked than their parents. It’s as if they have something to prove.

Jennifer LeClaire, Jezebel’s Puppets, Page 166

She also explains how Jezebel and Ahab are always on the prowl for spiritual children:

Many in this generation crave the input of spiritual mothers and fathers. Jezebel and Ahab know this and will seek out those who are not being nurtured by genuine, well-intended spiritual mentors.

Jennifer LeClaire, Jezebel’s Puppets, Page 176

People mentored by good teachers professing true faith are equipped to resist Jezebel’s idolatrous teachings. They’re “hard targets.” So Jezebel and Ahab search for “soft targets,” people who can be spiritually influenced. People with no spiritual mentors, for example. They can then manipulate these victims in many ways, as I’ve described.

These spiritual children are Jezebel’s pawns like the eunuchs are, although the children have a higher rank and status. This is due to their closer and more intimate connection with Jezebel.

There are a few examples in Scripture of the evil of Queen Jezebel’s children and grand children. The first is her daughter Athaliah.

Athaliah’s son Ahaziah ruled Israel for a year, which is described in 2 Kings 8. And 2 Kings 8:27 mentions that Ahaziah was also evil, saying: “He walked in the ways of Ahab’s dynasty, doing what was evil in the LORD’s eyes, just as Ahab’s dynasty had done, because he had married into Ahab’s family.”

When Jehu rose up in 2 Kings 9 and 10 and killed Jezebel, Ahab, and Ahab’s whole family (including Ahaziah), Athaliah became queen. Athaliah immediately killed the entire royal family—her own family—so there would be no one to compete for the throne with her. All for power. This incident is described in 2 Kings 11:1-3. I’ll quote verse 1:

When Athaliah, Ahaziah’s mother, learned of her son’s death, she immediately destroyed the entire royal family.

2 Kings 11:1 (CEB)

Later in 2 Chronicles, Jezebel’s grandchildren (the sons of Athaliah) are also described as evil. They were worshiping Baal, as usual for this family. Jennifer LeClaire uses that incident to make this harsh but fair point:

[…] the family line of Ahab and Jezebel is perverted. Not one good person rose from the bunch. None of them served the Lord. None appreciated the true prophetic gift. None had integrity in the end. No, not one.

Jennifer LeClaire, Jezebel’s Puppets, Page 171

So watch out for Jezebel’s spiritual children! They are just as idolatrous and sinful as their spiritual mother, if not worse.

False Prophets on Payroll, True Prophets Compromised

To complement its agenda of idolatry, the Jezebel spirit not only whispers false prophecy to the person it’s riding, it also recruits and trains eunuchs to be false prophets spreading the idolatrous messages of false doctrine.

Jezebel takes good care of its false prophets and provides for them, like Queen Jezebel provided for the 850 pagan prophets she kept on the royal payroll described in 1 Kings 18. These prophets of false gods feasted in the royal palace every night.

At the same time, Jezebel aggressively targets true prophets of Christ or anyone opposing its false doctrines. This behavior also traces back to Queen Jezebel, who slaughtered the prophets of the true LORD while 100 survivors hid in caves where the Prophet Elijah provided them with food. Once again, this is described in 1 Kings 18.

These two tactics when used together spread Jezebel’s pagan idolatry, silence the voices of true prophets, and mislead believers to follow Jezebel. That’s why these dangerous tactics must be strongly opposed, like how Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal in the confrontation at Mount Carmel. This showdown is described in 1 Kings 18, and I also covered it in the third post of this series.

So how do we confront the false doctrines of Jezebel’s false prophets in the modern era? Jennifer LeClaire explains.

But we are called to wield the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, in the face of any doctrine or teaching that tries to seduce us away from the truth. Of course, Jezebel will war against those who war against false doctrine.

Jennifer LeClaire, Jezebel’s Puppets, Page 114

LeClaire describes how these false doctrines are cancer to Christian communities. The false prophets subtly twist Christian teachings to justify following one’s lusts, appetites, idolatry, and so on. It’s a subtle corruption, and it leads true believers into sin before they realize what’s going on.

In other words, the same seduction and idolatry we’re used to from Jezebel. The Jezebel spirit can work in subtle ways and is incredibly effective when doing so. Jezebel’s false prophets must be opposed quickly.

But the false prophets may not be the only problem. Remember that Jezebel targets true prophets at the same time. This quote from The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel explains how:

Jezebel works to quench the fire of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of blood-bought believers and lead them straight into the fires of hell for eternity. Jezebel works to accomplish this by silencing the voices of the prophets. […] If Jzebel can entangle men and women of God—prophetic voices to this generation—with sexual sin, financial improprieties and other forms of idolatry, this wicked spirit can water down their messages and ultimately dismantle their platforms.

Jennifer LeClaire, The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel, Pages 99-100

No one is immune to Jezebel’s seductions, and everyone can fall into temptations—the pleasures of this world are tempting indeed. But if you have a ministry, Jezebel will target you even more with its various tactics to lure you into its sexual immorality and idolatry traps. If it can compromise a Christian leader with sin, it destroys the leader’s credibility. That’s why Jonas Clark warns:

Jezebel Targets Leadership: Listen, leader, Jezebel wants to get close to you—and fast. She looks to immediately infiltrate church leadership.

Jonas Clark, Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War, Page 97

So we must confront both false prophets and compromised prophets quickly before they spread idolatry and immorality. We do this as LeClaire says using the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Study the Word, so that you know it well enough to recognize and confront false doctrine when you see it! LeClaire further explains the significance of why we must do this:

Exposing error in the church is an expression of Christ’s love and grace. We are sounding the alarm so people can turn and run in the other direction. […] We must remain loyal to Jesus. That means we must remain true to the Word of God. We must abide by the doctrines of Christ. […] We must sound the alarm, […]

Jennifer LeClaire, Jezebel’s Puppets, Page 116-117

Breaking Free: When the Eunuchs Cast Down Jezebel

Change can only come from within—it’s crucial to understand that. The person carrying a Jezebel spirit has tremendous control over their spiritual eunuchs, and the Jezebel spirit has tremendous control over the person its riding. But none of these people are beyond hope—Jezebel can and will be defeated, like both of the Jezebel’s from the Bible. But before that can happen, the victim must wake up and reject Jezebel for themselves.

The Old Testament Queen Jezebel was thrown to her death by her own eunuchs. In the same way, only the spiritual eunuchs themselves can cast down Jezebel and walk free.

As for driving out the Jezebel spirit itself, that topic will be covered in one of the final posts in this series. Right now I’m focusing on the spiritual eunuchs, messengers, and false prophets.


No eunuch is getting free until they first realize what’s going on and recognize the person hosting Jezebel for who they are. Until this happens, they will be under the abusive sway of this person and spirit, believing they can do no wrong (or at least have good reasons for any wrongs they do).

The abusive control that Jezebel wields over its victims makes it difficult for this realization to happen. Soul ties (discussed below) are also formed between Jezebel and the victim, creating a strong supernatural connection.

But it still isn’t hopeless for a eunuch to wake up. Even the eunuchs know right from wrong on a basic level, and enough abuse from Jezebel (of them or others) can cause them to put 2 and 2 together. Breaking the isolation tactics that Jezebel uses on them and having other people preach truth to them can be effective, but this also guarantees retaliation from Jezebel as mentioned in the earlier Jonas Clark quote.

The best thing an observer can do here is pray for the eunuch, pray that God will wake them up. God moves in His own time, and it appears slow to us. But God will show these eunuchs the way in time.

Nothing can happen before the realization though. You can’t fix a problem unless you admit it’s a problem and want to fix it!

Turning to Christ and Healing Wounds

After this realization, Jennifer LeClaire explains what to do next:

Once the eunuch sees that Jezebel has spiritually enslaved him, renounces the spirit, and repents with godly sorrow to the Lord, you can set out on a course of deliverance. […] You must co-labor with Christ to help the eunuch understand how he was enslaved so he can work with the Holy Spirit to shore up the areas of his soul that allowed Jezebel entrance.

Jennifer LeClaire, Jezebel’s Puppets, Page 158-159

In the last post I wrote about how emotional wounds and trauma are open doors for demons to gain entry. As long as those wounds are open and unhealed, that door is open for Jezebel, and the spirit will use it. LeClaire explains again:

To break free from Jezebel’s lordship in your life you need to break free from the hurts and wounds that gave Jezebel entry. […] Jezebel will wound you so it can control you.

Jennifer LeClaire, Jezebel’s Puppets, Page 149-150

Not only does the demon exploit wounds, it inflicts more for the sake of controlling its victims. Complete evil.

But only Christ has the power to heal these wounds. If someone has been following Jezebel, they haven’t been following Christ. First they must turn back to Christ. Once they do, they can ask for healing and Christ will get to work in their heart.

He will show them where they are wounded in their heart, and how it all happened. I can attest to that because I’ve been through this process myself. It takes time, but if you keep praying to Christ and walking with Him instead of any others, He will grant you the healing you need with the time it requires. Healing doesn’t happen overnight. He will also let you know how worthy and loved you truly are, countering any lies a Jezebel spirit told you. He will show you who you are, something Jezebel and the devil lie to you about.

Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit may direct you to take worldly measures for healing too, such as therapy. But that is an individual matter.

The final step for breaking free from the wounds and closing them up is forgiveness. No matter what happened and how bad it was, you must forgive to fully heal an emotional wound. That does not mean allowing a Jezebel (or anyone dangerous) back into your life, it only means forgiving them for the pain they caused and letting it go.

When we don’t forgive, our heart and mind stay stuck in the past, stuck to that pain. Remembering the past pain does not help us move on right now, the time in which we’re living. Holding on to this pain keeps the wound open, which keeps the door open for demons.

I mentioned this in my last post too, and offered this quote from Pigs in the Parlor, a spiritual warfare classic:

A classic example of the door being opened by sin of omission is the failure to forgive.

Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, Pigs in the Parlor, Page 34.

Repenting and Breaking soul ties

If one has been following Jezebel they’ve been walking in sin—most likely sexual immorality and idolatry, as I’ve often discussed in this series. Jesus Christ offers us forgiveness for all our sins if we confess them to Him and repent—read 1 John 1:9.

The keywords here are confess and repent. I have another article on this topic, which you can read here.

So a eunuch casting down Jezebel must confess the sins they were lead into and repent of them, and they will be forgiven by Christ. Then the eunuch must close the door by turning away from those sins—more on that below.

The eunuch must also repent of all soul ties that were formed between them and Jezebel. These unholy soul ties are supernatural connections between the eunuch and Jezebel, keeping them tied (and devoted) to Jezebel in their heart even when they’ve physically separated from the person.

These unholy soul ties also have witchcraft behind them. They can easily form if one makes vows to the person hosting Jezebel (I discussed the danger of vows and the witchcraft behind them in my last post). Any vow such as “I’ll always be there for you” is enough to form a soul tie.

These soul ties keep your heart tied down, and connected with Jezebel! I know, because I have suffered this myself. Only Christ has the power to cut the soul ties. We must rely on Him to do it.

To cut soul ties, repent to Christ of the fact that you formed them. Then pray to Him saying that you take command of all these soul ties by His power and authority and in His name, and you break all these soul ties by His power! Persevere in these prayers every day, until you are finally free.

Renounce, repent, and break your soul ties! Rely on the power of Christ to do it! Remember that He is our savior and our rescuer—He will help us when we call out to Him, like He calmed the storm at sea for the disciples when they needed rescuing (Matthew 8:23-27 and elsewhere).

Closing the Door

For a eunuch—a Jezebel victim—to finally be free, they must close all the “doors” that allowed Jezebel’s influence entry in the first place. Jezebel will exploit any open doors it finds. If you leave the door open, it will return—I know, because that happened to me too.

I wrote about Open Doors, the ways that demons gain entry, in my last post. Read that for more details.

To close the doors on Jezebel so it’s influence doesn’t plague them again, a eunuch must make the changes I’ve discussed above. To recap, they must:

  • Recognize and reject Jezebel on their own (cast down Jezebel)
  • Heal the wounds that allowed Jezebel entry
  • ***Forgive Jezebel and anyone else who wounded them—no matter how bad they were wounded***
  • Turn to Christ and pray for healing
  • Confess their sins to Christ and repent of them, asking for forgiveness
  • Reform and change their ways, relying only on Christ

To finally close the door, one must change their ways by leaving their former sins behind and learning to despise those sins. Each of the above steps is difficult and it takes time—no one is getting free from Jezebel in a day (at least not spiritually and emotionally). But if a eunuch can do these things and stick to it without going backwards, they will be freed from Jezebel and the unholy witchcraft soul ties between them.

Of course, one must remember after reaching this stage that no one is immune to Jezebel or any demon spirit—we must always remain vigilant against the schemes of the enemy.

And I can’t stress enough that true change can only come from within. Tell a eunuch these things all you want (there is value to planting seeds of truth through conversation), but they’ll never be free until they turn to Christ and free themselves.

This will never happen until they realize for themselves that there’s a serious problem and they want to change it.

Keep on praying though—all eunuchs can be freed through Christ, and Jezebel will end up defeated!

Coming up next time—Jezebel’s Ultimate Collaborator: Ahab

So today I’ve talked about Jezebel’s entourage of minions, and how it uses them for its various purposes. But as I mentioned in the second post of this series, Jezebel’s most important collaborator is its main enabler: Ahab.

But Ahab is a broad subject on its own—as I said I plan to write another series on Ahab in the future. So Ahab in the context of Jezebel and her tactics is the topic for next week.

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Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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Jennifer LeClaire, The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel, Chosen Books, 2013

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