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Whether it’s an attack or an attempt to indwell someone, the Jezebel spirit first tries to achieve its aims through seduction and flattery. This includes much more than sexual seduction …

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In today’s post, I’m going to talk about some things that might happen if you (or someone you know) find yourself under attack by the Jezebel spirit. Much of this information also applies to attacks from other demons, so this post is also about spiritual warfare in general.

For much of this post I’ll be referring to Pigs in the Parlor by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, considered a classic in the field of spiritual warfare against demons. What the Hammonds wrote about demons in general also applies to the Jezebel spirit.

The book starts off with these lines:

Demon spirits can invade and indwell human bodies. It is their objective to do so. By indwelling a person they obtain a greater advantage in controlling that person than when they are working from the outside.

Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, Pigs in the Parlor, Page 9.

As discussed in my previous posts, the Jezebel spirit has an agenda of leading its victims into two grave sins: Sexual immorality and idolatry. Although the spirit will gladly lead its victims into whatever sins it can, sexual immorality and idolatry are the main sins it seduces people into. These sins are major indeed, and will cost a person their salvation. But I’ve already discussed Jezebel’s aims in previous posts.

Jezebel doesn’t need to indwell you to tempt you or even seduce you, but it does want to indwell you so it can more easily keep you a slave to sin, as mentioned above. But how does a demonic spirit indwell somebody? There are a few ways we need to be aware of. I’ll discuss those first, followed by the ‘symptoms’ of demonic indwelling.

Open Doors—How Do Demons Get In?

We live in a fallen world full of demonic spirits all over the place, in the spiritual realm. But that doesn’t mean they can hop into whatever body they like. They need an “open door” to enter by, and there’s more than one way to provide an open door for them. Pigs in the Parlor offers three: Sin, life circumstances, and ‘the ruse of inheritance.’ And there are some more besides those that I know of.


The door for demons to enter may be opened by oneself through sins of omission and commission. […] In the fifth chapter of Galatians we find a list of seventeen “works of the flesh.” They include the sins of adultery, fornication, witchcraft, hatred, wrath, strife, envying, murders and drunkenness. Through my experiences in deliverance I have encountered demons that responded to each of these designations. What, then, is the relationship between the works of the flesh and the works of demons? When a man yields to temptation he sins in the flesh. Through such sin the door is opened for the invasion of the enemy. […] A classic example of the door being opened by sin of omission is the failure to forgive.

Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, Pigs in the Parlor, Page 33-34.

As long as you sin and don’t stop it, you’re ‘leaving the door open’ for demons to enter you. Leave that door open long enough, and they’ll gladly come in. These sins can be things you do or don’t do (omission). And none of the demons want you to forgive.

We must forgive all trespasses against us because we as Christians have been forgiven, as explained in the parable of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18:21-35. Not forgiving others leads us to our damnation. The demons try to stop us from forgiving.

If you get delivered from your demons and they’re expelled from you, you must get serious about reforming your life and stopping the sins that let demons in to begin with. Consider this parable from Jesus in Matthew 12 (demons often refer to the bodies they indwell as their ‘home):

(43) “When an unclean spirit leaves a person, it wanders through dry places looking for a place to rest. But it doesn’t find any. (44) Then it says, ‘I’ll go back to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the place vacant, cleaned up, and decorated. (45) Then it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more evil than itself. They go in and make their home there. That person is worse off at the end than at the beginning. […]

Matthew 12:43-45 (CEB)

If you won’t change your ways even after deliverance, then you’re leaving the door open. The demons will return to you, and worse than before.

Life Circumstances / Emotional Wounds

This method is hard for me to write about, because this is how Jezebel and many other demons first gained entry into me. From Pigs in the Parlor:

Evil spirits have no sense of fairness. They never hesitate to take full advantage of times of weakness in a person’s life. Of course the weakest time in most lives is childhood. […] Without question the majority of demons encountered through ministry have entered the persons during childhood.

Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, Pigs in the Parlor, Page 34-35.

The Jezebel spirit in particular enters people through emotional wounds. When you weren’t loved as a child when you should have been, it creates long-lasting psychological and emotional scars. Demons are skilled at using these wounds to enter, as they know how to appeal to the anger and hurt that a child is experiencing at the time or still carries with them in adulthood. Jonas Clark states this in his book Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War:

[…] Jezebel views your weak points as gateways of control. Jezebel will probe your soul looking for an emotional weakness to open a door of hurt and pain that needs to stay shut. Those doors to your soul can be emotional hurts and wounds.

Jonas Clark, Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War, Page 25

Childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect are common ways these wounds form. All these things cause the child to grow up emotionally damaged, which usually leads to an angry (or depressed) adult. These kids as adults are liable to become ‘demon bait,’ easily seduced to evil. Such people are bitter and looking to hurt others, and Jezebel will gladly use them for that purpose. Jennifer LeClaire explains:

[…] the experience may have left them with hurts and wounds so deep that they unknowingly started cooperating with Jezebel to hurt others.

Jennifer LeClaire, The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel, Page 136.

Therapy, praying to Christ for healing, and forgiving others is the key to healing these wounds, although it’s not easy and it’s not instant. In fact, healing these wounds takes years. But refusing to address them in any way is leaving a door open for demons.

Besides abuse and neglect, some other ways these childhood wounds can form include: A parent with an addiction, a parent being completely absent, a parent dying early on, and more.

None of these things are the child’s fault, including the abuse. But the demons will still exploit these pathways all the same. Like the Hammonds said: “Evil spirits have no sense of fairness.”

The Ruse of Inheritance

This one is interesting. It’s kind of like the idea of the curse of ‘like father, like son.’ The Hammonds explain:

[…] evil spirits were able to indwell persons through the ruse of inheritance. If a child is told that he is like his parents and can expect to inherit their weaknesses he becomes vulnerable.

Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, Pigs in the Parlor, Page 35.

To help explain that, I’ll use my own example. My father was abusive in certain ways and had an explosive temper. When I grew up, I copied his bad ways without even realizing it for many years. I had an explosive temper that could blow up out of nowhere, and much to my shame, I abused women in the same ways that he did. Since it wasn’t physical abuse, it took me over a decade to even realize that I had abused anyone. But when I did, I thought to myself “I’m just like him. I turned into him.”

There was a thought that haunted me at that time: “I’m exactly like him. I’m going to turn out like him no matter what. There’s no hope.”

I now understand this thought was the whispering of a demon. We always have choices, we don’t have to end up like any other person in our lives. I chose to seek healing in many areas and not to be like my father. But be cautious, because making any vows such as “I’ll never be like him” (etc.) is also opening a door for demons. That is the next method.


Making a vow. I’m sure this one will sound strange to many, but it’s true. This is closely related to the fundamental workings of witchcraft. It’s so easy to unknowingly make a vow that many people pick up a spirit by doing so.

Remember the example of my father, which I used above. If I said something like, “I swear I’ll never be like him,” then I’m actually opening a door and making myself vulnerable to spirits. That’s all it takes! It sounds crazy, but that’s all it takes!

The way this works is that when you make a vow like this, you’re not trusting in God to be your protector. Look at the above vow and you’ll see that God is nowhere in there. If you make a vow like this you’re trusting in your own power first rather than God’s. This can actually invite a spirit in, one which then act as your guide and protector instead of God. Again, it’s easy to make this mistake; all it takes is one sentence. But this can attract a demon to you. Demons are masters of analyzing our wounds and weaknesses.


This is a huge one. No one likes rejection, and in fact it’s so painful that most people fear it. No matter what situation you’ve been rejected in, whether it’s romance, friendship, business, or anything else, the experience is painful and the memory of it will stay with you. The embarrassment can cause an emotional wound, and that is an open door for Jezebel and other demons. Jennifer LeClaire explains:

One of my prophetic mentors has said, “You can’t have a prophet full of rejection.” Why is that? Because it opens the door for Jezebel. Jezebel targets hurts and wounds and unfortunately many prophets—and many people in general—have a root of rejection. […] Rejection comes through many channels, and it’s poison for the prophet because it opens the door to control, fear of man, fear of failure, and a host of other ungodly emotions.

Jennifer LeClaire, Jezebel’s Puppets, Page 138-139.

If you get rejected and develop a fear of being rejected again, you’ll attract a spirit through that wound who will guide you in such a way that you won’t get rejected again. But that would entail not taking risks, of course. That’s not the way that God wants you to live. Your life will be guided by that fear of getting rejected again rather than by faith in God.

Involvement in New Age and the Occult

This one’s more self-explanatory. Demons abound wherever there’s religious error, in other words non-Christian religions, the occult, and un-Biblical Christian cults such as Mormonism. Of course New Age falls into this category as well.

Ouija boards, tarot, angel numbers, statues (which become idols), mind science, even meditation and yoga; all these things can attract and be conduits for demons. So any involvement in magic and the occult or New Age, etc., is dangerous and can bring demons to you.

For this I will defer to an expert: Steven Bancarz. Bancarz is a former New Ager who found Jesus, and has since then created content exposing New Age and its satanic origins (which many New Agers themselves have no idea of). Please check out his YouTube channel here for excellent content on this topic. He has more than I could ever explain.

Cynthia Pang is another Christian with a similar story and similar content. She also has a YouTube channel where she exposes New Age and explains the deceptions involved with it, so you can check that out as well.

Finally, know that even having occult objects in your house can attract demons. Steven Bancarz explains that in-depth on his channel, but I’ll stop here and end with a quote from Pigs in the Parlor.

“Involvement to any degree in religious error can open the door for demons. Objects and literature from sources of religious error have been known to attract demons into houses.

Frank Hammond, Pigs in the Parlor, Page 39


This one’s simple. The only way to fight off or protect against any demon is the power and authority of Jesus Christ, Whose victorious fight against the demons is recorded in the gospels. Jesus Christ is repeatedly shown in the New Testament to be the only power stronger than the demons. If you don’t believe in the power due to atheism and so on, then you have no way to fight the demons. And if you don’t believe in demons at all, then you have no defenses up.

So any atheists (etc.) and different kinds of nonbelievers are basically ‘demon bait,’ for Jezebel and many others.

When Jezebel Attacks

It Starts with Seduction

Before listing the symptoms of a Jezebel or other demon wreaking havoc in someone’s life, I first have to address a specific tactic of the Jezebel spirit: Seduction.

Whether it’s an attack or an attempt to indwell someone, the Jezebel spirit first tries to achieve its aims through seduction and flattery. This includes much more than sexual seduction—although Jezebel is a master of using sex to lead people astray, as I’ve discussed in previous posts. It also includes nice compliments and flattery. This is intended to lower your guard, to get you to like the spirit or the person carrying the Jezebel spirit. Once you like them, next you’ll trust them. Then you can be controlled.

If you’re already insecure or emotionally damaged from childhood abuse or any other trauma, then you’re especially susceptible to flattery and so on. Other people can easily influence (and then control) you with a few nice compliments, whether they’re carrying the Jezebel spirit or not.

Jonas Clark explains Jezebel’s seduction tactics:

The Jezebel spirit operates initially through seduction. […] Jezebel cannot control a person who has not first been seduced. It’s only after the seduction that control and manipulation become effective. Jezebel, through the decoy of kind words, drawn by gentle means, entices her victims with vain promises and persuasions designed to enslave her prey in a deceptive net. Jezebel is the master seductress. […] Other forms of seduction include the release of controlling words, prophecy, manipulating silence, sexual favors, body language, pouting, false tears, or timely weeping. Each of these is craftily designed to seduce your soul in an effort to get you to come under her control.

Jonas Clark, Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War, Pages 9-11

The Symptoms of Demonic Attacks and Indwelling

Now that I’ve gone through all that, I’ll list the symptoms of an indwelling demon. These symptoms will also appear in someone who’s being ridden by the Jezebel spirit. The following seven symptoms are listed in Pigs in the Parlor, Pages 38-40.

  • Emotional problems: Resentment, hatred, anger, fear, rejection, self-pity, jealousy, depression, worry, inferiority & insecurity, etc.
  • Mental problems: Procrastination, indecision, compromise, confusion, doubt, loss of memory, etc.
  • Speech problems: Uncontrolled outbursts, lying, cursing, blasphemy, criticism, mockery, and gossip.
  • Sex problems: Unclean thoughts & acts regarding sex; pornography, masturbation, lust, perversions, homosexuality, fornication, adultery, incest, provocativeness and harlotry
  • Addictions: Alcohol, drugs, nicotine, medications, food, and so on
  • Physical ailments: See Luke 13:11.
  • Religious error: Involvement in false religions, Christian cults (ex. Mormonism), occult & spiritism (ex. witchcraft), false doctrine

Depression, Confusion, Fear, and Doubt

So you can see a few themes here when demons are attacking someone or even indwelling them. First the demons make you feel bad emotionally and mentally. All demons are masters at this. They prey on and operate through emotions, and Jezebel is no different. We once again see the word rejection come up in the list.

In his book, Jonas Clark describes his emotions the first time Jezebel attacked him:

What felt like an intense grieving would come upon me regularly and all I could do was cry out to God to unlock the mystery. The grieving intensified and I realized I was in a spiritual war far greater than anything I had experienced in the past.

Jonas Clark, Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War, Page 2

Next they attack your mind. Confusion is a classic sign of witchcraft. It’s no surprise that the Jezebel spirit manifests witchcraft, due to the Old Testament Queen Jezebel’s use of witchcraft and her pagan roots. Jonas Clark explains:

Jezebel creates and flows well in atmospheres of confusion. […] … Jezebel releases a spiritual confusion called witchcraft.

Jonas Clark, Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War, Page 13-14

Besides confusion, Jezebel can attack your mind in another way: Fear. Fear is a very common tactic of the devil and his minions. Fear is the opposite of what God gives us—never forget the words of 2 Timothy 1:7: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

If you find yourself suddenly afraid—terrified—out of nowhere and don’t know why, you’re very likely under demonic attack. Pray God’s Word when this happens! Pray Scriptures such as 2 Timothy 1:7 and others. Jezebel will release fear attacks on its targets when it can’t control them—just as Queen Jezebel did to the Prophet Elijah after his climactic battle against the prophets of Baal which I described in my previous post.

This scene is described in 1 Kings 19:1-5. After Elijah’s victory, Queen Jezebel sent a messenger to him. She basically said “I’m going to kill you, Elijah!” And not much more than that. But despite his epic victory the day before, Elijah became full of fear and ran all the way to Judah with his assistant. Why did Elijah do that? He had just received a victory from the LORD and killed all the prophets of Baal.

Queen Jezebel’s message was actually a witchcraft attack. It was supernatural fear that struck Elijah. Fear that comes out of nowhere. You can think of that message for Elijah as like an incantation of sorts. A witchcraft spirit of fear was released against him.

The Jezebel spirit and other demons will similarly unleash fear against you as well. When attacked with fear, pray 2 Timothy 1:7 to defend yourself.

Jezebel Attacks Your Faith

Doubt is another tactic employed by demons. They use doubt to weaken your faith, your greatest defense against them. Jonas Clark explains how Jezebel does this:

Jezebel is always distressing her eunuchs, wearing them down and pulling them out of faith. […] These types of verbal tactics are designed to undermine your faith, magnify your insecurities, and create new ones. […] she wants to use her weapons of witchcraft to fill you with faithless anxieties. […] These are all words that undermine and plant seeds of doubt and unbelief to weaken your faith.

Jonas Clark, Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War, Page 24

It makes a lot of sense that the Jezebel spirit, a demon focused on leading you into idolatry, would unleash witchcraft doubts against you to lead you into religious error and weaken your faith. You have to stand strong in your faith and study God’s Word to resist this.

The Enslavement of Addictions

Moving further down the lists of symptoms above, we see Jezebel up to her old tricks: Sexual immorality and idolatry, as we can see from Sexual problems and Religious error. But we can also see that demons in general try to ruin their victim’s lives by causing them to follow their lusts and appetites, giving in to gluttony for various pleasures of the flesh (anything that stimulates the senses).

Once a person falls to gluttony and becomes addicted to something, it’s extremely difficult for them to get out of it no matter what the addiction is. The demons want you to be enslaved to those sins and pleasures, so they will always try to walk you right into those. Demonic spirits are almost always involved in people’s addictions. Besides the sin, they also enjoy the resulting emotions of hopelessness and despair that come along with addiction.

If we fall to temptation, which is bound to happen sometimes due to our imperfect human nature, we can’t blame it all on demons. Demons may be attacking us, or possibly even indwelling us, but the choices we make are still ours. All the choices we make are ours. But demons do make resisting sin and temptation so much harder.

So a person being led into sins—most especially addictions—and not being able to reform and get away from them is a possible symptom of a demonic attack or indwelling. I say possible because it could also be the simpler explanation: Stubbornness, rebellion, or a lack of faith on the part of the one sinning.

Near Misses and Minor Malfunctions

There’s one final symptom that I know of which indicates demons or demonic activity in your life. If you repeatedly have near-misses, sudden mishaps that almost could have killed you or caused a serious accident, then this is a sign of demons in your life.

Another thing is if the electronics and appliances in your life are malfunctioning and acting up a lot for seemingly no reason. This could be things like webpages or videos not loading, issues like “An unknown error has occurred, please try again later,” that kind of thing. They’re usually minor, but annoying. Demons can cause these things simply to annoy you or hinder you, so this is another sign of demons.

That’s not all

One important thing about Jezebel attacks in particular is the way it uses other people who it has control over to join in on the attack. The Jezebel spirit always uses others to help achieve its aims. This is such an important part of the attack that I even started writing about it in this post, but it actually deserves a post of its own.

That’s the topic for next time. Be sure to Subscribe below so you don’t miss a post! And if you enjoyed this article or found it useful, please consider Supporting my blog using The Tip Jar down below.

Until next time, be strong and do good!

Your new best friend in Christ,



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Jennifer LeClaire, The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel, Chosen Books, 2013

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