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Rejoice! Jesus Christ is returning soon!

Hello Reader. I’m glad to see you here and thanks for visiting my site.

I’m 99:9, an up and coming Christian writer blogging his thoughts and writing posts hopefully right up the final day when our LORD JESUS CHRIST RETURNS!

I know in my heart it won’t be long. But let’s see how far I can take this blog and my writing until that day arrives. I hope you enjoy my content. More importantly, I hope it gets you thinking.

I publish content 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The main part of my blog is Do Not Fear the End Times, my blog series about the End Times. I always post a new entry once a week, on Fridays. Sometimes I’ll post new entries on Wednesday too.

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What else can you read here?

Update: Cast Down Jezebel, my 9-part miniseries on the Jezebel spirit, is now finished. READ IT HERE.

  • Do Not Fear the End Times, my blog about the End Times (Fridays)
  • Posts on demonic spirits and spiritual warfare
  • My stories from (Mondays)
  • My book reviews
  • Excerpts from things I’m working on
  • And more

I’ll be writing on a variety of topics within Christianity here, not solely the End Times. I won’t foray too much into topics outside of Christianity, but I may from time to time.


One topic I’ll mention frequently in the context of the End Times is demonic spirits. I see a lot of YouTube videos lately on the subject of the Jezebel spirit. That name seems to be on everybody’s tongues now … yeah, well, be a little more cautious about speaking that name or trying to call Jezebel out in others.

When it comes to spirits (demons are spirits), there’s a lot more involved in the identification of them than many of the YouTube videos make clear. Make sure you have the full story (as much as it’s possible for us to get) and the discernment of The Holy Spirit before you go naming spirits. And everybody’s talking about Jezebel, but there are many other spirits besides that one, and it seems like most of the people discussing it only have a basic and incomplete understanding of that spirit. It would definitely not be wise to try and combat any spirit (especially a high-ranking one such as Jezebel) with an incomplete understanding of it!!

It’s not a coincidence that so many people are coming to know about demonic spirits, or realizing they’re under attack by them. More and more people are waking up to their God-given gifts for sensing spirits, seeing spirits, etc. etc. (gifts are individual and take different forms). Something has changed and is changing in the world. My position is very clear; it’s the end of the End Times. Satan’s rule is almost at an end, so he and his demons are raging harder than ever because of it, trying to deceive as many souls as possible while they still can.

Therefore, in my blog I will be laying out all my knowledge of the spirits and how to combat them. I’ll be getting it out there as fast as I’m able to … and adding to it as I learn more. So please stay tuned for that.

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