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Look! I’m throwing her onto a sickbed. I am casting those who have committed adultery with her into terrible hardship—if they don’t change their hearts from following her practices— and I will even put her children to death with disease. Then all the churches will know that I’m the one who examines minds and hearts, and that I will give to each of you what your actions deserve.

Revelation 2:22-23 (CEB)

… “This is the LORD’s word spoken through his servant Elijah from Tishbe: Dogs will devour Jezebel’s flesh in the area of Jezreel. Jezebel’s corpse will be like dung spread out in a field in that plot of land in Jezreel, so no one will be able to say, This was Jezebel.”

2 Kings 9:36-37 (CEB)

This is the first post on my new blog. I didn’t know exactly where to start, but I knew I needed to *just start.* And so, I decided to start with an intro to the first of my series on individual demons, and the first demon I’m going to write about will be the one that’s such a hot topic right now in early 2020; Jezebel.

I opened this intro with the two Bible passages you see above: Revelation 2:22-23 and 2 Kings 9:36-37 (as you can see, I prefer to read the Common English Bible [CEB], reasons for which I may discuss in other posts). There’s a very specific reason I chose those passages — I wanted to start with the ending, in the hopes of encouraging any readers who may need it. This is not an invincible enemy; Jezebel loses in the end, (she)/it is defeated.

Although Jezebel is an incredibly ancient, dangerous, and high-ranking demonic spirit within the hierarchy of Satan’s kingdom, the final victory against Jezebel and all demonic spirits has already been won through the sacrifice on the cross of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. And before that, the mortal Queen Jezebel from 1 and 2 Kings was thrown out of a window to her death by her own eunuchs.

*SPLAT* … That was the last word of the Old Testament Jezebel. The horses trampled her body, and the dogs devoured her. All her scheming came to nothing; her seduction and witchcraft couldn’t help her in any way. Rather than receiving a royal burial as a queen, her body ultimately ended up as dog feces out in the fields.

This is not an invincible enemy!!! Jezebel is dangerous but defeated!

All Christian readers should take heart … most especially those who have reason to believe they’re under attack by Jezebel and/or members of her entourage. Yes, you are up against a very powerful enemy, and the situation is critically serious because your salvation is at stake here. But Jezebel has been defeated before, Jezebel will be defeated permanently by Jesus on the final day, and Jezebel can be expelled from you too. That won’t be easy, but there is plenty of hope for anyone being tormented by this damned spirit.

Most people only know of the Jezebel spirit as the demonic spirit of manipulation and control. It’s true that manipulation and control are two tricks within this spirit’s arsenal, but there’s more to its agenda than that. Jezebel is much more than the spirit of manipulation, and the symptoms of a Jezebel attack include so much more than just that.

“Narcissist” seems to be a word on everybody’s tongues these days too. There are tons of different creators on YouTube making video after video about the narcissist. Most limit their videos to the discussion of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), and never touch upon anything spiritual. But a very few content creators do in fact discuss the Jezebel spirit as it relates to narcissists.

But is NPD a spiritual affliction? As in, are all narcissists carrying the Jezebel spirit? Not necessarily!! Any time you suspect the presence of a demonic spirit, any time you have reasonable suspicion of spiritual attacks, you need to pray to Jesus for the discernment of The Holy Spirit to know what spirit you’re up against! Yes, a narcissist with NPD does in fact act in manipulative and controlling ways that are so representative of Jezebel. A narcissist also carries the emotional wounds from childhood that demonic spirits use to enter a person’s heart and create strongholds there. But are all narcissists carrying Jezebel? You need the discernment of The Holy Spirit to know for sure. Only The Holy Spirit can be trusted to tell you what spirit it is that you’re fighting.

Besides which, the Jezebel spirit often works together with an entourage of demons. A Jezebel attack on you will very often involve an Ahab spirit too, and the possibility of others … it’s too dangerous to make assumptions. Pray for the discernment of The Holy Spirit.

There are many demonic spirits that can use manipulation and control as part of their attacks on people, so those two things alone are not enough to positively identify a Jezebel spirit. Same thing with a narcissist. They come close, they are perhaps “a stereotypical Jezebel,” and an emotionally wounded person such as a narcissist is very likely to be crawling with demonic spirits. But it’s too dangerous to assume what spirit you’re fighting. You need to pray hard in order to be sure.

And so, that’s why I felt compelled to add my own voice to the chorus of Christians warning against Jezebel. It’s not to cash in on the views, but to try to correct dangerous misinformation. I’m not here to make clickbait, but to educate. I have faith that, if it be aligned with His will, God will spread the info I have to where it needs to go, when it needs to get there. All Christians should be aware of the Jezebel spirit, but in order to fight it in your own life you’re going to need the right info and the full story; not just when it comes to Jezebel, but for combating demonic spirits in general.

To that end, here is what I hope to cover in “Cast down Jezebel,” my [?]-part series about fighting the Jezebel spirit:

  • Who was Jezebel? What is the Jezebel spirit, and what is its agenda?
  • Who were the gods Jezebel worshiped? What did they want?
  • What are some signs and “symptoms” of a Jezebel attack?
  • How does the Jezebel spirit use people (not demonic possession) to achieve its goals?
  • Who was Ahab? What is the Ahab spirit, and what is its agenda? (**I plan to write another series on the Ahab spirit once I’m done with my series on Jezebel, because Ahab is a topic deserving its own series.)
  • Who was Jehu, how did he defeat Jezebel, and what’s his relevance to fighting the Jezebel spirit?
  • How do you fight back against the Jezebel spirit? And how do you drive it away?
  • Wrap-up and recommended books/works cited.

If I can cover all those topics and explain them articulately enough, then I’ll be happy with this series and feel like I’ve done a good job. I’ll be uploading posts at the pace I can create them, so please stay tuned and keep checking in here at my website. Or much better yet, enter your email below to subscribe, and follow this blog on WordPress.

Be cautious of the Jezebel spirit and acknowledge its danger, but do not fear. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7, NLV). If you find yourself facing this powerful spirit in your life, do not despair. Pray to LORD Jesus for deliverance and take heart in the fact that the victory over Jezebel has already been won. By the power of our LORD Jesus Christ, it can and will be defeated in your life too.

Your new best friend in Christ,



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